Love Under the Moon Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

This is the recap of Love Under the Moon Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 1. Qian Ze and Xiang Yuan are childhood friend. Qian Ze’s father returns and wants to transfer him to Guangzhou. Qian Ze is against it as he doesn’t want to leave Xiang Yuan and his mom Hui Ying. But Hui Ying wants Qian Ze to go to Guangzhou for his future.

Love Under the Moon Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

Love Under the Moon

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Under the Moon Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 1.

The woman Xiang Yuan calls someone but doesn’t get reply. The man Qian Ze is blinded in the car, and Xiang Yuan asks the security department to send two guys to follow her car. Qian Ze is taken to the warehouse, and he asks the kidnappers what they want to do.

Xiang Yuan gets in the car, and someone calls her, saying Qian Ze is at his place. Xiang Yuan is furious to throw away the phone. The man in glasses shows up and feels sorry to Qian Ze.


This peaceful village is the place what my father lived, and he missed the city far away from him. So he gave the name Xiang Yuan to me. When we were in elementary school, the parents passed away and we became orphans. The villagers treated us as their kids, and I treated the village without blood relationship as hometown. Qian Ze and Ye Yun grew up with us, and we didn’t know what is lonely when they were there.

Someone said that love generates among strangers, and I think it’s false theory. Instead, only familiar people with same frequency will smile and fall in love naturally.

The teacher asks where Qian Ze went in the classroom, and Xiang Yuan says that he had a stomachache and went to bathroom. Xiang Yuan finds Qian Ze in the movie theatre, and tells him that teacher raged. She is furious to leave when he rejects to go.

Teacher asks the four why they didn’t live in the school. The boys says that he grinds his teeth in sleep, and Teacher arranges him to the men three dormitory. The girl says that she talks in sleep, and Teacher arranges her to women four dormitory.

Xiang Yuan says that she needs to take care of her younger sister, and Teacher thinks Xiang Yuan can leave the duty to someone else. Xiang Yuan says that her score will go down if she worries about her sister, and Qian Ze thinks he needs to protect Xiang Yuan because the mountain path is dangerous.

Teacher thinks Xiang Yuan and Qian Ze are in love, and reminds them that they will regret in the future. Qian Ze explains that Xiang Yuan has high chance to get in college, and worries it will affect the enrolment rate if she gets hurt. They leave when Teacher thinks about the enrolment rate.

We don’t want to live in the school because it’s full of happiness on the way home. It seems like the ceremony has to be done each day. The day isn’t perfect if it lacks. I and Qian Ze continue the intimacy of parents. My father stays there forever, but Qian Ze’s father returned to city after being admitted to a university. He divorced with Qian Ze’s mom, and his contact with the place is rare. When I and my younger sister Xiang Yao became orphans, Qian Ze’s mother took care of us. Pain makes someone turn to be cold, but aunt is opposite. Seeing her, everyone thinks she is the most happy person in the world.

Aunt calls families to eat, and Xiang Yao is happy because the foods are what she likes. Aunt shows the black chicken soup to them, and Qian Ze complains for spending money again. But she thinks they need to get nutrition because they study hard.

Uncle Wei shows up and calls Aunt Hui Ying. He brings the assistance payment of Xiang Yuan and Xiang Yao, and thought the sisters should go to his family to eat. But his wife isn’t good at cooking. He brings the bacons people gave, and thinks everyone should take the duty for the sisters.

Hui Ying says that she is happy to get two daughters, and Xiang Yuan asks Uncle Wei to thank people for her. He thinks they will feel happy if Qian Ze and Xiang Yuan can get into colleges.

Teacher gives the composition title “To future us” to classmates, and asks them to write it down their real thoughts. Xiang Yuan and Qian Ze see the luxury car, and the woman tells Qian Ze that the owner went to his family. The man is excited to tells Qian Ze that his father brought many stuff to them.

Hui Ying lets Qian Ze in, and Dad gives the test paper of Guangzhou to Qian Ze. But Qian Ze thinks it’s not his business. Hui Yin asks Qian Ze to get water and tells him to respect his father. She reminds him that the person is his father, and he asks her what Dad wants to do. She tells him to ask Dad.

Xiang Yuan tells Ye Yun that his father returned, and he says that he knew it. He asks her what Dad wants to do, and thinks he has evil intent. She tells him to return home, but he wants to eat at her home. She says that her family doesn’t have food, and kicks him away.

Dad wants to transfer Qian Ze to the school in Guangzhou because it’s with high enrolment rate. But Qian Ze thinks his current school is good. Dad reminds Qian Ze that students live in Guang Zhou aren’t easy to get in the school, and Qian Ze doesn’t want bother Dad.

Dad admits that he didn’t care for the family, and wishes in the future… But Qian Ze says that no future, and rejects Dad’s offer. Dad thinks they can adapt each other after he goes to Guangzhou, but Qian Ze asks Dad why he showed up and required them to adapt him. He says that he doesn’t want to go, and claims that nobody can force him to do the things he doesn’t want to do.

Hui Ying chases Qian Ze when Ye Yun just returns. Hui Ying visits Xiang Yao and asks her to persuade Qian Ze, but she doesn’t know where he went. Xiang Yuan knows it and finds Qian Ze in the woods. She asks him what happened, and he reveals Bing Lin wants to transfer him to the school in Guangzhou. She thinks the schools in Guangzhou are better than here.

Qian Ze doesn’t want to go, and thinks his parents talked about it. He says that he wants to accompany her to study, but she thinks they should listen to the parents. He doesn’t want to part with her, and she swears to try her best to get in same school with him. He doesn’t want to talk about it and offers to go to watch moon at mountain top. She asks him why he wants to go to mountain top when he isn’t good at mood.

Qian Ze says that the place is very high so that he can see the distance. She says that getting into good college is like climbing high mountain, and thinks he got the good gene of his father. She thinks Bing Lin changed his fate through working hard, but Qian Ze doesn’t want to do if he needs to betray family to change fate.

Qian Ze takes Xiang Yuan arriving at the mountain top, and they see the moon. Bing Lin tells Hui Ying to persuade Qian Ze and leaves.

The next day, Xiang Yuan calls Qian Ze to go to school. But Hui Ying tells her that Qian Ze needs to carry yellow bean, and reveals she didn’t intent to part them. Xiang Yuan points out that the one doesn’t want Qian Ze to leave is Hui Ying, but Hui Ying smiles and mentions she let Bing Lin leave. Xiang Yuan asks Hui Ying if she regretted to let Bing Lin go to college. Hui Ying says that she regretted but thinks she needs to encourage him if he has the talent and luck.

Hui Ying mentions Aunt Guang’s daughter picked up her to Shanghai to enjoy hot water and air conditioner, when she is choked by the smoke. Qian Ze comforts his mom that he will pay her back. But she tells him to go to Guangzhou, and thinks the person won’t grow up if he doesn’t go out. Qian Ze points out that nobody can take care of mom and younger brother, but she reminds him his future. She mentions she rejected his father to pick her up to city because he is a outsider.

Hui Ying thinks she enjoys Qian Ze’s blessing is perfectly justified because he is her son. She believes that he isn’t a selfish boy. He worries that he will miss her, and she tells him that the dried tofu is made for him, and he can eat it if he misses her. He promises her but only wants to go to there for one year. Hui Ying is happy to tear.

Qian Ze realizes that Mom wanted to say the words to provoke him to go to Guangzhou so she didn’t let him go to study. Mom smiles, but Qian Ze doesn’t want to go to Guangzhou. She hits him with broom for his pulling back, and locks up from inside. Xiang Yuan finds Qian Ze at the mountain top, and he reveals his mother didn’t allow him to go home and he wants to sleep at village chief’s house. She asks him if he still didn’t promise to his mom the thing of Guangzhou, and he thinks his mom won’t get angry after two days. But she reminds him that his school roll won’t be there after two days as his father went to school doing the transferring.

Xiang Yuan asks Qian Ze if he doesn’t want to give his mom a better life, and tells him to listen to Hui Ying if he cares for his mom. He reminds her that they won’t see each other for one year if he goes to Guangzhou. Xiang Yuan shares that Hui Ying feared to change her mind so that she let Bing Lin transfer, and thinks Hui Yi gets more pain than Qian Ze.

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