My Golden Life Kdrama Recap: Episode 1

This is first episode of My Golden Life Kdrama, Seo Ji-An lives a tough life as she comes from a poor family. She is happy as she thinks she is going to get a regular job although her boss treats her as a slave in My Golden Life Korean drama.

I hope Seo Ji-An is lady No Myung-Hee’s daughter in the next episode as she can live a easy life in My Golden Life Kdrama, but her road is tough since she is heroine.

My Golden Life Kdrama Recap: Episode 1

My Golden Life

Seo Ji-An (Shin Hye-Sun) looks for infant formula cans in the rubbish bin, but her shirt is messed by garbage. She has to buy a new shirt and replace the old one. Her boss tells her that she needs to paint it before giving her as her kid is going to attend a competition using it after Seo Ji-An gives those cans to her boss.

Colleagues tell Seo Ji-An that she isn’t a slave but employee and thinks she makes them humiliate, but Seo Ji-An doesn’t care what they said and thinks she is going to be a regular employee. Seo Ji-Soo (Seo Eun-Su) follows Sun Woo-Hyuk (Lee Tae-Hwan) after she runs into him down the street. The workers thinks she is a deliver person when they see her entering their shop. Seo Ji-Soo avoid his eyes and flees when she sees Sun Woo-Hyuk stares at her.

Choi Do-Kyung (Park Si-Hoo) recommends genetically modified products in the meeting. Most people in the meeting oppose him, but they praise his plan finally when chairman Choi Jae-Sung thinks they need fresh idea. No Jin-Hee invites No Myung-Hee to have a drink, but she refuses her as she opposes the plan in the meeting.

Some girls talk about Choi Do-Kyung in the elevator and think he is very arrogant and guess he is a gay. Just then Choi Do-Kyung hears what they said as he is standing around them and tying his shoelaces. The girls feel sorry while seeing him.

No Myung-Hee receives a letter from someone who claims she knows the whereabouts of her daughter she lost 25 years ago. No Myung-Hee thinks she is a liar and tears the letter into pieces. Yang Mi-Jung is visited by a saleswoman who claims she is going to give her a facial massage for free, but she enters Yang Mi-Jung’s bathroom and gather the hairs and steals their toothbrushes when the hostess is enjoying the facial massage.

No Myung-Hee runs into Chief Secretary Jang’s wife in the charity sale meeting, they discuss Choi Do-Kyung and So Ra’s marriage. Just then Ms. Hong is interested in Chief Secretary Jang’s daughter also and makes No Myung-Hee nervous.

Colleague thinks Seo Tae-Soo shouldn’t work so hard because his daughters have jobs, but Seo Tae-Soo tells him he is a lion and wants to do more things for his family. Shin Hae-Ja recommends a man to Seo Ji-An and tells Yang Mi-Jung that he isn’t good looking although he comes from good family. Yang Mi-Jung thinks good looking worth nothing, she wants her daughter to marry into rich family.

Seo Ji-An persuades Seo Ji-Soo to get a job from dental clinic, but Seo Ji-Soo is only interested in making bread and wants to do the job she wants to do. Seo Ji-An tells her that she needs money if she wants to get marry with Sun Woo-Hyuk. Just then someone is capturing them via lens.

Choi Do-Kyung declares that he is going to begin his project in the family dinner, but No Myung-Hee stops him and reveals his dad just keep his face to approve his plan in the meeting. Choi Jae-Sung tells his son that he cannot do business just for fun. No Myung-Hee mentions she runs into Ms. Hong in the charity sale meeting, Choi Do-Kyung tells his mother that she doesn’t have to worry about it as So Ra isn’t interested in Ms. Hong’s son.

Seo Tae-Soo declares that he is going to move to Daejeon as his company opened a new branch on there, he tells Yang Mi-Jung that he will get more salary to support family when she asks him why he has to do that. Seo Ji-Soo finds out she and Seo Ji-An was stolen, Seo Ji-An thinks her mother made the mistake, but Yang Mi-Jung denies it.

The director has to pick up his kid but he is busy in his job, he sends Seo Ji-An to pick up the kid for him with his car and lets her return the car the next day during work time. Seo Ji-An asks the kid what’s her father’s opinion on her, the kid reveals her father didn’t say anything, but her mother lets her treat Seo Ji-An as slave.

Choi Do-Kyung is invited to attend a meeting to talk about his business plan, but he finds out it’s just a dinner which males play with females. A woman claims that she doesn’t have car and wants him to drive her home, Choi Do-Kyung sees the key on her chest and points it out.

Seo Ji-An is urged by her boss to return his car as his mother-in-law is dying when she has a meeting with her friend. She drives the car on the highway and makes Choi Do-Kyung have car accident. He chases her car and asks her for compensation. Just then Sun Woo-Hyuk runs into them and tells her to call the insurance company before he leaves. But Seo Ji-An tells Choi Do-Kyung that the car doesn’t belong to her and wants to pay it herself, and asks to reduce the amounts to $5,000 when Choi Do-Kyung reveals it will cost her $20,000.

Seo Ji-Soo asks Seo Ji-An why she didn’t reply her message and tells her that her lover Mr. Sun is going to move to other place when she runs into her on the street, Seo Ji-An tells her that she is tried and was in a trouble. Just then Sun Woo-Hyuk calls Seo Ji-An and asks for a date tomorrow. Seo Ji-An accepts it.

No Myung-Hee gets a express from someone who lets her test the DNA, she throws it away after she opens the package and finds two toothbrushes inside. She is shocked when she gets the photo of hairpin which is her daughter wore 25 years ago.

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