Mountains and Ocean Chinese Drama: Episode 4 [Recap]

This is the recap of Mountains and Ocean Chinese Drama: Episode 4. Rui Ning wants to grind ores for Ye Lin, but he says that Ye Miao can help him. She reveals she knows the attention, and he thinks he brought trouble to her. She says that she doesn’t fear the trouble, but Ye Miao points out that the trouble is made by Rui Ning.

Mountains and Ocean Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap

Mountains and Ocean

Ye Miao helps Rui Ning climb over the wall, but her pant tears up. Ye Miao asks Rui Ning to leave, but she asks him to leave first as she likes to look at his back.

After Ye Lin leaves, Ye Miao startles Rui Ning that the ghost will follow her. She thinks he bullies her when Ye Lin isn’t there. Ye Miao says that he just gets angry himself, and shares that he tangled Shen Zhen with the excuse of drawing her.

Ye Miao tells Rui Ning that they hurt Shen Zhen unconsciously, and asks her if she feels guilty. Rui Ning tells Ye Miao that she won’t forgive him if he dares to bully Shen Zhen. Ye Miao doesn’t want to talk about it with Rui Ning, and wants to leave with her.

Rui Ning asks Ye Miao to wait for a while, and he takes off his clothes and wears it on her. She realizes that he heard it, and he says that the sound shocks the universe. She asks if Ye Lin heard it, and he says yes. She doesn’t believe it, and he wants to call Ye Lin.

Rui Ning thinks she never saw Ye Miao being nice before, and asks him not to call. He tells her to beg him, and she praises him.

The next day, Rui Ning passes out at the training ground, and Ye Miao takes her to medical room. But she asks him to take her down, and tells him to go. Rui Ning brings clothes to Ye Miao, and he laughs.

Ye Miao notes that Rui Ning is injured, and puts the woundplast on her thumb. But Ye Miao holds out, and Ye Lin puts the woundplast on him as well.

Fang Yuan joins the instructor, and explains that she is arranged to take Ye Lin’s duty. She asks him if the students brought troubles to him, and he denies.

Ye Lin tells Rui Ning that he cannot go with her because he and Fang Yuan have a meeting. He offers to get Ye Miao to accompany her, and she agrees. Uncle Yan asks who ground the pigment, and Rui Ning says that Ye Miao did it.

Fang Yuan sees Shen Zhen climbing over the wall, and asks Mr. Chen for checking dormitory. Uncle Yan gives the pigment Ye Lin needs to Ye Miao, but asks Ye Miao to be his disciple.

Ye Miao runs away and doesn’t want to devote himself for just a bag of pigment. Rui Ning promises to Uncle Yan that she will take Ye Miao back. Fang Yan knocks at the door of Rui Ning and Shen Zhen’s room, and thinks Shen Zhen isn’t inside. Shen Zhen opens the room and lets Fang Yuan in.

Rui Ning thinks Ye Miao doesn’t care for Ye Lin, but he points out that she forces him to ask for pigment because she likes Ye Lin. He thinks he isn’t the gift of Ye Lin. The old man asks for saving his grandson, and Ye Miao jumps into the river.

Instructor wonders where Rui Ning went, and worries about her. Shen Zhen thinks Rui Ning is staying with someone else. The man reports that Ye Miao isn’t at the dormitory. Shen Zhen is shocked and thinks it should be Ye Lin. Ye Lin brings Ye Miao and Rui Ning.

Rui Ning tells Instructor that they did it for cultural heritage, and he is thinking of how to punish them. He says that it’s a rule like iron, but he is informed that Rui Ning and Ye Miao saved people. He thinks their character is very excellence, and shares that the old man will give them the pennant.

The next day, Mr. Cheng tells students to study from Rui Ning and Ye Miao. But people find out that Ye Miao just saved a dog. Ye Miao gets Rui Ning to accept the honor, and they show silly smile.

Rui Ning tells Ning Mo that she and Ye Miao are hot, and Ning Mo asks if Mr. Cheng punished them. Rui Ning reveals she didn’t get punishment and get the award of excellent student. Ning Mo doesn’t expect that Uncle Yan likes Ye Miao. Rui Ning tells Ning Mo to accept a disciple. Ning Mo says that she is observing, and Rui Ning thinks Ye Lin is very suitable.

Uncle Yan asks Ye Lin about Ye Miao, and Ye Lin thinks he cannot accept it for Ye Miao. Uncle Yan thinks the young people won’t study the boring skill. Ye Lin shares that he wants to fix the ancient painting.

Ye Lin gets the pigment, and shares that Rui Ning closed the door because there were many pigments in Uncle Yan’s yard. Ye Miao wonders why Rui Ning has so many ideas, and asks Ye Lin if he forces himself to like her because she is Ning Mo’s daughter.

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