Novoland: The Castle in the Sky Recap – Episode 1

This is first episode of Novoland: The Castle in the Sky, Yi Fu Ling is framed by King of Yu Tribe Feng Tian Yi after he knows she wants to see Crown Prince of the Human Tribe Bai Ting Jun.

Novoland: The Castle in the Sky Recap – Episode 1

Novoland: The Castle in the Sky

Queen of the Human takes her troops to attack mechanisms master Ji Shu and his wife Lin Rui Zhu who is going to give birth. Lin Rui Zhu asks Queen what is her intention? The child or Ji Shu. Queen thinks there isn’t any difference. Lin Rui Zhu reveals he loves queen, but he just thought he doesn’t suit queen so that he got marry with her. Queen doesn’t believe what she said as they got a baby, and kills Lin Rui Zhu. Ji Shu jumps from cliff with the baby after seeing his wife was dead. Queen swears she will find the baby one day.

Ji Shu takes his baby visiting Xing Gu Xuan who is Elder of Xing Chen Pavilion, and begs his teacher to save his baby. But, Xing Gu Xuan refuses it as he fears Bai Xue. Ji Shu lets his teacher give him a demon pill. Xing Gu Xuan reveals the demon pill will disfigure him since then Ji Shu won’t exist in the world.

18 years later, the baby grows up and becomes Yi Fu Ling. The leader of Xing Chen Pavilion Xing Yin Chi lets King of Yu Tribe Feng Tian Yi and Crown Prince of the Human Tribe Bai Ting Jun fight to decide who can light Seven Star Lamp. But Feng Tian Yi generously gives up the opportunity. The Seven Star Lamp falls while Bai Ting Jun is lighting it. Xing Yin Chi exposes Feng Tian Yi’s plot through God Intention Mirror which shows Feng Tian Yi ordered his henchmen to broke the Seven Star Lamp.

Feng Tian Yi blames Bai Ting Jun that he doesn’t bow while running into, as he is the King, but Bai Ting Jun just a Crown Prince. However, Bai Ting Jun thinks he doesn’t have any power as King. Yi Fu Ling climbs Floated Jade Mountains and falls after Xing Chen Pavilion’s guard doesn’t let her in. Feng Tian Yi passes through, she thinks he looks beautiful and tries to kidnap him to avoid guards. But he holds her arms and kisses her. She blames him for what he did on her, but he thinks she should thank him first. Feng Tian Yi claims he can help her after knowing she looks for Bai Ting Jun. Yi Fu Ling suspects it.

Yu Huan Zhen wants to join elite group of Yu Tribe. Feng Tian Yi orders his henchmen to catch him and asks him the reason. Yu Huan Zhen tells him he worship him, but Feng Tian Yi doesn’t believe it and lets him do one thing for him. Yu Huan Zhen gives Yi Fu Ling Grass of Heaven which speeds her and meets Bai Ting Jun in the Chasing Mirror Flower competition. But Yi Fu Ling still suspects Feng Tian Yi’s intention although she wants to see Bai Ting Jun.

Yi Fu Ling is crazy and beats Xing Yin Chi after taking Grass of Heaven. She is locked up by guards. Yu Huan Zhen wants to save her, but Feng Tian Yi tells him he is the member of elite group and there isn’t any lunch is free in the world.

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