Nine Kilometers of Love Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episodes 1-2

These are recaps of Nine Kilometers of Love episodes 1-2. Cheng Cheng is a girl, who likes to spend money. But she is informed that she needs to get Lin Zhun’s permission to use the money after her mom passed away. She lives in Lun Zhun’s house and keeps fighting with Lin Shu.

Nine Kilometers of Love Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

Nine Kilometers of Love

The girl Cheng Cheng worries that the plane is going to crash, and grabs the man Lin Shu’s chest. He comforts her that the plane is climbing because of wind shear, and lets her hand off his chest. She thinks he doesn’t have any compassion, but he points out that she just has wrong cognition. She complains that the warm man doesn’t sit next to her, and he tells her not to harass him.

Cheng Cheng blames the woman for getting her to Hai city when she wants to go to Yu city. The woman asks Cheng Cheng to calm down, but Cheng Cheng asks how long she will wait. Lin Shu reminds her that the plane needs to line up, and introduces himself as flight man of Pengcheng Airline. She tells him that she isn’t spending money to let them drive her. He tells her that they landed in Hai city for her security, and they wait for taking off is for same reason.

Lin Shu asks Cheng Cheng if her security is important or her time. She thinks both are important, and he tells her that it will be ready in 5 minutes.

Cheng Cheng visits her mom Ying Lan in the funeral parlour, and we see Cheng Cheng’s tear after she took off her sunglasses. The little Cheng Cheng tore up at the corner when her parents had a fight. She grabs the handle of the suitcase, and asks mom why she left her.

The man tells Cheng Cheng that Mom did supervision before she signed the testament, and Lin Jun shows up with Attorney Yang. The man introduces Lin Jun as the supervisor, and Attorney Yang shows the wills trust contract to Cheng Cheng. He explains that she needs to get Lin Jun’s permission if she wants to use her mom’s money.

Cheng Cheng worries that Lin Jun steals her mom’s money, and Lin Jun explains that he is just a supervisor and nobody can use the money except her. Lin Shu walks the man out of police station, and the man thinks Meng Ran will pay back the kindness for him. But Lin Shu shares that Meng Ran didn’t know it.

The man hugs Lin Shu and says that he loves him. But Lin Shu says that it’s last time to help him deal with his debt. Uncle knows that Lin Shu is going to be the pilot, and asks for the tickets. But Lin Shu reveals only immediate family member can get two tickets. Uncle tells Lin Shu to marry Meng Ran so that he will become immediate family member. But Lin Shu says that he and Meng Ran are just pure friendship. Uncle sighs that his daughter likes Lin Shu, but Lin Shu doesn’t.

Xiao Jia runs to Meng Ran and invites her to take part in the party. Because many men like her after she posted her photo on the social media. But Meng Ran says that she has a business. Xiao Jia tells Meng Yan that there many outstanding young men wanting to take care of her and her family. But Meng Ran shares that she likes to stay with the person she likes. Xiao Jia asks Meng Ran to introduce the man to her, and Meng Ran promises to tell it to her.

Lin Shu returns home and calls his father Lin Zhun. But Lin Zhun isn’t at home. So Lin She leaves the admission letter on the table, and takes off his clothes to take a shower. But he runs into Cheng Cheng in the bathroom. She screams and drives him out of the bathroom, and wants to call the police. But he reminds her that it’s his house.

Lin Zhun introduces Cheng Cheng to Lin Shu, and tells him that her mom is his best friend, and she asked him to manage Cheng Cheng’s money. Lin Zhun adds that he wants to get Cheng Cheng to live in their house and let her know that he isn’t a liar, who cheats someone else’s property. Lin Shu realizes that Lin Zhun wants to help someone else take care of her daughter, and asks when he became the philanthropist.

Lin Shu complains that his father didn’t pick him up and wait for him at home, and took a strange woman home. Cheng Cheng tells Lin Shu to pay attention to his attitude, and Lin Zhun explains to his son that he was busy and didn’t take his phone, so he didn’t see Lin Shu’s message. Lin Shu thinks Lin Zhun was busy in Cheng Cheng’s things, and mentions Lin Zhun said that nothing is important except flight. But Cheng Cheng says that Uncle Lin is her guardian.

Lin Zhun reminds Lin Shu that the company will arrange dormitory for him, and Lin Shu thinks his father wants to drive him out. He thinks Cheng Cheng dropped drug to Lin Zhun, and she wants to rest at the second floor because she is dizzy. Lin Shu points out that the second floor is his room, but Lin Zhun thinks Lin Shu won’t live in the room.

Lin Shu thinks Lin Zhun doesn’t care for him, and asks him about his relationship with Cheng Cheng’s mom. Lin Zhu says that their relationship is like Lin Shu and Meng Ran that they grew up since childhood. He thinks he has the duty to take care of Cheng Cheng, and asks Lin Shu to apply dormitory.

Lin Shu walks to Meng Ran and hugs her, and he thinks he isn’t late. He asks her why she is so early, and she says that she likes to wait for him. He explains that he needs to report his study to his father, and mentions that his father is strict to him. She thinks his childhood was boring if she didn’t invite him to play.

Meng Ran thanks Lin Shu for helping her father get out of the police station, and thinks she always brings trouble to him. He asks her to tell him if she has any trouble.

Cheng Cheng reminds she asked Attorney Yang how she will live since she cannot get any money, and Lin Zhun explained that her mom will give her 3,000 yuan monthly. Cheng Cheng wonders why her mother gave her to a strange person. She remembers she wanted to go home, but Uncle told her that her house has been sold. Lin Zhun explained that her mom wished her to live herself. But she thought the three bullied her.

Cheng Cheng was furious to go out and didn’t believe what happened. She asked Uncle Secretary Huang if Lin Zhun is a liar. But he thought her mom is reasonable to choose Lin Zhun, and her rage and doubt are useless. Cheng Cheng thinks only she can do is to guard the money her mom left.

The next day, Cheng Cheng takes away the remote control from Lin Shu as the football game disturbed her sleeping. She thinks she can call the cop to arrest him overseas, but he points out that it’s in his home. Cheng Cheng tells Lin Zhun that Lin Shu bullied her, and Lin Zhun takes her to have breakfast.

Lin Zhun explains that he doesn’t know what foods Cheng Cheng likes, so he cooked the western food and Chinese food. She asks him what he wants her to do, and he reveals she needs to work for 12 months. She thinks her mom wants her to be like her being a able woman. But he thinks her mom just wants Cheng Cheng to find a job she likes and stick to it.

Lin Zhun asks Cheng Cheng what job she is interested in, but she says that she likes to spend money. He tells her to get a job, which can contribute to the society. She asks what Lin Shu contributed to society, and Lin Shu says that he is a pilot.

Nine Kilometers of Love Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 2

Lin Shu runs into Yi Ming and glares at him. The instructor asks the pilots to elect a person as monitor, and the pilots choose Lin Shu. Yi Ming reminds Lin Shu that the monitor isn’t an easy job. Lin Shu says that he will try his best to do it if the pilots trust him.

Lin Shu finds out that Cheng Cheng put her socks on his plane model, and scolds her for it. But she takes the model to threaten him. So he has to leave the room.

Lin Shu brings the recruitment paper to Cheng Cheng and tells her to choose the foreign trade corporation. But she doesn’t want to be the saleswoman to accompany clients to drink. So he tells her to be the cadelle of society.

Cheng Cheng complains that Lin Shu got her the job to serve people, but he became the pilot. He points out that not everyone can get in airlines, but she decides to go to Pengcheng airline. He mocks at her.

Cheng Cheng finds out the airline’s requirement of administrative position is no difference with other companies, and applies it.

The pilots are asked to take off their clothes when they’re accepted the physical examination. But they’re shy when Nurse Wu walks in. The doctor reminds them that the pilot’s health is very important to the security of passengers, and asks the first line to turn around. He explains that the pilot should know the partner’s body condition.

Cheng Cheng is asked why she wants to job, and she shares that she wants to contribute to the company. But the woman doubts if Cheng Cheng can do the job well. Cheng Cheng brags that she has enterprise and learning ability, and the woman notes that Cheng Cheng is good at English. Cheng Cheng says that she stayed overseas for many years, and the woman approves her.

The next day, Cheng Cheng arrives at the office. The woman blames Cheng Cheng for being late in the first day, and regrets for hiring her. Cheng Cheng says that she won’t do it next time, and the woman gives her to papers. Cheng Cheng complains that the papers are too thick, but the woman reveals the flying cadet’s paper is ten times of her papers. Cheng Cheng thinks the flying cadets earn more than her, but the woman reveals their basic salary is 2,000 yuan.

The woman asks Cheng Cheng to send the meeting process to Chu Fei, and shares that Chu Fei is a star captain. Cheng Cheng thinks Chu Fei is an old man.

Lin Shu sees the plate of Chu Fei, and remembers Lin Zhun was excited for Chu Fei becoming captain when he wanted to tell his father that he is admitted. Lin Zhun told Lin Shu that he is going to take part in Chu Fei’s victory banquet because he became squadron leader. Lin Shu told his father that he is smoothly admitted to aviation school of the United States. But Lin Zhun thought only excellence is worth to celebrate. Lin Shu swears to surpass Chu Fei.

Cheng Cheng visits Chu Feng, and she is surprised that he is very young. She gives the meeting process to him, and he thinks she makes him aged when he gives speech in front of the young men. But she thinks he is excellence, and tells him to wear the uniform to give speech.

Cheng Cheng moves chairs in the meeting room, and complains Teacher Wu said to get new student to help her but he doesn’t arrive. Lin Shu shows up and is surprised to see Cheng Cheng. She shows her employee card to him, and he thinks she can get in anywhere, no matter his home or his company. She shares that she doesn’t want to stay at his house if it’s not for the money.

Lin Shu points out that Cheng Cheng’s mom used the contract because Cheng Cheng is a person, who isn’t worth to get trusted. She says that she won’t leave if she doesn’t get the money. She learns that he is a new student, and thinks he will be deducted money if she reports him.

Lin Shu thinks Cheng Cheng got in the company because of Lin Zhun, but Lin Zhun points out that Cheng Cheng is good at English. But Lin Shu thinks Cheng Cheng’s intent isn’t pure, and worries that she brings trouble to them.

Chu Fei tells the students that the captain took off the uniform because he made the mistake in the flight 445. He tells them that they doesn’t graduate before grounding of aircraft.

Lin Shu chases Chu Fei and asks him why the captain of 445 is dismissed since he didn’t bring any accident. Cheng Cheng points out that the captain scared passengers. Chu Fei learns that the two were in the plane, and explains that the plane didn’t have enough energy and the captain shouldn’t change the landing gear. He thinks the safe flight is the each detail of flight to pilot.

Cheng Cheng thinks Chu Fei is very excellent, and asks Lin Shu to do work. He thinks she is ordering him, and she takes her employee card, saying that she has duty to manage him.

Lin Shu sees that Cheng Cheng is checking his family photos, and takes it away. She claims that she won’t leave if she doesn’t get the money. He complains that she isn’t sad when her mom just passed away, and she only thinks of money. Cheng Cheng thinks Lin Shu wants her mom’s money, and he thinks she doesn’t know how to love and is a trash, who relies on family. She is furious to run out.

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