My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 3 [Recap]

This is the recap of My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 3. Xiao Qi dries clothes at the rooftop and smiles when thinking of Fang Leng. She thinks he isn’t bad, and notes that Xiao Bu wakes up. He tells her to put him under the sunshine to be volatile of alcohol. Xiao Bu thinks there isn’t any nice man on the earth as the male model fed him alcohol. But she thinks Fang Lie and Fang Leng are nice.

My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 3 Recap

My Girlfriend is an Alien

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 3.

Ms. Chai is shocked to see Fang Leng hugging Xiao Qi, and takes a photo of them. Fang Leng asks Xiao Qi how she turned herself to be a cold person, and she explains that she was frozen after taking stuff from the cold storage. He tells her not to approach Fang Lie as they come from different worlds. She grumbles that they come from different planet. Ms. Chai asks Xiao Qi to order foods she likes, and shares that she is going to be rich.

Ms. Chai shows the photo of Xiao Qi and Fang Leng to Xiao Qi, and Xiao Qi wonders why he could touch her hand and didn’t fear her coldness. Xiao Qi takes the phone away from Ms. Chai and deletes the photo. Fang Leng asks Fang Lie to explain why he beat the bodyguards, and threatens to end the exhibition. Fang Lie agrees with it and says that he wants to stray. Fang Leng asks Fang Lie to get lost, and Fang Lie explains that he is upset when thinking about his painting will be labelled with price. Because it tarnishes his dream as an artist.

But Fang Leng points out that Fang Lie is just an art lover, who keeps talking about his works. Fang Lie reveals he got award in Paris and shows his famous works “hidden flowers” to Fang Leng. But Fang Leng points out that his brother still didn’t forget the woman, and thinks it’s daisy in the corner that Fang Lie truly wants to express. Because daisy means hidden love. Fang Leng tells Fang Lie not to play Xiao Qi, and thinks she will do the crazy thing. But Fang Lie points out that Fang Leng got many bad women. Fang Leng asks the bodyguards to arrest Fang Lie, and defeats him on the end.

Xiao Qi walks in the hall and tells the woman that she is looking for Fang Leng. But the woman tells Xiao Qi that she needs to make an appointment in advance. Fang Leng takes Fang Lie showing up, and Xiao Qi wants to prove if Fang Leng comes from her planet. But he thinks she wants to fight with her. Fang Lie flees when Xiao Qi hugs Fang Leng. Fang Leng is furious to force Xiao Qi to be against the wall, and thinks she wants to see his brother when they just parted for one night. But she tells him that the person she wants to see is him.

Xiao Qi asks Fang Leng if he has the feeling that they’re similar, but he says that he has a feeling that she is a psychopath, and tells her to return to her planet. Mr. Han gives the meeting papers to Fang Leng in the car, but Fang Leng finds the lunch contract among them. Mr. Han thinks nobody can get in Fang Leng’s office, and Fang Leng remembers Xiao Qi tied him up in the office. He tells Mr. Han to get security department to blacklist Xiao Qi. Fang Leng is surprised that Filner will come, and remembers he rejected him because he wanted to see his friend. Fang Leng wants to meet with Filner’s friend.

Xiao Qi is surprised to see Fang Lie in the hotel, and he takes her in. She asks him if he fears to let Fang Leng find him when he is putting an apple on her head. He says that the danger place is the safe place, and she asks him why he draws since he fled. He says that he likes drawing, and reveals his mood gets batter after drawing. He shares that he draws portrait last time is in high school, and she wonders who she is. He says that she is just a normal friend.

Jiang Xue is surprised that Fang Leng came, but he points out that she intended to make him come. He mentions Filner, and she claims that she just doesn’t want to forget the words someone else said. He mentions Filner knew the works of Fang Lie because of ethnic Chinese, and asks her if she is the ethnic Chinese. She says that she helped Fang Lie because he is a gifted Chinese painter, but he thinks it’s hard to convince Filner with Fang Lie’s current works. But she thinks there is a method to shake rules and human hearts, and swears to take the stuff back from Fang Leng, which she should get. He asks her if they knew each other, but she thinks his pick up skill is fashioned. She comforts him that she wasn’t his girlfriend before.

Xiao Qi goes to see Fang Lie’s painting, and he applies the red pigment on her lips. He calls it “peach blossom on the lips”, and she thinks he likes to praise girls to make them happy. He thinks being happy is the most important thing. Fang Lie rubs Madam Zhou’s feet and asks her to open the credit card for him. She agrees with it but asks him not to do the exhibition. He mentions that she promised not to intervene, but she thinks the company will be occupied by Fang Leng. He says that he doesn’t want to do the exhibition because he has different concept with Fang Leng.

Madam Zhou tells Fang Lie that he can use the card tomorrow, and he is happy to leave. She finds the group photo of Fang Lie and Jiang Xue from his wallet. She calls Uncle Kang, and he thinks Jiang Xue saw Fang Leng before. Madam Zhou wants to see Jiang Xue and thinks there is a problem on her. Mr. Han drives Fang Leng, and Fang Leng is surprised that Xiao Qi made Fang Lie to paint portrait. Mr. Han is surprised that Fang Leng recognized Xiao Qi from the portrait, and Fang Leng reads the signature, “Giving to my saviour Xiao Qi”.

Mr. Han offers to meet with Xiao Qi, and thinks she cares for Fang Lie. Fang Leng asks to order the lunches of Xiao Qi’s restaurant and ask her to send them. He doesn’t believe Xiao Qi still has time to contact Fang Lie with hundreds of orders. Ms. Chai asks Xiao Qi to send foods to Fang Leng and his employees, and prepares the motorcycle for her. But Xiao Qi doesn’t know how to drive the motorcycle, and the foods fall into the manhole.

Fang Leng starves and asks his secretary to get the canteen to prepare foods. She asks him how to deal with their lunches, and he promises to visit the restaurant. Fang Leng wonders why Xiao Qi has stayed at the place for half an hour, and sees her in the manhole. She gives the foods to him and claims that she promised them well. He holds out and wants to send her to the hospital, but she hugs him after coming out from the manhole. She promises not to make it happen again, but he ended the orders.

Xiao Qi reminds Fang Leng that she still has 15 minutes, but he doesn’t believe that she can achieve it in 15 minutes. Xiao Qi complains that the motorcycle made her late, and Fang Leng thinks she is disgraced. But she thinks being disgraced is better than losing job. When Xiao Qi is going to use her alien skill to leave, Fang Leng takes her to clothing shop and orders some clothes. He asks the seller for the place to take a shower, and Xiao Qi catches the chance to leave.

Xiao Qi takes the foods out and fears the cars. So she makes freezes people with her alien skill. Fang Leng looks for Xiao Qi in the mall and notes it. He finds her and asks her if she did it on people, but she flees after tricking him that there is a spaceship. He returns the bathroom and finds out that she is taking a shower. He asks her if she has been there all the time. She says yes and accuses him of seeing her shower. She asks him to restart the lunch plan, and he gives her the car as compensation. He asks her to drive the car to send foods.

Fang Leng tells Doctor Zhang that he got illusion again, and asks him for the solution. Doctor Zhang tells Fang Leng to ignore or accept the illusion. Fang Leng reveals there is a girl named Xiao Qi appearing in his illusion, and Doctor Zhang thinks Xiao Qi is the special woman to Fang Leng. Fang Leng shares that he met another woman, and he thinks she is familiar with him. But she didn’t appear in the memory library. Doctor Zhang asks Fang Leng to make a choice from Xiao Qi and Jiang Xue. Fang Leng chooses Jiang Xue.

Xiao Qi dries clothes at the rooftop and smiles when thinking of Fang Leng. She thinks he isn’t bad, and notes that Xiao Bu wakes up. He tells her to put him under the sunshine to be volatile of alcohol. Xiao Bu thinks there isn’t any nice man on the earth as the male model fed him alcohol. But she thinks Fang Lie and Fang Leng are nice. Xiao Bu will be passed away again, and he reminds Xiao Qi that the man is danger when he is handsome. He asks her not to get the man knowing her identity.

Ms. Chai brings some clothes to Xiao Qi, and Xiao Qi hugs her. But Ms. Chai reminds Xiao Qi that she rejects the sugar cannonball. She tells her to send foods tomorrow and makes Fang Leng sense their sincerity. Jin Ming brings the works of Fang Lie when he is in school, and Fang Leng wonders how Jin Ming got it. Jin Ming reveals Jiang Xue helped him and she contacted some planner for the exhibition. Fang Leng wants to see Jiang Xue.

Uncle Kang meets with Jiang Xue and mentions she helped Fang Leng for the exhibition. He asks her if she knows Fang Leng before, and she thinks she wouldn’t break his car if she knew him. Ms. Chai drives Xiao Qi to Fang Leng’s company. But Xiao Qi is dizzy while leaning on the car. Ms. Chai promises to give holiday to Xiao Qi, and reminds her to carry out the foods from the car. Ms. Chai thinks Fang Leng wants to pursue Xiao Qi and shows the car key. Xiao Qi wants to return the key to Fang Leng because she likes Fang Lie.

Xiao Qi tells Fang Leng not to chase him when he is having video meeting with the employees. He closes his laptop and tells her that he doesn’t want to see her no matter reality or illusion. He asks her to leave, but she wants to see him eating up. She opens the food box and feeds him the porridge with the iron spoon.

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