Royal Nirvana: Episode 21 [Recap]

This is the recap of Royal Nirvana: Episode 21. Qi Prince is on knees to the gate, and says goodbye. He rides away. Zhao Prince eats the fish and thinks it was given by Zhao Yong. He asks Zhao Consort to eat it.

Royal Nirvana: Episode 21 Recap

Royal Nirvana: Li Yi Tong tears up

Qi Prince is on knees to the gate, and says goodbye. He rides away. Zhao Prince eats the fish and thinks it was given by Zhao Yong. He asks Zhao Consort to eat it.

But Zhao Consort ignores Zhao Prince and asks about Qi Prince. She is lost when she knows that Qi Prince left, and asks if he wore enough. Ms. Jiang says that it’s less.

Zhao Consort sews the clothes for Qi Prince but hurts her hand. Zhao Prince worries about her and rushes to her. But she scolds him.

In the carriage, Wen Xi is with Wen Jin. She notes the man in black sees her off, and we know he is Feng En.

Crown Prince holds the perfume, and Feng En tells him not to open it. Feng En says that he saw the two leaving, but Crown Prince still doubt it.

Feng En tells Crown Prince to see Wen Xi. Crown Prince says that he promised Emperor not to be related to Wen Xi. Feng En stops Crown Prince opening the perfume, and he offers to open it with him in the future.

Wen Xi tells Wen Jing to obey Ms. Li, and she wishes him to write out the handwriting like Wen Pu. He asks her why she wants to leave him, and she says that she wants to go back to wait for Wen Pu and Lu Ying.

Wen Jing gives the willow branch to Wen Xi and wishes her to go back with Lu Ying early. Wen Xi hugs Wen Jing with tears, and promises to ride horse to visit him.

Royal Nirvana: Zhao Prince eats fish

The servant takes Wen Jin back, and he tells Ms. Li that he only found the young master. Wen Jing cries out that his sister parted with him, and he is in Ms. Li’s arms. She asks everyone to look for Wen Xi.

Ms. Jiang treats Zhao Prince and thinks he is allergy like Crown Prince. He says that Qi Prince likes it and he wanted to make Zhao Consort happy.

Ms. Jiang asks Zhao Prince to eat the medicine otherwise his hand will be swollen and he cannot write. He says that he doesn’t have the person to show the handwriting since Shi Yu is gone.

Royal Nirvana: Miao Pu parts with Jin Han

Zhao Prince calls Ms. Jiang sister, and feels sorry for making her go out of the palace. She laughs and thinks she is the sister’s mom. He says that she is the big sister, and asks her to apply the medicine on his body.

Ms. Jiang tells Zhao Prince to get the little sister to apply it for him. He says that there is a little sister, and wonders where she arrives. The servant reports that the maid of Ming An visits.

Crown Prince visits Emperor, and Emperor asks him if he needs perfume. Crown Prince asks it for Feng En, and Emperor tells Mr. Chen to give the ingredients to Crown Prince. Emperor asks Crown Prince if he wants to move back or not. Crown Prince tells Emperor to decide it on his own.

Royal Nirvana: Li Yi Tong stays with her brother in  the carriage

Zhao Prince learns that Wen Xi fled from Ming An, and she wants to get in the palace.

Crown Prince returns the palace, and the maids greet him. Crown Prince doesn’t want to see those things, and Feng En repeats what Wang Weng said. Crown Prince asks Feng En why he is there.

Feng En says that the palace gate has been closed, and he cannot leave without Crown Prince’s order. He asks him the thing of moving palace is decided. Crown Prince isn’t sure about it, and says that heaven fate cannot be expected. He looks at the moon.

Zhao Prince rejects Wen Xi’s offer because what he wants to call is sister not sister-in-law. He thinks she knew the reason so that she visited him.

Royal Nirvana: Luo Jin takes perfume

The maids show up and ask Wen Xi to get changed. Ms. Jiang laughs and thinks Wen Xi is the little sister Zhao Prince mentioned. The servant thinks they can do it. But Zhao Prince thinks getting into east palace isn’t easy, while Wen Xi walks in with tea.

Ms. Jiang says that she takes the duty of the wedding of Crown Prince. The servant tells Zhao Prince that Ming An will thank him if Lu Ying gets saved. But Zhao Prince thinks he won’t get benefit from Ming An because he will leave the capital after getting married.

Ms. Jiang thinks Zhao Prince is still a kid, and she tells Wen Xi to apply ointment for Zhao Prince.

Royal Nirvana: Li Yi Tong wants to save her dad

The maid tells Ms. Shen that Crown Prince will move to Yanzuo Palace, and thinks Kou Zhu is in jealousy. Kou Zhu thinks the maids talk about Crown Prince, and asks to arrest them. Ms. Shen is on knees and takes the duty.

Wang Weng tells Crown Prince to prepare gold for Crown Princess, and notes that Feng En slept over in Crown Prince’s room. Feng En asks Crown Prince if he really wants to move to Yanzuo Palace, and Crown Prince thinks Feng En cannot sleep over in his place if he moves to Yanzu Palace.

Feng En points out that Crown Prince cannot go out if he moves to Yanzuo Palace. Crown Prince thinks he cannot move out.

Wang Weng sees Kou Zhu taking the maid, and she says that the maid talked about Crown Prince. She thinks they shouldn’t break the rule when Crown Prince will come. Wang Weng agrees and tells Kou Zhu to manage the palace, and he goes to manage the thing he should manage.

Royal Nirvana: Luo Jin looks at moon

Zhao Prince tells Ms. Jiang to ask Wen Xi the rules of palace and make her drop the idea. Ms. Jiang asks Wen Xi if Crown Prince will move back. Wen Xi doesn’t think so. Ms. Jiang tells Wen Xi to get changed to get in the palace with her. Zhao Pring is furious, and Ms. Jiang comforts him that she will return Wen Xi to him.

In the carriage, Ms. Jiang asks Wen Xi why she thought Crown Prince won’t move back, and tells her that their voices won’t reach out. Wen Xi says that Emperor will give Crown Prince the freedom if he wants him to fight with Bai Zhou. They arrive at Donghua Gate, and Ms. Jiang tells Wen Xi to get off.

Ms. Jiang tells Wen Xi to be careful of her perfume ball because Yan Zuo Palace is being built. She tells her that she had a woman, and the woman’s name is Gu Sese. Ms. Jiang introduces Bai Zhou to Wen Xi, and says that he will talk with Emperor about the wedding of Crown Prince.

Crown Prince shows up, and he has an eye contact with Wen Xi. Ms. Jiang tells Wen Xi that her name is Se Se if she didn’t answer wrong.

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