My Amazing Boyfriend 2 Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 5-6

These are recaps of My Amazing Boyfriend 2 Chinese Drama Episodes 5-6, Tian Jingzhi visits Xue Lingqiao and accompanies him to see off the tortoise. She tells him that she decides to get rid of the baby, and he wants to take care of her, even if she doesn’t have his baby.

My Amazing Boyfriend 2 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 5

My Amazing Boyfriend 2

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Amazing Boyfriend 2 Chinese Drama Episodes 5-6.

Yun Zhen receives a message from a girl who asks for a date. He is excited to go out and closes his eyes when the girl requests it. He finds out the girl is Ye Meixiao and passes out. Yun Zheng wants to move in Tian Jingzhi’s house, but she asks Feng Dongdong to call police. So he moves in Xue Lingqiao’s house and plays game with Feng Dongdong. Xue Lingqiao returns and fights with Yun Zhen. Yun Zhen explains that he is harassed by Ye Meixiao, and wants to live with them. Xue Lingqiao asks for Feng Dongdong’s opinion. Feng Dongdong is stunned by their fight, and is silence.

Xue Lingqiao finds the blackmailer Miss Gao who is Hong Shiguang’s secretary and gets Xue Lingqiao’s document from the safe box. He asks her if she fears death. She threatens to exposure the document through the mail system if she dies.

Tian Jingzhi tells Yun Zheng that Xue Lingqiao asked her to get rid of the baby. He thinks Xue Lingqiao is irresponsible just like him. But she thinks Yun Zhen and Xue Lingqiao are in different levels, and says that Ye Meixiao won’t forgive Yun Zhen if she knows Tian Jingzhi has Yun Zheng’s baby.

Xue Lingqiao is furious when Yun Zhen is sitting in his study. Yun Zhen knows Xue Lingqiao found the blackmailer and guesses he solves it with money. But he reminds him that the woman will send blackmail again, and suggests him to kill her. Xue Lingqiao says that the woman won’t live too long.

Yun Zhen meets with the member of S group, Jiang Yiheng at the cafe. But he wants to meet with the female member who is sexy. Jiang Yiheng thinks Yun Zheng wastes his time and leaves with temper. But Xue Lingqiao recognizes Jiang Yiheng and follows him. Bai Lu runs into Tian Jingzhi outside and mentions the self-healing of Xiao Yan’s cancer. Xue Lingqiao is awkward. Bai Lu thinks Tian Jingzhi’s acting is terrible because she only uses muscles around her mouth while smiling. Tian Jingzhi explains that she smiled too much. Yun Zhen drives by and asks about Xue Lingqiao. So Bai Lu leaves.

Xue Lingqiao sneaks into the lab and finds out Jiang Yiheng draws the girl’s blood. He wants to save her, but he gets attacked by a man in black. Yun Zhen asks Feng Dongdong to be his spy, but Feng Dongdong doesn’t want to betray Tian Jingzhi. Yun Zhen guesses Feng Dongdong loves Tian Jingzhi. Feng Dongdong thinks Yun Zhen has dirty mind, but he doesn’t refuse Yun Zhen’s fried chicken.

Xue Lingqiao returns and tells Yun Zhen that Jiang Yiheng doesn’t fear cold as a super human. Yun Zhen thinks he will get bullied by Jiang Yiheng if he takes him to the cold place.

Tian Jingzhi and Feng Dongdong arrives at the office of Shengtian Entertainment. She is excited when she is told that her friend Zhang Xuanxuan signed the company. Because she thinks Zhang Xuanxuan recommended her. But she realizes she is wrong when she sees the president Qiu Yuebai.

My Amazing Boyfriend 2 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 6

Tian Jingzhi doesn’t want to sign Shengtian Entertainment when she knows the president Qiu Yuebai is her uncle. But Qiu Yuebai reminds her that the narcolepsy affect her career. So she talks about signing bonus with him. Xue Lingqiao visits the lab again and is told that Jiang Yiheng resigned.

Jiang Yeheng meets with bat (Bai Lu), and she tells him Lion praised Xue Lingqiao and thought his legs evolved perfectly. She says that there is a woman blackmailing Tian Jingzhi. Tian Jingzhi tells her parents that she is pregnancy. But they treat it as a joke, and suggest her to get rid of the baby if she isn’t in love anymore.

Tian Jingzhi visits Xue Lingqiao and accompanies him to see off the tortoise. She tells him that she decides to get rid of the baby, and he wants to take care of her, even if she doesn’t have his baby. So she thinks he has to be a neighbor to take care of her, and asks him if he will split her express. He says that he will, and she laughs.

Tian Jingzhi falls asleep in Xue Lingqiao’s car. He feels sorry for doing it because he cannot contact S group. Tian Jingzhi wakes up and seeing Yun Zhen staring at her. He tells her that he threw a party for her. But Feng Dongdong claims the one who prepared party was him, Yun Zhen just spent money.

When Feng Dongdong plays music, Tian Jingzhi offers to invite Xue Lingqiao and Bai Lu. Feng Dongdong finds out it looks like a blind date party when they sit. Yun Zhen takes Feng Dongdong’s seat and almost recognizes Bai Lu. But she says that he has small and large eyes, and transfers his attention.

Tian Jingzhi is jealous when seeing Xue Lingqiao talks with Bai Lu. So she dances with Yun Zhen. The next day, Qiu Yuebai visits Tian Jingzhi. Xue Lingqiao spots Tian Jingzhi kissing Qiu Yuebai when he giving food to her. He is jealous and asks Tian Jingzhi if Qiu Yuebai is her new boyfriend. She tells him to smile because his face looks like applied bird dropping facial mask.

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