Radio Romance Kdrama Recap: Episode 3

In the 3th episode of Radio Romance Kdrama Recap, Ji Soo Ho accepts to be the DJ of Song Geu Rim’s radio show after seeing Ms. La bullied her, but he offed the unaccepted conditions.

Radio Romance Kdrama Recap: Episode 3

Radio Romance

Ji Soo-Ho takes Song Geu-Rim out after seeing what Ms. La treated her and asks where her pride is, thinking she should fight it back. But she gets angry and yells at him that she doesn’t have any pride so that she begged him to join her radio show like a dog all day.

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Song Geu-Rim returns to look for Ms. La, but she left, her colleague tells her that Ms. La looked bad after seeing Ji Soo-Ho took her leaving and asks Song Geu-Rim about her relationship with Ji Soo-Ho, she doesn’t reply her and asks to go out for a beer, colleague rejects it and reveals she has many works to do.

Song Geu Rim asks Ji Soo Ho did he watch the video she gave him and thinks he lied after he denied. She reveals radio is her hideout and cries to let him leave. He lets her stop to cries as he is going to accept to join her radio show and lets her visit him to sign the contract tomorrow.

Ji Soo Ho asks doctor why he agreed to join the radio show, doctor thinks he must fall in love with her as he never joined up a daily show and talked himself without script before. Song Geu Rim cannot believe Ji Soo Ho is going to be the DJ in her show after having shower.

Kang Hee-Seok cannot believe it also and treats Song Geo Rim soft, Lee Gang mentions he yelled at her yesterday. Kang Hee Seok ignores him and lets her sign the paper with Ji Soo Ho, promising that he will consider to place her as main writer of the radio show if she gets Ji Soo Ho for him.

Ji Soo Ho gives the contract to Song Geu Rim which she cannot accept after she takes her contract visiting him, she reveals she has to discuss it with his boss before giving him reply. She thinks she is so different when compares to her previous DJ after leaving his house.

Song Geu Rim tells Lee Gang that Ji Soo Ho promised it, but he has conditions that he doesn’t do daily show and wants to decide guests himself. Lee Gang thinks it’s not a problem and tells Kang Hee Seok that he won’t do daily show and likes to compete with Lee Seung-Soo and Ms. La’s team. Lee Seung Soo thinks he got insult and wants blow him, but Lee Gang tells him that he gave him the opportunity since he was fired.

Ji Soo Ho calls his team to have a meeting regarding the radio show and lets them prepare the script after knowing Song Geu Rim accepts his offer. Jin Tae-Ri threatens Nam Joo-Ha with his husband and Jung Da-Seul’s dating photo, and wants to join the radio show with Ji Soo Ho.

Nam Joo Ha accepts Ji Soo Ho to join the radio show, but she wants her son to join her movie as well. Ji Soo Ho claims he only wants to sign contract with Song Geu Rim when Kang Hee Seok is ready to sign the contract. He refuses Lee Gang who wants to have a drink with him and reveals he should call his agency first.

Ms. La lets Song Geu Rim give her the contract she made with Ji Soo Ho and asks her whether or not she has confidence to compete with her, she reveals she doesn’t have but she will try hard. Lee Gang has a drink with his team members, but he blames them and tells them that he will blow them if they don’t try their best. Jo Ae-Ran celebrates Song Geu Rim becomes the main writer and tells her that her daughter achieved her dream since she had at middle school.

Nam Joo-Ha calls Song Geu Rim and asks her to sign the contract with her, but Ji Soo Ho appears and stops her. He tells her that she can only sign the contract with him. Nam Joo Ha cares about Song Geu Rim dates his son just like she saw in Ji Soo Ho’s house, Song Geu Rim promises that it won’t happen.

Ms. La lets Lee Seung-Soo helps her defeat Song Geu Rim, but he lost his confidence as Ji Soo Ho is in his side. She tells him she is going to support him to defeat Lee Gang.

Lee Gang goes home with Song Geu Rim and tells her that he is going to live with her together, and lets her call Ji Soo Ho to go out have a drink. But she reveals she doesn’t have Ji Soo Ho’s phone number and has to contact doctor. Ji Soo Ho calls her after knowing from doctor, but claims he has another plan and lets her contact his agency about it first. Lee Gang threatens that it’s his mistake if the projects fails.

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