My Mowgli Boy Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episodes 1-2

These are recaps of My Mowgli Boy Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 1-2. Ling Xi brings back the Mowgli Boy from the woods, and she doesn’t know how to deal with the wild animal. She likes her childhood friend Zheng Li, but Zheng Li keeps getting appointed by Zi Yue. So he asks her best friend Tang Cheng to delay Zi Yue.

My Mowgli Boy Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

My Mowgli Boy

The wild boar chases Mowgli Boy through the woods, and he picks a stone to cast to the wild boar. The assistant reminds Ling Xi that she should begin to work, and Ling Xi thinks Assistant doesn’t complete the nail job for her. Assistant thinks they cannot return if they don’t begin to shoot, and she cannot get angry because the nodule will get bigger.

Ling Xi agrees to shoot, and Assistant summons Ren He and Li Kai. But when the three are preparing the shooting, Ling Xi goes to her car and takes the rhino doll to do the live. She hears the sound and thinks there is a small animal in the woods. She wants to take a look and drives away. Assistant blames Ling Xi for abandoning them and chases the car. But Ren He stops Assistant.

Ling Xi arrives at the place and gives up to save small animal. Because the one being saved will be her soon. She flees to the service area, and gets a call from Zheng Li. She asks him if he was surprised by her gift. He denies and tells her to change the gift next time. She promises to give him a big surprise, and wants to treat him a meal.

But Zheng Li says that he has an appointment. She thinks it’s Lu Zi, and he admits it. Ling Xi calls Amy and startles her because Zheng Li is there. She asks her if Zheng Li has an appointment, and Amy finds out that he is free. Zheng Li catches the chance to give Amy the milky tea, so Amy says that Zheng Li has a business. Ling Xi tells Amy that she prepared a lipstick for her, but Amy chooses milky tea.

Ling Xi drives home and complains that why Dad has to call her back since she will only bring troubles to his birthday party. She takes out the gift, and it’s hard for her to say happy birthday.

Stepmother asks Dad about the flowers she just arranged, and he says that it’s fine. But she points out that he didn’t take a look. He wonders who has birthday when she changed everything according to Ling Xi’s liking. She shares that Ling Xi didn’t like her since childhood, so she wants to let her see the different environment.

Dad thinks Ling Xi pretends to blind and Stepmother cannot open her eyes. Stepmother thinks Dad cares for Ling Xi otherwise he wouldn’t call her back to have meal, and he reads book is to wait for Ling Xi. She tells him not to fight with his daughter while eating, but he thinks he doesn’t have bear Ling Xi. Ling Xi shows up, and Stepmother gets her to talk with Dad.

Dad blames Ling Xi for not greeting, and she explains that she doesn’t have habit to greet because she moved out to live alone since high school. He tells her to visit home more often and learn to get along with Aunt Wen Yu. But Ling Xi points out that she feels comfortable when she gets along with outsiders. But he thinks those outsiders won’t care for her. But she says that she doesn’t need anyone’s caring because she can live herself.

Dad tells Ling Xi to beg him when she cannot deal with it, but she says that she won’t work for him as he will offer the conditions. When Ling Xi is going to give out the present, Ling Yu shows up with his girlfriend. The girl gives the present to Dad, and Ling Xi thinks her family accepts another outsider. The girl talks back that Ling Xi is dirty to return home, and Dad asks Ling Xi to get changed.

The girl Gao Jie brings the birthday cake to Dad and mentions Ling Yu completed the case. Dad praises Ling Yu, and Ling Yu says that he is still lack of experience. Ling Xi thinks Ling Yu doesn’t have to have the experience, and he just needs to do as the son of her dad and there’re many experienced uncles will help him. Dad tells Ling Yu to cooperate with Zheng Li, and Ling Yu accepts it.

Gao Jie shares that she and Ling Yu’s life goal are to become the excellent people like Dad and Wen Yu. Wen Yu thinks Gao Jie’s mouth is sweet like the cake. Ling Xi goes to take packet, but Gao Jie pushes Ling Xi aside as the packet belongs to her. Gao Jie opens the packet, and it’s a photo frame. Ling Yu brags that Gao Jie designed the photo frame herself, but Dad and Wen Yu are not happy to see it.

Gao Jie explains that she heard that Dad and Wen Yu were taken of the wedding photo, so she got the photo frame to match it. She asks where she should put it, but Ling Yu stops her and tells her to eat. Wen Yu agrees and thinks the dishes will be cold. But Ling Xi says that she is full. Wen Yu asks Ling Xi to give the face to Dad as it’s his birthday.

Ling Xi asks Gao Jie why she took out the photo frame, and Wen Yu asks Ling Yu to take away the photo frame. Dad tells Ling Xi to get lost if she doesn’t want to eat. She yells at him that her mom didn’t have the wedding, and her last wish was to have a wedding photo with him. But he rejected. Ling Xi thinks she is a outsider and wishes Dad and Wen Yu to maintain the marriage for a hundred years.

Gao Jie persuades Ling Xi, and Ling Xi thinks it’s not Gao Jie’s business because she is a outsider. Ling Yu tells Ling Xi not to stab, and Ling Xi slept with Wen Yu before her mom passed away. Dad rages to give Ling Xi a slap, and she walks away.

Ling Xi is furious to get in the car and thinks she is redundant. She throws the gift to the backseat, and notes there is an injured lying in her car. She remembers that she hit the person in the woods, and is scared. Tang Cheng is in the nightclub and gets a call from Ling Xi that she hit a savage in the woods. Tang Cheng tells Ling Xi to call the police, and kisses her new boyfriend. Ling Xi curses Tang Cheng to get cheated by men and no men will love her. She thinks she shouldn’t get Mowgli Boy to die in her car, and sends him to the hospital.

Mowgli Boy wakes up in the hospital, and Nurse comforts him not to feel scared. But he bellows to drive her away. Nurse returns with Doctor, and she suspects Mowgli Boy has mental problem. She offers to get a psychiatrist for Mowgli Boy, and Doctor agrees when Mowgli Boy intends to cast bottle to him.

Ling Xi wonders where Mowgli Boy went, and hears that someone complains that her corn soup is lost. Mowgli Boy drinks up the soup and remembers that her necklace is lost. Ling Xi sees Mowgli Boy jumping off the window, and Nurse asks Ling Xi to aid her. Ling Xi wears the mask as she worries that she will get recognized. She calls Mowgli Boy Second Uncle, and takes him away.

Ling Xi asks Mowgli Boy how much money he wants, and gives him all of her cashes. She thinks they reached a consensus, and drives away. But he remembers her license plate number.

Ling Xi walks in the bathroom and is going to take a bath. But Mowgli Boy shows up and startles her. She thinks he trespassed, but finds out the door is locked from outside. She thinks he is burglary, and wants to call the police. But he throws her phone into the bathtub. Tang Cheng thinks Ling Xi is safe as she didn’t call her. Ling Xi tells Mowgli Boy not to be close to her. But he blocks her mouth.

My Mowgli Boy Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 2

Ling Xi notes that Mowgli Boy fears light, and she takes the electric torch to point at him. He passes out, and she thinks she is legitimate defence.

Ling Xi ties up Mowgli Boy and thinks it’s fastness with aesthetic feeling. She praises herself and hugs Tang Cheng, thinking she is an alive bodhisattva. Tang Cheng pushes Ling Xi away, and thinks she is clingy and asks her to be responsible. Ling Xi thinks Tang Cheng is her love last life, and they’re best friend this life. Ling Xi tells Tang Cheng that she stays with Mowgli Boy in the bathroom for a night when Tang Cheng is kissing her new boyfriend. But Tang Cheng says that she dumped the jerk.

Ling Xi wonders which male will defeat Tang Cheng, and Tang Cheng blames Ling Xi for shooting in the woods. Ling Xi claims it’s marketing, and Tang Cheng is furious to hit Ling Xi with the doll. But she wakes Mowgli Boy up. Tang Cheng asks Ling Xi if she tied Mowgli Boy well, and Ling Xi claims she tied a fast knot. But he unties the knot easily.

Ling Xi tells Tang Cheng not to approach Mowgli Boy as she thinks he is aggressive. But Tang Cheng thinks Ling Xi is more danger than him because she didn’t hurt after staying with him for a night. She asks her to bring a steak to him, and Ling Xi thinks Mowgli Boy’s table manner is very barbarous. Tang Cheng takes a photo of him.

Yi Ling brings water to her husband Mr. Chi and asks him to wait for a while as Zheng Li is in the meeting. She thinks being polite to client is her professional quality, and he says that he heard that Zheng Li dig a workplace newbie with huge sum of money. He throws the keys on the table and tells her that he rented a house for her. She realizes that he wants to drive her out of the house, but he treats it as negotiation. He brings divorce settlement to her, and asks her to sign it.

Yi Ling agrees with the divorce but asks to go shares the property Mr. Chi transferred. He claims that he owns nothing except debt, and she is in tears. She thinks she should get the house as she paid the mortgage, but he reminds her that Xiao Yao has been pregnancy for nine months. He thinks he shouldn’t get the mom and baby to tramp the streets, and says that he became dad first time.

Li Ling thinks she trusted Mr. Chi too much, and she doesn’t want to sign the contract. He reminds her that it isn’t beneficial to her promoting that she fights with ex in the meeting room, and he knew the directors of Wofu. He says that he will report her to them, and Zheng Li shows up and gives the contract to Mr. Chi. Mr. Chi thinks the animation effects need two million yuan.

Zheng Li points out that Mr. Chi didn’t earn too much when Li Ling signed the contract, and she hints that someone ate the rebate. Zheng Li thanks Mr. Chi for his not cherishing so that he gets the excellent assistant. Mr. Chi leaves, and Yi Ling apologizes to Zheng Li for bringing her private feelings to the work, but he laughs for Mr. Chi’s expression.

Zheng Li tells Yi Ling that he will stand same battlefront with her because he invited her to the company. He asks for the meeting material, and she denies. She thinks she always brings troubles to him, but he thinks it’s robot when she doesn’t make any mistake. He mentions Chi Xu got himself the lawyer, and wants to introduce his friend who studied law to her.

Tang Cheng tells Yi Ling that the person will be with animal’s habits if he stays in the wild too long. But Yi Ling thinks it’s a promoting point, and Tang Cheng gets a message from his dad that Mowgli Boy language system has been degradation so that he cannot be communication with people. Ling Xi thinks the boy is the Mowgli in the fantasy forest and he has a problem in his brain. But Tang Cheng points out that Mowgli Boy is smarter than Ling Xi because Ling Xi cannot open the water bottle without her.

Tang Cheng thinks Mowgli Boy will get along with Ling Xi, but Ling Xi wants to call the police to catch him. Tang Cheng worries that he cannot adapt to the city life, and thinks they shouldn’t do what they want to do while standing at the top of food chain. She thinks they will get punished. Ling Yi thinks Tang Cheng matches Mowgli Boy, and tells her to raise him. But Tang Cheng runs away. Ling Xi thinks she can live without Tang Cheng, but she is startled when Mowgli Boy is close to her.

Ling Xi texts Amy if Zheng Li has any plan, and Amy asks Ling Xi if she will come. Ling Xi denies and wants to give Zheng Li a big surprise. Assistant thinks Ling Xi is working hard at the corner, and they don’t see it. Ren He sees Ling Xi walking to them, and Ling Xi asks Assistant to fix her phone because it was dropped into the water. Li Kai shares that the fans raged when the live ended. Ling Xi asks for the phone, and Assistant gives her the tablet instead.

Ling Xi takes a photo of herself, and returns the tablet to Assistant. She asks her to photoshop the photo and makes her look withered, telling the fans that she spent one night to save wild animals. Ren He shows her new clothing design to Ling Xi, and Ling Xi thinks it’s fine. She gets in the elevator, and Li Kai thinks she went to visit Zheng Li. Assistant thinks everybody is worrying except Ling Xi, and tells the two that her brust breast nodule turns big. Ren He thinks they will die of worrying.

Amy tells Zheng Li that Ling Xi will pass by, and he tells her to tell Ling Xi that he appointed Zi Yue. Ling Xi shows up and brings a gift to Zheng Li. She thinks it will surprise him, but his reaction is normal. She learns that Mowgli Boy changed her gift, and he prepares the drink for her. She chooses his drink, and jumps because he put the mustard in the straw. She rages to put the tickets on the desk and asks him to watch movie with her. But he cannot go because Zi Yue appointed him.

Ling Xi calls Tang Cheng and reveals she intended to date Zheng Li but Zi Yue appointed him. She asks her to delay Zi Yue, but Tang Cheng thinks Zi Yue is a zombie. She thinks she should confess to Zheng Li, but Ling Xi thinks the confessing should be make by men. Tang Cheng thinks Zheng Li doesn’t like Ling Xi, but Ling Xi thinks she is just not good at expression. Tang Cheng agrees to help Ling Xi last time, and Ling Xi says that she loves her. She asks her if she knows the girls Zi Yue likes.

Tang Cheng takes the book running to Zi Yue in the rain, and introduces herself as his student. She asks him how the property gets division if the husband and wife are separation. He thinks they should manage their properties on their own, and offers to leave a e-mail to her so that he can explain the question for her later. She reveals that she has an interview tomorrow and she thinks she will lose the job. She adds that she will disappoint her parents, and he texts to Zheng Li that he will be late.

The two walk in the restaurant, and Tang Cheng orders many dishes. She asks for liquor with low voice to the shop owner. Zi Yue thinks they don’t have to order so many foods, but Tang Cheng shares that she hasn’t tasted meat for a long time. Zheng Li takes Yi Ling to walk in the cafe, and they’re surprised to see Ling Xi. Ling Xi joins the table.

Zi Yue gets a message from Zheng Li, and is asked why he doesn’t come. Ling Xi tells Tang Cheng to delay Zi Yue. Tang Cheng tells Zi Yue that she doesn’t know what he said, and he takes her book to explain it to her. She gets the liquor to him when he thinks it’s water. She hands over beer to him when he asks her what he just drank.

Yi Ling asks Zheng Li and Ling Xi what they like, and Ling Xi shares that she likes the things Zheng Li doesn’t like. Zheng Li goes out to call Zi Yue, and Ling Xi asks Yi Ling if she knows why Zheng Li appointed Zi Yue. Yi Ling shares that she is going to get divorced and Zheng Li intends to introduce a lawyer to her.

Mowgli Boy calls Zheng Li, and Zheng Li thinks he is Ling Xi’s friend. Tang Cheng asks Zi Yue to eat the green vegetable, and he passes out on the table. She picks up Zheng Li’s call and introduces herself as Zi Yue’s student. Zheng Li learns that Zi Yue is dating his student, and tells the two that Zi Yue cannot come. Ling Xi wants to take Zheng Li to watch movie, and he invites Yi Ling. But Yi Ling doesn’t want to disturb the two.

The shop owner asks Tang Cheng if Zi Yue is ok, and she thinks Zi Yue can go home on his own after he wakes up. But Zi Yue’s bank card drops, and she thinks he doesn’t have any guard against. Tang Cheng asks the waiters to carry Zheng Li to the room, and they see the man lying to book room first time. Tang Cheng texts Ling Xi that the battle is ended, and asks her to think about how to pay her back.

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