Royal Nirvana: Episode 20 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Royal Nirvana: Episode 20. Lu Zheng wants to arrest Wen Xi, but Crown Prince stops him and offers to let Zhao Prince send the person back. He tells Zhao Prince that he is with same sin if Wen Xi cannot be found.

Royal Nirvana: Episode 20 Recap

Royal Nirvana: Li Yi Tong meets with Luo Jing

Lu Zheng wants to arrest Wen Xi, but Crown Prince stops him and offers to let Zhao Prince send the person back. He tells Zhao Prince that he is with same sin if Wen Xi cannot be found.

Wen Xi claims that she won’t leave, and Crown Prince says that he feels relieved. Chang Ping asks Crown Prince to take a look at the new ink, and Zhao Prince catches the chance to take Wen Xi away.

In the carriage, Crown Prince binds up Feng En’s wound. Feng En asks Crown Prince why he did so, and thinks they have to see Lu Ying’s death. Crown Prince says that there is a method.

Crown Prince takes out the painting, and he tries to touch the crane. He remembers that he told Feng En that he wants to marry Crown Princess.

Crown Prince visits Emperor, and Emperor remembers that Crown Prince promised not to step in. Crown Prince denies and asks for marrying crown princess. Emperor thinks Crown Prince is stupid and naive.

Feng En thinks Emperor won’t agree until now, and Emperor says that he will make Emperor agree.

Emperor asks for enough reason, and Crown Prince says that he loves her, although he didn’t see her.

Royal Nirvana: Qiu Xin Zhi is in the jail

Wen Pu combs Lu Ying’s hairs, and Lu Ying asks him if he regrets. Wen Pu says that he just fears so that he doesn’t want them to see it. Lu Ying says that he fears them to blame him, and Wen Pu says that it’s a good news that Wen Jing left and Wen Xi is without message.

Wen Pu says that there is only one who blames Lu Ying, and it’s him. He pays his respect to him, and Lu Ying’s tear drops. He doesn’t expect there is a talk to comfort people in the world. He holds Wen Pu’s hands.

Royal Nirvana: Jing Gang Shan stops Li Yi Tong

Lu Ying arrives at the execution ground, and he tells Lu Zheng that he wants to listen to the yell of crane. Lu Zheng laughs but he says that he won’t keep the smile on his face.

Lu Zheng shows up and tells Wen Pu that he doesn’t expect that court is serious. He apologizes to him and tells him to forget him.

Royal Nirvana: Luo Jing visits Huang Zhi Jian

Feng En walks to Crown Prince and thinks Emperor didn’t agree to the request.

It’s flashback. Emperor says that he doesn’t know where Crown Prince got the guts and confidence to ask for such request. He asks him if he has other methods if he doesn’t agree. Crown Prince denies because he believes that Crown Prince will agree.

Royal Nirvana: Luo Jing tears up

Emperor doesn’t want to reject Crown Prince’s request since Crown Prince is so confident. He will publish after morning court. Crown Prince promises not to lose his politeness, and Emperor says that he won’t blame him for falling asleep because he is his son.

Lu Zheng reminds Crown Prince that it’s noon. Crown Prince asks to wait because morning court doesn’t take off.

Royal Nirvana: the maid wears clothes for Luo Jing

The man reminds Emperor that Crown Prince is still waiting for his order, and Emperor remembers Crown Prince told him that he will wait for his grace. Crown Prince promised to step in to repay Emperor and nation.

The bell rings, and it’s nothing. The envoy waits for Crown Prince’s killing. Crown Prince tells Feng En to block Wen Xi if she comes. Wen Xi runs through the street and she passes out.

Royal Nirvana: Li Yi Tong wants to save her father

Ming An tells Wen Xi that she doesn’t need to go. Because the two were sent to punishment department.

Feng En asks Crown Prince what Emperor did for, and hands over the handkerchief to him. Crown Prince wipes off the sweat on his face, and says that Emperor did it for punishing him. The envoy leaves, and Crown Prince says that he tried his best.

Royal Nirvana: Li Yi Tong hugs his brother

Lu Zheng is on knees and promises that his daughter will try her best to help him.

It’s flashback. Crown Prince asks for marrying Lu Zheng’s daughter. Emperor thinks Crown Prince wants to marry Lu Zheng’s daughter to save Lu Ying and avoid the uniting of Bai Zhou and Lu Zheng. Crown Prince denies and says that he loves her.

Royal Nirvana: Luo Jing and Jin Han have a talk

Wen Jing runs to Wen Xi and cries in her arms. She stops his crying, and Ming An reveals the two are pardoned and Lu Ying and Wen Pu are changed to wait for being killed.

Palace general tells Emperor that Crown Prince waited for extra half an hour. Emperor asks Palace General if Crown Prince is brave or stupid. Palace General thinks Lu Ying hasn’t been alive if he takes off what he said.

Royal Nirvana: Hung Zhi Jian stares at something

Emperor thinks Lu Ying isn’t worth of Crown Prince to do so if thing runs this way, or Crown Prince isn’t worth of him to do so.

Emperor asks Palace General to tell the marriage to Si Lin, and thinks it satisfies him. Palace General thinks Si Lin will try his best when the crown and marriage are linked together. Emperor says that he doesn’t wish to see Lu Zheng and Bai Zhou linked together.

Royal Nirvana: Li Yi Tong sings a song for her brother

Ms. Li learns that it’s the elder daughter of Lu Zheng, and Ming An thinks Wen Xi should be sober. Wen Xi says that she understood early that Crown Prince is stranger from now on. She hugs Wen Jing tightly, and he cannot breathe.

Shao Yun runs out and blames for being hit when it’s wedding day. Lu Zheng’s second daughter Song Zhi thinks he made the mistake again, and laughs to step in the room.

Royal Nirvana: Huang Zhi Jian asks his man to take care of Qiu Xin Zhi

Lu Zheng greets his elder daughter Nian Zhi as crown princess, and Nian Zhi is confused. He holds her hands and thinks she is his good daughter. She says that she knows nothing, and he says that he will help her.

Consort Zhao thinks the good marriage is done by her, and Crown Prince thanks her reluctantly. She asks when the wedding is going to hold, and she asks Crown Prince to move back.

Emperor wonders why the fish is prepared when Crown Prince doesn’t eat fish. The servant reports that Qi Prince is outside. Emperor glares at Consort Zhao, and mentions what he said not to get in palace before leaving capital.

Emperor asks Consort Zhao if she let him come. She says that she doesn’t know if she can see Qi Prince or not, so she thinks… Emperor asks why they need his order when they think so great.

Consort Zhao is on knees with Prince Zhao, and she asks to see Prince Qi eating what he likes because she is his mom. Emperor reminds her that Crown Prince has the experience of not allowing to get in palace.

Crown Prince explains that he let Qi Prince come, and Emperor asks Crown Prince to tell Qi Prince to leave before tomorrow morning.

Qi Prince asks Crown Prince is he came to see his embarrassment, and Crown Prince reminds Qi Prince that their father is emperor. But Qi Prince thinks the person forgets it is Crown Prince.

Crown Prince thinks the person needs to leave isn’t only Qi Prince, and the person cannot see last face isn’t just Qi Prince.

Wen Xi sings a song for Wen Jing, and tells him that what she sings is parting. He asks why they need to break willow branch. She says that people don’t want to part with the relatives, so they use the willow branch to keep them.

Wen Jing asks Wen Xi if they’re going to leave, and she says yes.

Wen Pu makes the bamboo dragonfly, and comforts Lu Ying that Ming An will take care of Wen Jing and Wen Xi. Wen Pu wishes to see them once. Lu Ying tears up and prefers to forget them.

Ms. Li wants Wen Pu and Wen Jing to see Lu Ying. Ming An rejects it and thinks Emperor wants to deal with Bai Zhou. Emperor cannot stand it, and Lu Ying’s life is chip. Emperor wishes Crown Prince to pull down Bai Zhou.

Bai Zhou visits the jail, and asks his follower to take care of Lu Ying and Wen Pu.

Ms. Li feels regret for not close to Crown Prince, and she wants to help Lu Ying. Ming An cannot see Crown Prince’s intent because he united Lu Ying’s enemy.

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