Marry Me Now Korean Drama Recap: Episode 1

This first episode of Marry Me Now Korean Drama, Sung Woon wants to send Eun Soo abroad to avoid paternity test, Yoo Ha doesn’t agree and wants to get divorced keeping her daughter. Hyo Seob and Mi Yeon dream each other, but she thinks he is a jerk.

Marry Me Now Korean Drama Recap: Episode 1

Marry Me Now

Hyo Seob is waken up by Jae Hyung and Hyun Ha’s fight from a dream he tries to confess to a girl. Sun Ha takes them from Hyo Seob’s room because they messed the kitchen. He runs into Dong Ho who wants to have a drink tonight at street, but Dong Ho’s wife claims he is busy.

Hyo Seob made shoes for Eun Soo and wants to give it to her, asking Hyun Ha if she contacted with Yoo Ha. Hyun Ha claims she didn’t see her over one month. Yoo Ha is going to take Eun Soo to see her father-in-law after knowing Hee Kyung wanted her to take her daughter, but Sung Woon doesn’t want her to do it and claims she will be late if she takes Eun Soo.

But Eun Soo messed her clothes and Yoo Ha hurts her foot after knowing her daughter’s situation. Yoo Ha tells Hyo Seob that she is busy when he calls her. Hyo Seob visits Yoo Ha’s house with shoes, the maid stops him from visiting and throws off the shoes since Sung Woon asked her to do it.

Eun Soo refuses to visit grandpa and tells Yoo Ha that she doesn’t want mother to live hard while she stays in grandpa’s house. Yoo Ha is in tears and hugs her daughter. Director Ko yells at Kyung Soo and thinks he makes him lose client, but Kyung Soo doesn’t admit his mistake.

Just then Sun Ha claims it’s her mistake with coffee, Director Ko releases his temper after drinking the coffee. Sun Ha asks Kyung Soo to admit his mistake instead of looking for a excuse, but he doesn’t recognize his mistake and claims he comes from a famous college.

Sung Woon asks Yoo Ha why she doesn’t take Eun Soo after she arrives, she tells him that his daughter doesn’t want to see her feeling scared in the house. Hee Kyung asks Sung Woon to have paternity test with Eun Soo and reveals his father is going to inherit his properties to them.

Sung Woon wants to send Eun Soo abroad to avoid the paternity test, but Yoo Ha doesn’t agree and thinks her daughter even cannot use chopstick without her help. Da Yeon asks the male to dump her on the blind date because he always bad mouths others while dating.

Jin Hee persuades Da Yeon to accept the man on the blind date, but Da Yeon thinks her mother must hate Mi Yeon as she made her change her mind. Mi Yeon has a meet with Jin Hee after car racing, she seems like can read Jin Hee’s mind behind her saying. Mi Yeon knows she hates her most even if Jin Hee praises her with sweet voice.

Mi Yeon asks Hak Soo to investigate her fiance since she is going to get marry with him. Jae Hyung runs into Moon Sik and wipes his shoes on his pants in YL Group, Moon Sik gets angry and asks his henchman to fail him in the interview. Sun Ha asks Jae Hyung and Hyun Ha to prepare their family dinner and nags them through messages after they claims they are busy.

Eun Tae calls Chan Koo that he is going to land Korea, Chan Koo asks Da Yeon to shout her mouth and reveals they wants to gives Jin Hee a big surprise when she is excited. Meanwhile, Jin Hee tells Da Yeon that she is going to attend Mi Yeon’s engagement party, Chan Koo thinks it’s secret, but Jin Hee thinks Mi Yeon discovered it.

Mi Yeon gets a call from Hak Soo who tells her something about her fiance CEO Kim while she is driving, she trampled his flowers and asks him why not to invite his wife Miss Kang to attend their party. Chan Koo and Jin Hee are shocked after hearing it.

Moon Sik thinks his mother isn’t luck while dating others, because they date her because her money. Hyo Seob runs into Dong Ho’s wife and tells her that he is going to attend the family dinner, but nobody is in there after he returned home. He has to walk around outside.

Mi Yeon wakes up from the dream about Hyo Seob, she tells Moon Sik that Hyo Seob is a jerk. Sun Ha calls Jae Hyung and Hyun Ha to prepare dinner after finding nobody is at home. They all feel sorry after their father returns, but Hyo Seob thinks it’s ok.

Hee Kyung asks Yoo Ha to release Eun Soo and promises to give her good education, Yoo Ha holds her daughter tightly while bathing. Chan Koo takes reporters to welcome Eun Tae, but he avoids to see them. Yoo Ha decides to get divorced with Sung Woon to keep Eun Soo and reveals she wants to be her mother even if he gave up his daughter.

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  • May 7, 2018 at 4:14 am

    Your recaps are straight and to the point. Just a minor suggestion, can you tell us who each of the people are to each other? The fight you describe in the beginning, for example, I imagined all the people to be the same age– maybe roommates? Later on, I figured out they were family of sorts. To me awhile to figure out Yoo Ha and Eun Soo were related. I have no idea who the people are to each other and so it’s a hard read.

  • October 1, 2018 at 7:33 pm

    Thanks for recap but can you make it clearer?


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