Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 17

This is the recap of Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama Episode 17, Wang Shan spots Fu Pei riding a motorcycle and wonders why he is there. He offers to drive her and thinks it will be a traffic jam. But she gets in the taxi instead.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 17

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama Episode 17.

Wei Yi gets beer from fridge and spills it on the ground when Situ Mo asks him what he is doing. She trips, and he hugs her to make her be agsinst the fridge. He kisses her.

Situ Mo is awkward when sitting with Wei Yi in the couch, and touches her neck. He asks her what the matter. She says that her neck is cold, and he wants to close the door of balcony.

She grabs his arm and explains she just stood in front of fridge too long. He asks her if Wang Shan will leave tomorrow. She isn’t sure and thinks Wang Shan had a fight with Fu Pei.

Wei Mi offers to let Fu Pei pick up Wang Shan. So they call Fu Pei. But Fu Pei thinks they’re insane to call him at midnight. Situ Mo tells Fu Pei that Wang Shan is at her house. Wei Yi tells Fu Pei to pick up Wang Shan.

But Situ Mo thinks Wei Yi should be indirect. But he says that he is indirect enough, and he will just says he is annoyed when he is direct. Wang Shan tells Situ Mo that she bought breakfast when Situ Mo wakes up.

Situ Mo doesn’t want to knock at the door of Wei Yi’s room as she thinks he didn’t wake up. But Wang Shan mentions he was drinking water when she went to buy breakfast. Wei Yi gets out.

Wang Shan hits Situ Mo’s hand and tells her to eat fried bread stick with chopsticks. He glares at Wang Shan and tells Situ Mo to eat with hand. He steps Situ Mo’s foot under the table, so she asks Wang Shan if she wants to go shopping with Meng Lu.

Wang Shan rejects it, and asks Situ Mo what she wants to talk about. Situ Mo says that they can watch movies together if Wang Shan doesn’t want to go out. Wang Shan says that she needs to take part in the postgraduate entrance exams.

Situ Mo is excited and thinks Wang Shan will be a postgraduate. Wang Shan isn’t sure if she can pass it. Situ Mo thinks Wang Shan can do it, and smiles with Wei Yi each other.

Situ Mo sees off Wang Shan and gives a high five to Wei Yi, saying that she completed the task. Wei Yi informs Fu Pei that Wang Shan will go downstairs.

Wang Shan spots Fu Pei riding a motorcycle and wonders why he is there. He offers to drive her and thinks it’s traffic jam. But she gets in the taxi. He keeps telling her that his motorcycle is very fast.

Wang Shan is happy to turn around but Fu Pei isn’t there. It’s traffic jam. Fu Pei takes Wang Shan to get off the taxi, and puts the helmet on her head. She wants to refuse it, but he threatens her to ignore her forever if she drives him away this time.

He reminds her that they arrive, and she wonders why he drove her since the distance is so short. He says that he borrowed motorcycle making him look handsome, so she will forgive him fast.

But she points out that she made a mistake this time. So he says that he forgave her and takes off helmet for her, urging her to take part in the exam.

Wei Yi feeds Situ Mo chips, and she asks him what they should do next. He tells him to watch another movie. But she points out that they watched two movies, and offers to exercise.

Wei Yi thinks walking is a kind of exercise when Situ Mo is playing ball. She thinks he doesn’t know how to play table tennis. But he denies. She pretends to serve, and he goes to catch it. But she takes out the ball and tells him the ball is here.

He fails to catch the ball and claims he doesn’t prepare it well. So she lets him serve, and she is spike well. He thinks the table isn’t standard, and asks her to pick up the ball. But she points out that he didn’t catch the ball.

Situ Mo spots someone playing skateboard and thinks he is very handsome. Wei Yi glares at her, and she explains the boy’s move is very handsome. Wei Yi wants to try it, but Situ Mo warns him that it’s very dangerous.

Wei Yi explains the move from physics, and thinks it’s very simple. But he almost trips. He thinks there is a difference between theory and practice. Situ Mo laughs at him.

They watch tv together, and Situ Mo finds out she is leaning her head on Wei Yi’s shoulder in the couch. She stares at his face and closes her eyes when he opens eyes. She regrets for closing her eyes, and doesn’t know when to open her eyes.

She thinks her head is very heavy when he massages his neck. But he is away from her when her head is fixed, and tells her not to pretend to be sleeping. She says that she is going to go to work, and returns her room.

When she steps out, he asks her if she wants to plaster. She rejects it, so he asks her to plaster on his neck. But she plasters heavily. He offers to walk her to go to work.

They sits at the bus stop. Wei Yi holds Situ Mo’s hand when the bench is cold, and she smiles. Jie Er thinks Situ Mo smiled because of office system. But Situ Mo doesn’t know what Jie Er means.

Jie Er tells Situ Mo that intern can take part in the advertising design competition because full-time employee doesn’t have time. Situ Mo is upset because she has many things to do. But Jie Er tells Situ Mo that they have winter vacation, and Situ Mo is excited.

But Sha Sha tells them to hand over their works after winter vacation. Yu Yin tells Zhou Lei to give the data to Wei Yi because Wei Yi calculates very fast. Zhou Lei tells Wei Yi that Yu Yin asked him to calculate in ten minutes.

Yu Yin says that she didn’t say that. But Wei Yi claims he can do it in ten minutes. Professor Jiang introduces Jian Shi to his students, Zhou Lei flatters Jian Shi as the God of physics. But she wishes Wei Yi to go to Germany with her.

Zhou Lei thinks Professor Jiang had the candidate. Professor Jiang explains that he will give the exam to them and decides the candidate. Zhou Lei takes the data back and claims he will calculate it. Fu Pei plays table tennis with Shan Shan and thinks she is awesome.

She tells him not to flatter her, and grabs his hand when it hurts. Wei Yi walks in, and Fu Pei wants to know Wei Yi’s level so that he can train him. But Wei Yi tells Fu Pei that he doesn’t have any level.

Fu Pei is shocked and tells Wei Yi to play ball first. Situ Mo tells Wei Yi that she can leave after 6 pm and begins to sort her stuff. Sha Sha thinks Situ Mo wants to get off work. Situ Mo denies, and Sha Sha leads her to her office.

Sha Sha has a talk with Linda and tells Linda and Zhi Cun that they can leave. But Situ Mo wants to walk away and explains that she needs to go to restroom when they stare at her. Sha Sha tells Situ Mo to take Zhi Cun to walk around. Because he is interested in the office.

But he tells Situ Mo to get off work after they stepped Sha Sha’s office. Zhi Cun spots Situ Mo waiting for Wei Yi’s message and thinks Wei Yi won’t pick her up. But she tells him that Wei Yi is different from Zhi Cun, and thinks Wei Yi is contrast cute. Situ Mo runs to Wei Yi when spotting him, but Wei Yi spots Zhi Cun behind her.

Wei Yi asks Situ Mo to pick up clothes. But she thinks he didn’t pay for it, and asks for some money to ride bus. He tells her to take it from his wallet. But she finds out that he kept her photo id, and yells at him that where he got it. He says that he doesn’t know and gives the money to her.

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