Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1

This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 1, Rong Le wakes up and is told that she is the princess of Daqi, and she has to marry to Li Prince. But when she arrives at Beilin, Li Prince doesn’t pick her up as he heard that she is ugly.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1

Princess Silver

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 1.

The men in black hunt Rong Le through the prairie. She flees into the bamboo forest and kills most of them. But the alive one subdues and thinks she cannot run away. The maid Leng Yue thrills to tell Emperor Rong Qi that the Princess woke up.

He thinks Rong Le shouldn’t run away from palace even if she didn’t want to get married, and is close to her. But Rong Le is startled to ask who he is. The eunuch thinks princess hurt her head and lost memory. Rong Qi tells Rong Le that she is the princess of Xiqi, and asks her to take medicine.

But she rejects it and breaks the medicine pot. Rong Yi picks up the pieces in person and promises her to get her memory back. Rong Le wonders why she remembers nothing and asks herself who she is while looking at the mirror, and spots the callus.

Leng Yue tells Rong Le that Rong Qi dotes her, but Rong Le runs away. Rong Le realizes that she is really a princess when people bow to her, and runs into Rong Qi. He takes her to the tea room, and reveals her tea ceremony no one can overcome.

He asks her to taste the tea she made, and she smiles. He thinks she has kept her liking even if she lost her memory. He asks her to taste the snack she liked, but she refuses it. So he plays zither for her. The masked lady, Queen arrives to ask her women to arrest Rong Le.

She tells Rong Le that she has no choice but to marry to Beilin. Rong Yi is on knees and tells Queen that Rong Le lost her memory. He offers to delay the wedding, but Queen points out that the army of Chen State arrives. She thinks they can defeat Chen State if Rong Le marries to Beilin.

Rong Qi wants to think about it when Rong Le lost her memory. Queen tells Rong Le that she could forgive her and give title of princess to her, and she can make her die without burying place. She offers to drink poisonous wine herself after 7 days, and asks Rong Qi to make the decision.

Rong Le is startled when Rong Qi steps in, but he tells her that he wants to help her flee. He takes her to the house, and she picks up the statue. She takes out the note she wrote, and he thinks she doubts the handwriting wasn’t made by her.

He takes her to see the text, and reveals she liked to imitate his handwriting. She asks him why she is unfamiliar to imperial palace, and he says that her mother gave birth to her at the cold palace. Rong Le realizes that this is why Queen is cruel to her.

Rong Qi reveals Queen’s temper changed after her face was injured. He touches Rong Le’s thick callus, and tells her that she learned some martial arts at cold palace. He tells her that she wanted to protect him if someone bullied him, and he doesn’t expect that she would suspect him.

He tells her he is the one who wants her to get happiness, and gives the flowers she liked. But the assassins attack them, and Rong Yi is injured for protecting Rong Le. She killed all of the assassins, and Rong Yi vomits blood. The man wants to send Rong Qi to palace, but Rong Qi asks to send Rong Le first.

Rong Qi passes out in the carriage, and Rong Le tells Xiao Sha to return to palace. Queen asks Rong Le if she is satisfied with Rong Qi getting assassinated, and asks to punish Xiao Sha. Queen takes Rong Le to see the weak soldiers, and thinks they ask for death when fighting with Chen State.

She threatens her that Rong Qi’s head will be cut and hang on the wall. Rong Qi asks Rong Le why she returned, and thinks it’s hard to go out of palace. But she only feeds him the medicine. The minister wants to marry his daughter to Beilin if Rong Qi doesn’t want to sacrifice Rong Le.

Rong Yi is furious and thinks he shouldn’t get the peace with a woman’s life. Rong Le reminds them that she is the princess of Daqi, and decides to marry to Beilin. She comforts Rong Qi and asks him to taste her tea. He gets the medicine for her, and tells her it’s good for getting her memory back. She drinks it.

Leng Yue thrills to show the wedding dress to Rong Le and thinks she can return when Xiqi is strong. She thinks everywhere is same to her since she is a slave. Rong Le tells Leng Yue not to treat herself as slave. Rong Qi walks Rong Le and gives the jade pendant to her. He wishes the jade pendant can protect her for him.

He tells Xiao Sha to protect Rong Le, and Xiao Sha is on knees and promises to protect princess. Rong Qi is in tears to see off Rong Le. Lian Xin tells Leng Yue that the Li Prince is very handsome, but Leng Yue wonders why Li Prince still didn’t get married.

Rong Le remembers Rong Qi told her that Li Prince is very smart. Leng Yue tells Rong Le not to take off the mask after wearing it. Xiao Sha suspects the sincerity of Daqi since Li Prince didn’t pick up Rong Le. The envoy explains that Li Prince has a business to do and delays.

Chen Prince arrives and mentions Rong Le’s looks is ugly, but he thinks her voice is sweet. Rong Le lets Leng Yue take away the gauze, and thinks Chen Prince was overpraised to her. He thinks she knows her position, and tells that nobody can convince Li Prince if he doesn’t want to pick up Rong Le.

The bodyguard arrives and tells that Emperor summons Rong Le. Crown Prince wonders why Rong Le wears a mask, and she tells him that the mask will be taken down by groom in the wedding day. The man informs Emperor that Li Prince cannot arrive because he is rest.

Emperor threatens Chen Prince to watch imperial tomb if he cannot take Li Prince to the court. Chen Prince has to take his brother to arrive.

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