Mountains and Ocean Chinese Drama: Episode 2 [Recap]

This is the recap of Mountains and Ocean Chinese Drama: Episode 2. Shen Zhen tells Rui Ning not to explain to her, and thinks she cannot complain because her mom has worked as a baby-sitter for ten years. She says that their personality is equal even if she lodges at her house.

Mountains and Ocean Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap

Mountains and Ocean

Shen Zhen tells Rui Ning not to throw the clothes she doesn’t want to her, and thinks she isn’t her trash can. Rui Ning wonders how Shen Zhen thinks such way, and Shen Zhen admits that her background and looks aren’t better than Rui Ning.

Shen Zhen thinks Rui Ning cannot bear that Shen Zhen’s grade is better than her, so she ruined her speech. Shen Zhen blames Rui Ning for making her lose the assistance payment, and tells her not to give in charity.

Rui Ning tells Shen Zhen that she cannot take the skirt back because she sold to her. She asks her to deal with it herself, and promises not to give the thing she doesn’t want to her. She tells her to call her Miss Xia, and says that she can stand it.

Rui Ning walks out and remembers Shen Zhen’s mom Aunt Cai liked the skirt. Aunt Cai thought Shen Zhen never wears the good looking clothes, and Rui Ning shared that she only wore one time. Rui Ning wanted to give the clothes to Shen Zhen, and told Aunt Cai not to tell it to Shen Zhen because she would mind it.

Aunt Cai wanted to buy the skirt, and Rui Ning agrees with it. She thinks it should be discounted, and offers the price of 150 yuan.

Hua Hua rushes to Rui Ning and asks her to beat the rogue with her. Hua Hua shares that the man named Chen Mo, who lives in 306 room. Rui Ning says that she will support Hua Hua, and Hua Hua wants to beat Chen Mo because she doesn’t have any evidence. Rui Ning tells Hua Hua not to step back.

Hua Hua calls Chen Mo out and is surprised that he is very handsome. She doesn’t know how to do, and Rui Ning is furious to hit the apple into Ye Miao’s mouth by mistake.

The doctor learns what happened, and Hua Hua asks him if the two can be cured. He asks her if she means intelligence quotient or body. Ye Miao points at Rui Ning and cannot speak. She knows that he wants to say that his mouth swells and it affects his idol temperament.

Rui Ning asks Ye Miao not to tell it to Ye Lin as she is injured as well. He holds out three, and she learns that he wants the three to get along well. But he asks her to be distance to three meters to him. She thinks he won’t report it to Ye Lin, and he shares that Ye Lin doesn’t like the type of girls like Rui Ning.

Ye Lin brings the bag to Shen Zhen, and she apologizes for what she did on the bus. He thinks she was upset because of student grant, and she thinks Rui Ning told him. He explains he was there, and tells her that her application doesn’t get rejected. He reminds her that there is a form of work-study program, and tells her to try it if she needs it.

Ye Miao thinks Rui Ning doesn’t match Ye Lin, and tells her what women need isn’t just beauty. Chen Mo apologizes to Hua Hua and promises to explain it. Hua Hua thinks Rui Ning is getting angry, but Rui Ning thinks Ye Miao praised her looks. Rui Ning wakes up in the evening and thinks she won’t step back because of what Ye Miao said.

The next day, Rui Ning visits Ye Miao and asks him to try her ointment. He asks her to stay away from him, but Ye Lin shows up. Rui Ning tells Ye Lin that Ye Miao dislikes her, and admits that it’s her mistake. Ye Lin blames Ye Miao for being bad to Rui Ning, and Ye Miao thinks she is acting.

Ye Lin takes off Rui Ning’s sunglasses, and she cries that she didn’t intend to do it to Ye Miao. She asks Ye Miao to accept her ointment, and leaves. Ye Lin blames Ye Miao for not forgiving Rui Ning since she apologized. Ye Miao thinks Rui Ning method is very high.

Ye Lin chases Rui Ning and tells her that Ye Miao wasn’t like so before. Rui Ning thinks Ye Mian isn’t nice to her is to protect Ye Lin, and envies that Ye Lin has a good younger brother. She asks him if he will appear in the military training, but he says that he will leave for a business.

Ye Miao tells Rui Ning if Ye Miao bullies her… She says that she will report it to him, and takes out her phone, asking to add his wechat. Rui Ning texts Ye Lin and asks him to text her if he is late, and she wants to pack foods for him.

Ye Miao sees girls talking about him, and is confused. Shen Zhen gets water for Ye Miao and reveals Rui Ning said Ye Miao got cerebral concussion while asking for leave for him. Shen Zhen shares that Rui Ning felt guilty and didn’t sleep well for one night.

Ye Miao asks Shen Zhen if Rui Ning cried and mentions he saw Rui Ning’s eyes swelling. Shen Zhen shares that Rui Ning applied essential balm around her eyes. Ye Miao thinks Rui Ning can live to the ending if life is palace drama. The girls talk about Ye Miao, and think he got cerebral concussion after being slapped.

Hua Hua calls Rui Ning and tells her that the foods is going to be gone. Ye Miao visits Rui Ling and tells her to use chili instead of essential balm. She reminds him that foods are going to gone, and they fight for the bike. He thinks her caring was just acting in the morning, and she points out that he won’t accept it even if she really cares for him.

The two ride the bike, and Ye Miao wants to make Rui Ning get cerebral concussion. She thinks he is very mean, and he thinks she is insidious. She tells him the elder sister-in-law is the mother, and he thinks she has no shame. The hand brake is broken, and Ye Miao turns over with the bike.

Doctor sees Ye Miao and thinks he got light cerebral concussion. Ye Lin picks up Ye Miao, and Rui Ning asks Ye Lin where they will go. Ye Miao thinks Rui Ning should say something to him, and she tells him to eat less chili. Ye Miao thinks Rui Ning is very shameless, but Ye Lin shares Rui Ning is Ning Mo’s daughter.

Rui Ning is surprised that Ye Lin wants to ask Ning Mo a favor, and tells him that she won’t transfer the revenge from Ye Miao to him. Rui Ning promises to help Ye Lin, and Ye Miao asks Ye Lin if he failed to visit the place. Ye Miao tells Rui Ning that there is a teacher that she got him to be chased by the goose.

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