My Mister Korean Drama Review

I really suspects that the Korean drama writers talked about their scripts before writing, because their theme are dark styles. We welcome a heroine who is framed to kill her love in “Misty”, then get some roles who has to fight for survival in “Live”, but it’s the worst. You will discover a heroine who has no money to eat in “My Mister”.

“Mister” is directed by Kim Won-Suk who directed “Misaeng” and “Signal”, and written by Park Hae-Young (Another Miss Oh).

My Mister

“Mister” tells a story that a 40 year man and a 20 year girl comfort and cure each other when they face the burden of their lives.

IU acts a dark and cool girl, nobody is intention to approach her as her cold face expression. This is because her parents passed away, and she lives with her grandma, she is even chased by loan shark because of her debt. Hence she is good at survival, getting sharp eyes and tough arms.

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She takes free coffee from office as her dinner, and steals leftover food when washing dishes at restaurant. She takes her grandma with bed when she cannot pay the fees. Lee Sun-Kyun is framed to take bribe as manager. He is scared when received the money, IU saw it and stole the money, she thinks he won’t call police even if he discovers his money stolen.

Lee Sun-Kyun has to support his family although his monthly income is 500,000 won, his brothers are leeches and have no job. His junior becomes his leader so that he has to greet him everyday, the junior also sleeps with his wife. Lee Sun Kyun doesn’t know his wife cheated on him.

I think My Mister is about a uncle takes care a girl when I see the Korean drama’s name in the beginning. Kim Won-Suk and Park Hae-Young created a tough role Lee Ji-An.

She decides to steal bribe, even if she will be caught. Loan shark wants to send her to prison when she returns the money, she goes downstairs and breaks his car, and draws him to downstairs. Hence, she takes the money. She returns money and saves hero when Lee Sun-Kyun is under investigation.

She takes Kim Young-Min’s phone and picks it up when he fears others discover his another phone which he uses it to date Lee Sun-Kyun’s wife. “My Mister” is also stay from fashion and poor style. Unlike other poor roles who live in big house with expensive clothes, we saw in Korean drama, IU is actually poor. She wears a pair of cloth shoes without socks in winter.

In “My Mister”, she eats leftover food and doesn’t turn on life for saving power and avoiding loan shark. She doesn’t get leftover food so that she has to drink coffee in the night she picks up grandma. In the Korean drama, IU tells grandpa,

“Person lives well is easy to become a nice person”

The sentence is shocked me. Who would not want to live well? But most people walk with burden. “My Mister” wants to give us cure when we live tired but is thirst for happiness.

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