Marry Me Now Korean Drama Recap: Episode 5

In the 5th episode of Marry Me Now Korean Drama, Hyo Seob runs into Mi Yeon on the street when she passes out, she gets angry and wants to develop his shop after knowing he badmouthed her.

Marry Me Now Korean Drama Recap: Episode 5

Marry Me Now

Sung Woon tells Hee Kyung that Yoo Ha isn’t infertile so that they adopted Eun Soo when Hee Kyung takes Yoo Ha to see him. Sun Ha persuades Yoo Ha not to have any relationship with Sung Woon’s family after knowing they didn’t treat her younger sister as human being, and thinks it’s hard for Yoo Ha to raise Eun Soo alone.

Hyo Seob tells Hyun Ha that a woman ordered 20 pairs of handmade shoes from him and asks him to deliver to her. She persuades her father to accepts it and claims she will sent him there. Chan Koo thinks Jin Hee is upset because of what he did on her yesterday and claims he will let her do house chores alone, she is shocked after hearing what he said.

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Yoo Ha and Sung Woon got divorced, but he doesn’t want to say farewell to Eun Soo since he is going to return to US. Jae Hyung asks Da Yeon for having a meet, she is happy after hearing about it. Sun Ha thinks it’s good after knowing she got divorced, but Hyun Ha only cares how much alimony she got and envies she got marry with a rich man.

Jae Hyung arrives the bar and claims he is only going to pick sister who is drunk most. Sun Ha and Hyun Ha point to Yoo Ha. Yoo Ha laughs and thinks she isn’t drunk. Mi Yeon runs into Da Yeon and Jin Hee and wants Da Yeon to be her daughter-in-law. Jin Hee thinks it’s ridiculous to marry her daughter to Mi Yeon’s son.

Moon Sik is shocked after knowing from CEO Yang that his mother is going to attend the shareholder meeting, but she didn’t tell him about it. Hyo Seob runs into Mi Yeon when she is fighting with someone else and collapses, he asks Hyun Ha to call 911 after Mi Yeon passed out. Hyun Ha picks up the hairpin that Mi Yeon left.

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Mi Yeon is embarrassed after Hyo Seob sent her to hospital, she thinks her pride was damaged when doctor want to check her brain. Hyo Seob claims they are just friend when Hyun Ha asks her father the relationship between him and Mi Yeon. Hyun Ha suspects what her father said and tells Dong Ho what happened when she sees Mi Yeon, Dong Ho tells her that the woman is her father’s first love.

Hyo Seob recalls Mi Yeon’s father asked him to leave Mi Yeon as there was a man could give her older lifestyle back. Hyun Ha tells her sisters that their father loved a woman before meeting their mother and thinks they were betrayed. Da Yeon is sad after Jae Hyung asks her to delete the video and not call him anymore.

Hyo Seob asks Hyun Ha why she spread the rumor about Mi Yeon, she reveals it wasn’t her but Dong Ho. Mi Yeon drives mad when knowing Hyo Seob tells others that she is a gold digger, and decides to develop the town that Hyo Seob lives, thinking he forces her to do it.

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