My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 5 [Recap]

This is the recap of My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 5. Jiang Xue visits Fang Leng and asks him to thank her, and he promises to treat her the meal. He asks Mr. Han to arrange a restaurant for him, but Fang Leng is surprised that they arrived at Xiao Qi’s restaurant. Ms. Chai sees Fang Leng walking Jiang Xue, and tells Xiao Qi to dress up.

My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 5 Recap

My Girlfriend is an Alien

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 5.

Fang Leng tells the reporters that he went to hospital because he was allergy, and drives her to the seaside. He yells at her for calling reporters, and tells her to use her brain and take care of herself. She says that she was waiting for him yesterday, and thought he disliked her again and didn’t want to help her. She complains that why he keeps affecting her, and he lets her lean on his chest. She says that she wants to cry but she doesn’t have the function.

Xiao Qi is happy to see the rain and says that it’s her first time to see rain on earth. But Fang Leng has a headache and remembers Xiao Qi. He wonders why he still remembered Xiao Qi. He asks Mr. Han to contact Doctor Zhang, but Mr. Han is informed that Doctor Zhang went out. He asks Fang Leng if he still remembers Xiao Qi, and Fang Leng tells Mr. Han that he remembered everything about Xiao Qi, and thinks his amnesia is cured. Mr. Han asks Fang Leng what happened when it broke out. Fang Leng cannot come up with any reason, except Xiao Qi.

Ms. Chai calls Xiao Qi future Madam Fang and gets a water for her. She shares that she came back after watching the news that Xiao Qi and Fang Leng hugged. She says that she decorated the place and thinks it will be opened again. Xiao Qi thinks the decorating is the photos on the wall, but Ms. Chai kisses the photo and thinks the photos are golden cashes. She says that their shop is going to be web celebrity shop, and tells Xiao Qi that she won’t forget her kindness and Xiao Qi can have meat soup when she has meat.

Fang Leng arrives, and Xiao Qi serves him foods, telling him that Ms. Chai said that what he eats will be free. He asks her if she had breakfast, and she says that she didn’t as she was busy to prepare breakfast for him. He returns the sandwich to her and asks her about her plan. She says that she will be the waitress today while eating, and wants to leave. He asks her what happened on them yesterday, and she says that he took her to the seaside and hugged her.

Fang Leng asks Xiao Qi to speak out the things changing his body, but she denies. He thinks it’s not related to her, and leaves. Fang Leng returns home and sees Jiang Xue is talking with his parents. He doesn’t recognize her, and she explains that they said not to see each other again and after having a fight, and they agreed to pretend not to know each other in front of other people. The parents see off Fang Leng and Jiang Xue, and she holds his arm and reminds him that his parents are watching them.

Fang Leng asks Jiang Xue why she said that they had a fight, and she points out why he didn’t recognize her if they didn’t had a fight. She asks him if he can lose memory after one night, and drives away. Fang Leng asks Mr. Han to collect the data of Jiang Xue from memory bank, and Doctor Zhang shows Fang Leng the photo that he first met Jiang Xue, but he cannot recognize her. Doctor Zhang asks Fang Leng if he can remember other females except Xiao Qi, and Fang Leng says that she is the only female.

Doctor Zhang thinks Xiao Qi is the person Fang Leng looks for, and asks Fang Leng to date her. Because Xiao Qi is the only one, who can cure him. Xiao Qi is happy that she doesn’t have to send take-out on the end, and takes the cashes Ms. Chai gave her. She asks Xiao Bu if she is rich. He agrees and reveals she was poor and cannot get boyfriend in the home planet. She laughs and asks him what she should buy, and he tells her to buy foods, clothes and cosmetics.

Xiao Qi buys Fang Lie and Fang Leng dolls, and calls Fang Leng. She tells him that she bought him gift and asks him if he is free. He denies and hears her scream. The man breaks Xiao Qi’s photo while driving through, and she is surprised how Fang Leng found her. He says that he heard the brake sound and thought she is in danger. He asks her why she didn’t pick up her phone, and she says that her phone is broken. She doesn’t expect that he cares for her and thinks he is her friend.

Xiao Qi gives the gift to Fang Leng, but he thinks it’s ugly. She asks him to return it to her, and he is informed that Filner is meeting with Madam Zhou. Madam Zhou tells Filner that Fang Lie doesn’t want to hold the exhibition, and it’s his older brother’s idea. She tells him not to step in and leaves a check on the table. Filner is furious to leave. Xiao Qi thinks she delayed Fang Leng’s time, but he thinks it’s his mistake.

Fang Lie visits Jiang Xue, and she calls Filner. But Filner asks his assistant to convey if Fang Lie really wants to hold the exhibition. Fang Leng thanks Jiang Xue, and she thinks he didn’t call her like this way for a long time. She tells him not to pretend not to know her in front of people if he wants to thank her. He tells her that he wants to remember her than her. She wants to tell him that she knew his secret early, but he has left.

Mr. Han drives Fang Leng and asks him how to deal with the case. He shares that he thought he can use any method if it will benefit Fang Lie, and he didn’t care even if it was against Fang Lie’s will. But he was stopped by Filner’s words, and Filner asked about Fang Lie’s intent. Fang Leng asks Mr. Han if human mind can be forced, and Mr. Han thinks they shouldn’t force Fang Lie. Fang Lie shares that he cannot control himself sometimes, and he can take down the important work to visit the unimportant person.

Fang Leng asks Fang Lie if he wants to hold the exhibition if he gives him the chance to make a choice. He shares that Filner ended the contract, and the only person who can save it is Fang Lie. Fang Leng tells Fang Lie that he won’t intervene him if he wants to give up. Fang Lie says that he doesn’t want to give up, and reveals Fang Leng won him in study, career and love. He wants to win him one time. Fang Leng gives Fang Lie three days to complete the painting, and asks him to take the painting to see Filner.

Xiao Qi waits for Fang Leng, and he reveals the exhibition is going to cancel. She wants to explain it, but he thinks it’s his problem. She thinks he likes to fight alone, and asks him to trust her. She brags to get Filner to obey her when she sees him, and he takes her to the restaurant Filner stays. Mr. Han thinks they cannot see Filner because the security of the restaurant. Xiao Qi shows up in the restaurant, and she helps Fang Leng get in the cell Filner stays.

Filner is furious and thinks they’re rude. But Xiao Qi thinks Filner is rude instead as he stood Fang Leng up. She says that Fang Leng visits Filner with sincerity, but he refuses to see him. Filner apologizes for the standing up, but he says that he cannot take part in the exhibition. Fang Leng says that he doesn’t come to persuade to Filner but sees him off. He asks Xiao Qi to make Filner drunk, and asks Filner why he refused to attend the exhibition.

Filner thinks Fang Lie doesn’t want to hold the exhibition, but Fang Leng controls him as a tool. Fang Leng shares that he just wants to achieve Fang Lie’s dream, but Filner points out that he will leave tomorrow. Fang Leng and Xiao Qi see off Filner, and she thinks Filner will sleep until tomorrow. But Fang Leng is drunk and complains that Xiao Qi lay to him that she is a black hole, and thinks he is the strongest person on earth.

Xiao Qi takes the drunk Fang Leng home and tells him to sleep. But he holds her hand to keep her. He cries and asks his mom to give him a glance. Xiao Qi tells Fang Leng that it’s just a nightmare, but he leans his head on her knees. She rubs his arm and tells him that she will accompany him.

The next day, Fang Leng wakes up and asks to the door of bathroom if something happened on them. But Mr. Han opens the door and asks Fang Leng what he said. Fang Leng wonders why Mr. Han is there, and Mr. Han explains that Xiao Qi asked him to clean the place because Fang Leng vomited. Xiao Qi tells the two to have breakfast, and Mr. Han is surprised that Xiao Qi cooked so many foods. She brags that she is a take-out witch, and approaches Fang Leng’s face because she thinks his face looks terrible.

Fang Leng gets Xiao Qi to step back and thinks she isn’t reserved. He tells her that it’s dangerous to sleep in the house of drunk man, and Mr. Han reveals Filner changed his schedule. Xiao Qi is excited and thinks Fang Lie will move Filner. Fang Lie yells to walk out because someone knocked at his door. He finds the take-out Xiao Qi left, and chases her. Xiao Qi wonders why Fang Lie went out, and he fears that his snail girl flees.

Fang Lie takes Xiao Qi to see his painting at the seaside, but she finds out it’s blank. He thinks his talent is gone, and she mentions he was like a prince emitting light when he sang on the stage. She says that she trusts him without any condition, and he says that he cannot stick without Fang Leng’s help. He says that painting is just his hobby, and spoke thoughtlessly to Fang Leng that he wanted to hold an exhibition. But Fang Leng treats it seriously.

Fang Lie wants to tell Fang Leng that he is a trash, and thinks they worked hard to get him to the position. He thinks he just looks good, but Xiao Qi thinks he is the most beautiful trash in the planet. Fang Lie knows what he wants to paint.

Jiang Xue visits Fang Leng and asks him to thank her, and he promises to treat her the meal. He asks Mr. Han to arrange a restaurant for him, but Fang Leng is surprised that they arrived at Xiao Qi’s restaurant. Ms. Chai sees Fang Leng walking Jiang Xue, and tells Xiao Qi to dress up. Xiao Qi thinks her looks is ok and is stunned by Jiang Xue’s looks. Jiang Xue recognizes Xiao Qi, and Xiao Qi prepares love seats for them.

Xiao Qi wants to take a photo of Jiang Xue and Fang Leng for promoting her shop, and Jiang Xue agrees with the love package. Ms. Chai thinks Xiao Qi shouldn’t take the two to the place, which is suitable for love. But Xiao Qi points out that the best position is only suitable for the most beautiful beauty. Ms. Chai thinks Xiao Qi will get the boiled duck to fly, but Xiao Qi mistakes that there is duck soup in the kitchen. Ms. Chai is furious to look for her hypotensive drugs.

Jiang Xue gives the milk tea to Fang Leng and thinks he tasted it. Xiao Qi brings the love cakes to them, and promises to give them the love dolls if they eat the cakes. But Fang Leng pours wine on the doll. Xiao Qi shares that she intends to give it to someone. Fang Leng remembers Fang Lie and threatens Xiao Qi. He sees the love dolls and tells Ms. Chai that he wants to buy them all. He threatens Xiao Qi to cut her hand if she takes the dolls to disturb Fang Lie. But she thinks he will startle Jiang Xue if he continues being unreasonable.

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