My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 4 [Recap]

This is the recap of My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 4. Mr. Han informs Fang Leng that there will be a rainstorm. Fang Leng tells Xiao Qi, “Do you remember that hallucination? You said in your hallucinations you’re an alien. In your planet, what if someone forgets you?” She says, “It won’t. We all store our memories as data in my planet. We won’t forget anyone.”

My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap

My Girlfriend is an Alien

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 4.

Jiang Xue finds the bill on the table and asks Fang Leng why he ate seafood when he is allergy to it. He calls her Little Xue, and she asks him if he remembers her. Fang Leng remembers he hugged Jiang Xue. Xiao Qi recalls that she didn’t return key to Fang Leng, and returns to the office.

Xiao Qi carries Fang Leng but finds out that she cannot use her alien skill. When they’re in the taxi, they meet a traffic jam. So she drives him with the motorcycle. The motorcycle almost hits the car, and it flies. Fang Leng asks if it’s his reality or illusion, Xiao Qi tells him that it’s his illusion as they cannot fly with the gravity of earth.

Fang Leng asks Xiao Qi how she knows it’s his illusion, and she says that she has the same illusion with him. He places her hand on his face to prove if she lies. She tells him not to be reckless, and they arrive at the hospital. Doctor Zhang doesn’t find the reason of Fang Leng’s illness and requires him to be hospitalized. Xiao Qi thinks Fang Leng is going to be dead, but Doctor Zhang comforts her that he just needs to rest.

Fang Leng’s friend wants to be accountable of Xia Qi and drives her away. Fang Leng wakes up and looks for Xiao Qi. The friend realizes that he drove away Fang Leng’s special woman. Jiang Xue walks in and asks Fang Leng if he remembered her, but he denies. She thought he likes him when he called her name in the coma. But he points out that it’s not related to her as Xiao Qi sent him to the hospital. She smiles and thinks he cannot be made fun, and leaves then.

Shi Da gets a call from someone, and wants to see Fang Leng. He tells Madam Zhou that Fang Leng got food poisoning. Uncle Kang runs to Shi Da and reveals Fang Leng was just allergy to food. Madam Zhou offers to get a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for Fang Leng, and Shi Da agrees with it.

Madam Zhou thinks the point is on Fang Leng and decides to get a professional. Xiao Qi brings breakfast to Fang Leng and swears there isn’t any problem this time. But he refuses to eat her foods and takes off his clothes. She is shy, but he says that he just wants her to scratch for him.

Xiao Qi take a scratching tool to scratch for Fang Leng and thinks she should have self-respect when they stay alone in the room. He wonders why she turns her head around and thinks she is bleeding in nose. She explains that she is scented by his male hormone, and thinks he doesn’t know her feeling of pain and happiness.

Xiao Qi touches Fang Leng’s chest by mistake when he teaches her how to scratch. They’re awkward when the doctor walks in. The doctor wants to see Fang Leng and asks Xiao Qi to get out. Xiao Qi wants to come back tomorrow morning. But Fang Leng says that Mr. Han will come over.

The doctor thinks Fang Leng has an arrhythmia, and asks him if he suffered some kind of psycho trauma before. Fang Leng realizes that the doctor isn’t the one who checked him before, and the doctor explains that he is invited by Shi Da to nurse his health. He shares that Shi Da said that Fang Leng has been having symptoms of allergy since childhood.

The nurse catches the chance to inject the medicine, and Fang Leng asks the doctor what he did on him. The doctor is hypnotizing Fang Leng. Xiao Qi wonders why the door is locked, and bursts into the room. The doctor and the nurse catch the chance to flee, and Xiao Qi wants to call other doctors.

Fang Leng keeps Xiao Qi and thinks they just injected hypnotic drug. He thanks her, but she thinks she hasn’t caught the bad guys for him. He shares that they were sent by his stepmother, and thinks her world is pure and innocent. He passes out then.

Ms. Chai is excited to tell Xiao Qi that she saw her in the TV. But Xiao Qi reveals Fang Leng was sent to hospital because of their take-out. Ms. Chai thinks it’s impossible as she put in trepang, sea-ear and lobster. Xiao Qi agrees, “He successfully caught allergy.” Ms. Chai asks how he is now, and Xiao Qi shares that he is a little bit weak.

Ms. Chai worries that Fang Leng asks for the responsibility, but Xuai Qi points out that he didn’t say that. Ms. Chai disagrees and thinks Fang Leng is good at concealing his feelings. But Xiao Qi says that he’s a little different from before. Ms. Chai thinks it’s the critical time of their restaurant’s existence, and asks Xiao Qi to accompany Fang Leng.

Fang Leng’s friend returns and tells him that there shouldn’t be any strange guy to harass him. Fang Leng tells his friend to leave, and remembers Xiao Qi saved him. Xiao Qi visits with the cover, and asks Fang Leng to keep him for one night as Ms Chai drove her out. Fang Leng asks the bodyguards to release Xiao Qi, and she shares that Ms. Chai feared that he will hold them accountable.

Fang Leng tells Xiao Qi that he won’t bring them trouble, and Xiao Qi sees that nobody is looking after him by his side. She thinks he is like a planet out of orbit and is lonely that he makes people want to give him a hug. She says that it’s not safe to go home alone at night for a girl, but he thinks it’s not safe to him if she stays there. She comforts him that she won’t do something bad on him.

Fang Leng agrees with it but doesn’t allow Xiao Qi to go to bed. She stares at him, “I may not be able to return to home planet now. But it’s really not bad that I can observe such a good male in such a good night.” But he tells her to turn back. She talks back, “You won’t know I’m facing you, if you’re not facing me.” He threatens to drive her out, and she thinks nobody came to accompany him because his bad temper.

Fang Leng asks Xiao Qi if she is a human, and she says that she is an alien who has hallucinations. She offers to show him her hallucination world and the starry sky in her hallucinations. He sees the starry sky in her hallucinations, and she says, “I don’t know why on the earth you’re the only one who can see it. But compared to the trouble your life gave you which makes you feel like a psycho, isn’t it much better to just accept it? Life has been such a boredom. Sometimes you need to see something different.”

Fang Leng touches the starry sky, “I wish I were not dreaming.” Xiao Qi tells him to treat it as a dream, “You’re a star in my dream. Sometimes the star is very warm. Sometimes, the star is unpredictable.” Fang Leng holds Xiao Qi’s hand and makes her lie on him. She panics to leave his bed, and he says, “Your hallucinations are beautiful. I’ll try to accept my illness.”

The next day, Fang Lie arrives at the hospital and calls Fang Leng. But he doesn’t pick up his phone. Fang Lie drives the motorcycle away, and Jiang Xue follows him. She stops him and walks to him. The two are in the bar, and he asks her why she returned. She says that she wanted to return to see something, and he wants to leave.

Jiang Xue says, “You already knew it. I left for Fang leng. And I’m back for Fang leng. Yes! I like him. I make friends with you just for him.” Fang Lie thinks she should tell it to Fang Leng, but she holds his arm, “I didn’t mean to hide it from you. Do you remember “Flower Concealment”? You said you wanted to be a painter. So I went to everyone I knew. Even in the most difficult time overseas, I never stopped recommending you. I’m still planning an exhibition of yours even now.”

Fang Lie thinks Jiang Xue has seen Fang Leng, and she says, “I’ll handle the matter between me and him properly. Actually we are not that close. And after so many years, he probably has forgotten me. So I hope you wouldn’t tell anyone about the old things between me and him.”

Xiao Qi kicks Fang Leng off the bed, “Why was I sleeping in bed? And why are you down there?” He is furious, “I should ask the questions. Why are you in my bed?” She thinks she must have been attracted by the hormone, and is glad that nothing happened. He sneers, “You thought I’d do something to you?” She says, “You should worry about what I’d do to you.”

Mr. Han informs Fang Leng that there will be a rainstorm. Fang Leng tells Xiao Qi, “Do you remember that hallucination? You said in your hallucinations you’re an alien. In your planet, what if someone forgets you?” She says, “It won’t. We all store our memories as data in my planet. We won’t forget anyone.” He says, “What if someone deletes you then?” She says, “I’ll delete him too.”

Xiao Qi asks Fang Lie, “Where are you going? Do you come back in the evening?” He tells her, “If I don’t come back to see you, please delete me.” Fang Leng gets in the car and tells Mr. Han to activate the data bank, “Assemble the heads of every department. Ask them to give me all files needing to be dealt with recently.” Mr. Han says, “I’ve already arranged that. We’ve been the expert on coping with your rain-caused amnesia.”

Fang Leng asks to arrange a meeting with memory bank department. Mr. Han is surprised, “Memory bank specialize in storing your memories. No matter how you lose your memories, data stored there will make you recollect your recent memories. As you said to avoid others’ suspicion, you didn’t often meet with the Mr. Yang in charge of the memory bank. Is there anything special this time?”

Fang Leng explains, “Nothing special. I just want to check some of my personal files on my own.” He walks in the memory bank department, and the man introduces, “These memory pieces are all women you recently met. Who do you want to check?” Fang Leng chooses the memory pieces of him and Xiao Qi. Doctor Zhang walks in and tells Fang Leng, “I’ve read your latest illness data. This heavy rain might affect you more severely than before.” He adds, “You’d forget women you newly met before. For example, you always remember your stepmother clearly. But recently, you hallucinate a lot. I suppose that is the omen of your illness worsening.”

Fang Leng asks Doctor Zhang if he will forget his stepmother if it gets worse. Doctor Zhang tells Fang Leng to shun the heavy rain, “Which means leaving the city before it begins raining.” Fang Leng says, “I can shun it this time, but can I shun it for my life?” Doctor Zhang explains, “I didn’t mean to recommend this method. When we are in front of damage, the best way is to face it. But despite so many trials we have made, no one can help you out of this. So this time, you have to leave here.”

Jiang Xue talks with someone over the phone, “You’re really my keen eyes.” The man says, “The first few layers of defense have been breached. I’ll hurry with the rest.” She praises him, “Money has been transferred to your account.” He suggests her, “If you’d like it even faster, there is another way which is to destroy the memory bank.” She stops him, “There are memories about me in the bank. You doing that won’t benefit anyone. I helped you get in F Group for letting you be my eyes. Everything else can’t be touched without my permission.”

The man thinks Jiang Xue could get more benefits. But she says, “I don’t need those. I want his heart. Hurry with breaching the last few layers. I want to get his memory files soon.” Jiang Xue wonders who Fang Leng is going to forget.

Xiao Qi comes back and finds out that the gate is smashed. She asks Ms. Chai about it, and Ms. Chai says, “Fang Leng was sent to hospital after eating our take-out, people say we’re black-hearted poisoning restaurant.” Xiao Qi points out, “Fang leng went to hospital due to his allergy. How can they start the rumor?” Ms. Chai shares, “These reporters nowadays have no burden to tell a lie. Seafood allergy vs food poisoning, which means a higher click rate?”

Xiao Qi wants to explain to customers, but Ms. Chai decides to close the shop for a couple of days. Xiao Qi leans on Ms. Chai’s shoulder and wants to keep her. But Ms. Chai says that she just has vacation with her best friend, and gives some cashes to Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi is surprised that Xiao Bu woke up, and he mentions that he warned her that handsome men are dangerous, and her family on earth is gone.

Xiao Bu tells Xiao Qi to ask Fang Leng to explain to the reporters, and she finds Fang Leng and tells him that she has something to talk to him. But he tells her to visit his assistant and gets in the car. She chases his car and asks him to clarify to the media. But the car is away from her. Xiao Bu reminds Xiao Qi that she has walked around the building for three hours, and asks her when they will return home.

But Xiao Qi wants to wait for Fang Leng. Xiao Bu mentions Fang Leng drove away, and thinks he doesn’t want to help her. But she thinks Fang Leng won’t abandon her, and mentions he treated her as friend in the hospital. Xiao Bu thinks Xiao Qi will fall because she begins to trust earth people.

The next day, Xiao Qi is surprised that there are so many reporters came when she only contacted one reporter. Xiao Bu tells Xiao Qi to flee, but she wants to resolve the problem for the restaurant. Xiao Qi tells the reporters that Fang Leng was just allergy when she is attacked. She eats the foods, but the reporter questions Xiao Qi why Fang Leng didn’t explain it for her.

Fang Leng decides to start off, and Mr. Han tells Fang Leng to contact Xiao Qi. But Fang Leng rejects it as he will forget Xiao Qi. He tells Mr. Han to park while seeing Xiao Qi getting attack, but Mr. Han reminds Fang Leng not to risk his life as it will rain.

Fang Leng arrives at the restaurant and hugs Xiao Qi when she is tripped by the reporter.

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