My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 8 [Recap]

This is the recap of My Girlfriend is an Alien episode 8. Xiao Qi begins to work at Fang Leng’s company, and Mr. Han gets a seat for her. She sees Fang Leng walking out of the office, and waves to him. She gets her consciousness back and blushes to run to the restroom.

My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama: Episode 8

My Girlfriend is an Alien

Xiao Qi thinks she will rush to Fang Leng if she continue to be scented by the male hormone. So she blocks her nostrils with tissue. Fang Leng calls Xiao Qi to the office and asks her about her nostrils.

Xiao Qi says that she catches a cold and fears to infect. Fang Leng wants to call Mr. Han and send her to the hospital. She rejects and shares that she is interested in scientific research department. She asks him to arrange some scientific research works to her. Fang Leng agrees and wants to treat Xiao Qi a meal.

Fang Leng takes Xiao Qi to the restaurant, and she worries to get caught. But he thinks nobody can block them because he is her boss. He wipes the food from her mouth and has some feelings on her.

Jiang Xue runs into the two at the restaurant and wonders why they’re together. Xiao Qi explains that she is Fang Leng’s secretary, and tells Jiang Xue not to misunderstand. Jiang Xue asks Fang Leng to drive her, and reveals she called Mr. Han for the exhibition. But Mr. Han said that Fang Leng isn’t at company.

Fang Leng asks Jiang Xue if there is a problem in exhibition, but she reminds him that she is accepted by his parents. He points out that she just visited his parents that day, and she claims she needs to agree even if his parents accept her.

Fang Leng tells Jiang Xue that he needs to have a talk with her, but he wants to drive Xiao Qi home first. Fang Lie drops Xiao Qi, but he drives away when she waves to him. She wonders why he asked her to pretend to be his girlfriend since he likes Jiang Xue so much.

Fang Leng asks Jiang Xue to forget the blind date and reveals he won’t fall for her. He wishes her not to waste time on him. She asks him if the family is against her, and he says that he cannot be ambiguous to her. She reminds him that they have business, but he drives away.

Fang Leng calls Xiao Qi but finds out that she left her phone in his car. He takes the medicine to visit her, and returns phone to her. He thinks she caught a cold because she didn’t close door while sleeping.

Xiao Qi asks Fang Leng if he developed the relationship with Jiang Xue, and he asks her why she asked it since she is his girlfriend. She says that their relationship is fake, and promises not to affect him and Jiang Xue.

Fang Leng asks Xiao Qi to take the medicine, and she asks him why he is nice to her since their relationship is fake. He says that he fears her illness will affect the schedule tomorrow.

Xiao Qi tells Fang Leng not to be nice to her because she thinks she will be custom of it. He tells her not to open door for other men, and leaves. She wonders why he cared for her when she just lay to him that she is sick. She tells Xiao Bu that she is pain in her heart, and he reminds her that she took human’s medicine. Xiao Bu sighs that handsome men are disaster while Xiao Qi vomits in the bathroom.

Mr. Han asks Xiao Qi send the papers to scientific research department and reveals Fang Leng keeps watching her. She checks the paper and doesn’t find anything relating to signal. Xiao Bu reminds her that human’s science and technology cannot detect signal, and tells her to find similar thing. Xiao Qi finds the words about sapphire.

Xiao Qi gets in the scientific research department and runs into Allen. She tells him that Fang Leng asked her to ask about sapphire. Fang Leng learns that Xiao Qi went to scientific research department, and he goes to look for her.

Xiao Qi detects the signal when Allen takes papers for her, and she thinks the magnetic field is different from other places. He wonders how she knew it since it’s her visiting first time. She catches the chance to steal the sapphire and leaves with Fang Leng. Allen finds out that the sapphire is lost.

Fang Leng takes Xiao Qi to the exhibition, and they run into Jiang Xue. Jiang Xue thinks Fang Leng is very stingy as he didn’t greet her, and he says that he will give her the bonus. She laughs and thinks she should thank him because he frankly rejected her. She says that she won’t blame him, and holds out. She wishes to be his friend.

Fang Lie runs into Xiao Qi and asks her if his works are ok. She says that she didn’t bring gift to him, but he tells her not to be polite as she is his sister-in-law. He tells her to protect herself and beware his family.

Allen rushes in and tells Fang Leng that Xiao Qi stole the sapphire. Xiao Qi wants to flee, but Fang Leng grabs her hand and asks her if she stole the sapphire. Allen wants to check Xiao Qi’s bag. Xiao Qi puts the sapphire into Fang Leng’s pocket, and opens her bag. Her personal stuff drop on the ground, and she runs away.

Xiao Qi wants to take the sapphire back, and Fang Leng shows up. She thinks she shouldn’t to take a look at the sapphire, and he asks her to go to the exhibition with him. But she hugs him and tries to take the sapphire back. But he mistakes that she in interested in his chest muscle.

Xiao Qi takes off Fang Leng’s clothes and says that it’s hot. He gets her against the wall, and wants to kiss her. He tells her not to touch his bottom line, and she sneezes. He leaves his coat to her and walks away. She takes out the sapphire and puts it under the flower pot.

Shi Da thinks Ms. Zhou is looking into Fang Leng, but she doesn’t admit it. He thinks she did it for Fang Lie, and intends to get Fang Lie to do art. She calls Mr. Kang and tells him that Shi Da knew it and her son’s future is gone.

Jiang Xue asks Fang Lie why he doesn’t make a speech, and he wants to do it until his parents come. Because he wants to win Fang Leng this time. She asks him about Xiao Qi and swears to make Fang Leng fall for her again. Mr. Kan tells Fang Lie that his mom is sick and asks him to go home.

Mr. Kang calls Ms. Zhou that he will ruin the exhibition. Xiao Qi returns the suit to Fang Leng and smells the smell of kitchen. There is an alarm of fire, and Fang Leng wants to take Xiao Qi away. But she wants to look for Fang Lie, and walks in the fire room.

Fang Leng carries Xiao Qi out of the fire room, and tells her that Fant Lie left. The sapphire drops on the floor when Xiao Qi is in a coma. Fang Leng does artificial respiration on Xiao Qi, and she wakes up. Jiang Xue sees it.

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