Miss Truth: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Miss Truth: Episode 1. Two bodyguards carry a box to a room, and the woman comes out from the box. The woman Ran Yan checks the body, and says that she knows why the person died.

Miss Truth: Episode 1 Recap

Miss Truth: Episode 1

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Miss Truth: Episode 1.

The door opens, and the man asks Ran Yan to tell them the cause of death. She thinks he needs to pay something, and Ran Yan’s master is released.

The master smiles and thinks Ran Yan is very kind. He tells her that he lost 500 yuan, and hugs her thigh. Ran Yan kicks away her master.

The chief puts his hand on the master’s shoulder, and asks for the cause of death. Ran Yan tells him that the body was dead of broken organs.

Chief thinks the person who killed his brother is a martial art master. He tells his men to take out the blades, and asks Ran Yan if she is a Miss.

Ran Yan admits it but claims that his dad is broke. Chief tells the two the their path is only death. Ran Yan pretends to give money, but stabs Chief with her needle.

Chief takes his men to chase the two at the market, and Master jumps into the river. Su Fu shows up and kills all of the men. He stabs Chief’s shoulder, and asks where the bead of Sui Marquis.

Chief realizes that Su Fu killed his brother, and tells him to meet Liu Can at the Qingli hotel.

Emperor tells Xiao Song that Sui Yang Emperor left his treasure in the Sui Marquis Bead. Xiao Song thinks the men of Sui will take the chance to get the treasure, and he knows Liu Can is taking the bead.

Emperor reveals Liu Can is going to Suzhou to make a deal with someone, and gives the dagger to Xiao Song. He wishes the dagger to be like trust to stay between the two. Xiao Song promises not to break the trust of Emperor.

Ran Yan sees Su Fu killing all of people, and wants to flee. He stops her with his sword, and she jumps into water. Su Fu is stabbed by the killer for saving Ran Yan, and he sees her name on her handkerchief.

The man takes the bird and tells Xiao Song that Liu Can got in the city and the dealer didn’t appear.

Ran Yan wakes up, and Wan Lv tells her that the young master of Su family will come to marry her. Ran Yan wants to leave, and Wan Lv tells her that the doors are blocked by the guards. Ran Yan laughs to run out, and reminds Wan Lv that the place behind the door is granary.

The man tells Xiao Song that Liu Can got in Fuyuan street. Ran Yan reminds Liu Lv that the granary exploded before, and she gets in the granary to scatter flour.

Mei Yu thinks Ran Yan cannot flee, and her mom tells her that she will get a good husband for her after Ran Yan is married off.

Wan Lv gives the fire stuff to Ran Yan, and Ran Yan throws it into the granary. The granary explodes, and the flour get on the mother and the daughter’s faces. The man tells Madam that Elder Miss fled, and she tells him to take Ran Yan back.

Liu Can spots the spy and stuns him in the restroom. The man reports to Xiao Song that the target is missing. Ran Yan hits the Liu Can by mistake, and she runs away. Xiao Song figures out that Liu Can will go to Qingli house to make the deal.

Ran Yan flee to the Qingli house and runs into the pool Xiao Song stays. Xiao Song pulls Ran Yan out of the water, and she thinks he is with head illness because the water contains medicine.

Ran Yan massages Xiao Song’s head, and tells him to press the point she did to remit headache. But he doesn’t want to let her go. So Ran Yan beats Xiao Song and runs away. The man wants to catch Ran Yan for Xiao Song. But Xiao Song tells him to watch Liu Can. He smiles and thinks Ran Yan is a sly fox.

Mei Yu arrives at the Qingli house, and the lady asks Mei Yu if she comes to play or get played. Mei Yu scolds the lady and tells her that she came to look for the girl.

Ran Yan runs into Su Fu and wonders why he is there. Madam tells people that she prepared the dancing which will performe by top dancers, and the dancers shows up with masks. One of the dancer kills Liu Can, and Su Fu catches the chance to take away the stuff from Liu Can.

Xiao Song asks to lock up the house, and his man tells him that the person Sang Cheng who argues with Liu Can is a teacher. The doctor thinks Liu Can was killed by strangle. Ran Yan smiles to shake head.

Mei Yu catches Ran Yan and asks her to get in the carriage. But Su Fu kidnaps Ran Yan with sword. Xiao Song tells people to get off the carriage. Su Fu threatens Ran Yan that he will kill her family.

Ran Yan gets off the carriage and tells Xiao Song that Liu Can wasn’t killed by strangle. Su Fu catches the chance to flee, and Xiao Song goes to chase him.

Mei Yu asks Ran Yan about Xiao Song, but Ran Yan says that she doesn’t know him. Mei Yu tells Ran Yan not to hit Xiao Song.

Su Fu flees into the sewer, and Xiao Song throws the fire into the sewer to force Su Fu to come out. Su Fu makes the smoke to flee and leaves a box.

Xiao Song returns and asks Ran Yan to accompany him. He asks her to do autopsy for Liu Can, and she asks her 100 yuan. But Xiao Song wants to see Ran Yan’s talent first.

Ran Yan makes the ants climb on Liu Can’s body, and she finds out that his Baihui point was hit by the iron needle.

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