Memories of the Alhambra Korean Drama Review: Episode 3

In the review of Memories of the Alhambra Korean Drama Episode 3, Jin-Woo decides to force Hee-Joo to accept his deal with time and money. She passes out in the bathroom and waste her time, so she asks him a favor. Jin-Woo levels up to 4 and kills Hyung-Seok in the game. But he doesn’t expect he actually kills him.

Memories of the Alhambra Korean Drama Review: Episode 3

Memories of the Alhambra

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Memories of the Alhambra Korean Drama Episode 3.

Jin-Woo walks around the Alhambra and stops in the alley. Yang-Joo urges him to move. Jin-Woo thinks he is trying to order his boss. But Yang-Joo points out it’s the only route. Jin-Woo is afraid of being death, Yang-Joo thinks it doesn’t cost anything. Jin-Woo scolds him that it isn’t the game she plays on the couch, and reveals he doesn’t have enough sleep. Yang-Joo thinks it’s the game and suggests his boss to level up, and guesses Hyung-Seok died many times for the first two days.

Jin-Woo thinks Yang-Joo disses him and goes forward. But he is ambushed by archers of aragon. So he rushes to flee, but he is shot by one of archers of aragon. He loses half life. The arrows come, but they are frozen. Yang-Joo realizes it’s buffering, and asks Jin-Woo to run.

Jin-Woo arrives at the Alcazaba cafe, it rains. People walk through and don’t notice it. So the raining is only in the AR game. He sees some pirate npcs in the cafe, and thinks they weren’t invented. Yang-Joo guesses they come from historical film. Yang-Joo suggests Jin-Woo to talk with them for the quest. But Jin-Woo thinks they will stab him. Yang-Joo sees a person on the right is nice, and asks Jin-Woo to say something to him. But the npc asks Jin-Woo to get lost because only users above level 5 can talk to npcs.

Jin-Woo eats something because he is hungry. Jin-Woo suggests him to order the churros, and it is most beloved snack among the locals. Jin-Woo thinks Yang-Joo is annoying, so he hangs up.

He sees the guitarist Emma in the cafe, and mistakes her as Hee-Joo. He falls in love when she smiles at him.

Hee-Joo got the grand prize as guitarist. Her father was touched and thought she would have a good future if she studied classical guitar in Spain. So he offered to move to Spain, even if families were against it.

But Hee-Joo realized she wasn’t a prodigy. Her parents passed away then. So she had to quit school and work, and didn’t take a day off. But her family’s debt kept piling up still. But her fate was changed when Jin-Woo showed up at her door.

Hee-Joo is shocked that Jin-Woo wants to buy her hostel, and he offers ten billion won. But he claims his offer will go down each ten minutes. So he suggests her to make a quick decision.

But she hesitates and suspects his identity. Because her father was cheated in same way. So he gives his passport to her. But she still cannot make the decision, so she wants to use bathroom and talks with her family. He agrees and says it’s going to be nine o’clock soon.

Jin-Woo thinks Hee-Joo will sign it within 30 minutes if she isn’t dumb. But Jung-Hoon thinks the hostel isn’t worth that much.

30 Minutes ago.

A tells Jin-Woo that Se-Joo patented the game under Hostal Bonita, so he will get the deal if he buys the hostal. So Jin-Woo decides to use money and time to force Hee-Joo accepting the deal.

Hee-Joo calms down herself in the bathroom, and calls Young-Sim. But the old lady is busy in the deal with the saleswoman in the supermarket. So she calls Se-Joo and realizes his phone is broken. Min-Joo is playing basketball, she doesn’t pick up either.

Jin-Woo texts Hee-Joo that she lost a billion won, she is shocked that the time passes by so quickly. But she realizes that she still has 9 billion won. She calls Alhambra Real Estate, the lady suggests her to lower the cost to sell it. Hee-Joo asks her if there are any future plan to develop her neighborhood, but the lady tells her the land price won’t jump for the next ten years. She tells Hee-Joo that she is going to get married, and keeps talking about her fiance.

Jin-Woo texts Hee-Joo that she lost another billion won, so she hands up and calls Sang-Beom. But the guy is focusing in his job. She is upset because another five minutes passed by.

Min-Joo calls Hee-Joo and thinks the buyer is stupid. Hee-Joo reveals twenty-five minutes passed by, so she lost two billion won. Min-Joo yells at her sister over the phone, and claims it’s ten billion won. Hee-Joo gets her point and decides to sign the contract. But she is locked up in the bathroom, and her phone drops into toilet when she asks for help.

Hee-Joo doesn’t show up, Jin-Woo thinks she is a fool. But Jung-Hoon thinks she is talking with Hyung-Seok, Jin-Woo asks Jung-Hoon to contact her. He walks in the cafe since she doesn’t pick up, and finds her passing out in the women restroom. He wakes her up, and she realizes that she lost 7 billion won. She asks him to disregard the three minutes because the door was locked. She faints again after he agreed.

Hee-Joo lies in bed, Jung-Hoon tells her that Jin-Woo left because something urgent came up. He asks her to check the contract before signing. She finds out Jin-Woo was intention to give her ten billion won. She is shaking after signing it.

Young-Sim calls Hee-Joo and asks her why she turned off her phone after calling her. Hee-Joo tells grandmother that she will reveal the detail later, and receives the money.

Hee-Joo tells Young-Sim that they’re rich while talking. She sees Jin-Woo in the cafe, so she enters the cafe and greets him. She thrills to thank him for the money, he says she doesn’t have to thank him because she only paid for what it was worth. She points out that nobody would pay such for her house.

He persuades her not to give up guitar, and thinks she is charming when playing guitar. She wants to treat him to dinner, but he claims he needs to beat the jerk. He says he will call her after it’s done.

Soo-Jin returns living room and thinks his husband is very quiet. Hyung-Seok says he is waiting for a call. So she thinks something is wrong at his work when sitting next to him. He smiles and asks her if the train ride was exhausting. She leans her head on his shoulder, saying she didn’t get enough sleep, and her sister knocked out cold. He kisses her and asks her to get some rest.

But he mentions she met Jin-Woo. She is shocked and says they met in the morning. He asks her if they said something. She is nervous to denies it. He walks to her and holds her hand, asking her if she know why Jin-Woo was at the train station. She denies.

He gets a call from his follower who is searching Se-Joo’s room. The follower thinks Marco Han is traitor. Just then Jin-Woo calls Hyung-Seok and asks for duel. So Hyung-Seok leaves home and tells his wife that he goes to meet someone. Soo-Jin asks him who he is. But he hangs up.

Hyung-Seok arrives at the park where Jin-Woo is waiting for him. Jin-Woo claims he nearly died trying to level up 2 in a day, and shows his assassin’s blade.

Jin-Woo thinks Hyung-Seok might win in the game even if he lost in reality. Hyung-Seok attacks first, but both are injured.

Hyung-Seok tells Jin-Woo that Soo-Jin was miserable because of him, and he saved her. He mentions his second marriage and thinks Jin-Woo is an incompetent husband.

But Jin-Woo thinks all traitors say that, because they constantly spit out dirty excuses. He kills Hyung-Seok then.

Jung-Hoon calls Jin-Woo and says it’s almost his boarding time. Jin-Woo calls Yang-Joo and asks him if he saw him crushing Hyung-Seok. Yang-Joo didn’t because he fell asleep. Jin-Woo thinks he missed his boss’s defining moment. Yang-Joo claims it’s 6 am.

Jin-Woo arrives at the airport, Jung-Hoon and Hee-Joo are waiting for him. Jin-Woo is surprise that she is there. Hee-Joo claims she came to say bye. He realizes that they were supposed to have dinner. She asks him if he beat someone. He says he destoryed him, and asks Jung-Hoon to call him when Se-Joo returns.

Jin-Woo returns hotel and falls asleep. The next day he has many missing call from Jung-Hoon, so he calls him back. Jung-Hoon is at the park and tells his boss that Hyung-Seok passed away.

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