Love Under the Moon: Episode 2 [Recap]

This is the recap of Love Under the Moon: Episode 2. Qian Zi asks Bing Lin if he feels shame in the parents’ meeting when his score isn’t good. Bing Lin laughs and thinks Qian Ze will reach someone else through his hard work. He asks Dong Ling to get a good teacher for Qian Ze, and she thinks Qian Ze will reach his classmates since he is so smart.

Love Under the Moon: Episode 2 Recap

Love Under the Moon

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Love Under the Moon: Episode 2.

Qian Ze keeps chopping woods, and Mom keeps tearing while packing stuff for him. Xiang Yuan passes by, and stops her. He tells her that he will write letter to her, and asks her to write to him as well. He reminds her that he went to Guangzhou for them, and she smiles to nod. She takes off her photo from her student ID card and gives it to him. He says that he cannot give his photo to her because his student ID card is lost. But she points out that she will see his photo through the bulletin board of sport team. Xiang Yuan tells Qian Ze that she won’t see off him tomorrow as she isn’t accustomed of the scene.

People see off Qian Ze and Bing Lin, and Hui Ying is in tears. Xiang Yuan rides the bike to the mountain and sees Qian Ze’s car from distance. She calls him.

Bing Lin takes Qian Ze to the backyard and shows the basketball court he made for him. He asks him to be taken of the family photo, but Qian Ze is reluctant.

“Xiang Yuan! It’s hot in Guangzhou, and the stuff are expensive. The windows are installed burglar mesh, and it’s same to jail when it’s seen from outside. The villa Bing Lin lives is very huge, and there is a place to be cast basketball at the doorway. He says that he made it for me, but I thinks it’s unnecessary as I will go back after one year. They adopted a girl named Dong Ling, who is the daughter of Ms. Ye’s cousin. They say with low voice, and it seems to talk about secret even if they say normal thing. I miss mother voice, and it makes me happy when hearing. There is a baby-sitter named Sister He. She doesn’t like me, and I don’t like her either. The city is too busy, and it makes me uncomfortable. I’m accustomed without you.”

Bing Lin walks Qian Zi and thinks he will find out that there isn’t big difference as there’re many people coming from north. He asks him to tell him if he needs any help, but Qian Ze wants to return home.

Sister He asks Qian Ze to change shoes and thinks city and countryside are different. He takes off his shoes but chooses to walk barefoot.

Teacher Nie scolds Li Xue for the love letters and thinks her parents will have heart attack if they know it. Li Xue talks back that her parents don’t have heart disease. But Nie Teacher thinks Li Xue doesn’t have qualification to be in love as the stamp bill is paid by her parents. Li Xue thinks Teacher Nie is invasion of her privacy and she is tyranny. Teacher Nie is furious to slap the table, and swears to burn up the love letter if it comes. Lie Xue thinks Teacher Nie burns up books and buries scholars. Teacher Nie laughs and tells Li Xue to read history.

Xiang Yuan asks Teacher Nie if she received her letters, but Teacher Nie denies and comforts Xiang Yuan that she will give it to her once she receives.

Ms. Ye gets the breakfast for Qian Ze, but he claims that he can take it. Dong Ling explains that Qian Ze doesn’t know the rules of having breakfast in Guangzhou. She says that Guangzhou people scald the cups and bowls to disinfect. Dong Ling adds that they will prepare a pair of public chopsticks, and he says that he will remember it.

Qian Ze left, and Xiang Yuan lives endlessly each day. She thinks Einstein came up with the theory of relativity because he had youth and intolerable waiting and missing. There are wild people in the classroom each day because of tension and pressure. But she is the chillaxing one, or says she is numb. Because anxiety’s acme is numb, and pain’s top is calming down. Without Qian Ze’s returning letter, she is like the paddy field of dry season, which is chapped quietly.

A Cai reopens the Video halls and tells people that it’s free today. He recognizes Xiang Yuan and gives her the ticket because he heard that Qian Ze and Xiang Yuan came to the video halls to help them more often.

Sister He scolds Qian Ze for playing basketball because neighbors are sleeping in the noon. Ms. Ye tells Sister He not to care for him, and Tong Ling is obsessed by Qian Ze.

Qian Ze and Dong Ling show up at the market, and he buys Xiang Yuan a hand warmer. She thinks he bought his girlfriend the hand warmer as it’s pink.

“Xiang Yuan! The girls are noisy there, and they keep saying useless words. I wonders why they’re different to you when you’re girls. I wishes the year past, and returns to before.”

Hui Ying asks Xiang Yuan what day is today, and Xiang Yuan comforts Hui Ying that Qian Ze needs time to adapt. Ye Yun and Xiang Yao want to go to Guangzhou, and Hui Ying thinks it’s a bad deal to pay a son and half daughter since she paid a son. Xiang Yao laughs and points out that the one wants to go to Guangzhou is Xiang Yuan.

Old Man tells Teacher Nie that there’re three letters for Xiang Yuan, and she asks him to keep the letters. Xiang Yuan flees out of the classroom and asks Old Man if there is her letter. He denies and tells her to take class.

Qian Ze gives the score to Bing Lin, and Ms. Ye finds out that Qian Ze’s score is terrible. She asks Qian Ze if he couldn’t understand what teachers said, and he says that if he can understand, then it will be no different to countryside. Sister He thinks he can understand it little by little. Bing Lin gives some money to Qian Ze and tells him to let Dong Ling take him to take a tutoring class.

Qian Zi asks Bing Lin if he feels shame in the parents’ meeting when his score isn’t good. Bing Lin laughs and thinks Qian Ze will reach someone else through his hard work. He asks Dong Ling to get a good teacher for Qian Ze, and she thinks Qian Ze will reach his classmates since he is so smart. Ms. Ye thinks she doesn’t know how to get along with Qian Ze, and Bing Lin thinks Qian Ze takes his mom’s side because he followed her for many years.

Ms. Ye worries that Qian Ze doesn’t accept Bing Lin’s kindness, but Bing Lin thinks Qian Ze will know their kindness one day. Xiang Yuan tells A Can to sell tickets with foods, and he thinks she is very smart and wants to drive her home with motorcycle. But she claims that she has bicycle. He thinks it’s dark when she rides half of road. But she says that it’s not her first time to ride night road. He rides her to the entrance of the village, but refuses to get in. Xiang Yuan realizes that Uncle Wei and A Can still have heart knots.

The next day, A Can tells Xiang Yuan that they doubled their business, and thinks she is good at running business. He offers to do business together if she cannot be admitted to a university. She rejects it, and she never thought that she cannot be admitted to a university. He tells her that people don’t want to return after they went Guangzhou, but she points out that he returned from Guangzhou.

Qian Zi calls Old Man and wants to talk with Xiang Yuan. But Old Man says that he can only talk with teachers. Old Man calls Teacher Nie and tells her that admission office of Guangzhou called him and they were interested in Xiang Yuan. Teacher Nie talks with the person of admission office over the phone, but he is actually a cleaner Qian Ge got from street. Teacher Nie gives the phone to Xiang Yuan and tells her to catch the chance. Qian Ze is surprised that Xiang Yuan didn’t get his letters.

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