Royal Nirvana: Episode 22 [Recap]

This is the recap of 2019 Chinese drama Royal Nirvana: Episode 22. Mr. Huang gives the budget paper of crown prince’s wedding to Emperor, and Emperor asks to be ample in the budget since what Crown Prince marries is the main concubine. Mr. Huang mentions the Yanzuo palace has built for 7 years and it has spent so much money.

Royal Nirvana: Episode 22 Recap

Royal Nirvana: Episode 22

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Royal Nirvana: Episode 22.

Mr. Huang gives the budget paper of crown prince’s wedding to Emperor, and Emperor asks to be ample in the budget since what Crown Prince marries is the main concubine. Mr. Huang mentions the Yanzuo palace has built for 7 years and it has spent so much money.

Mr. Huang adds that the nation bank is broke, and Emperor gives the paper to Crown Prince. Mr. Huang tells Crown Prince not to build Yanzuo palace and move back to Baoben palace. But Crown Prince thinks it will make people laugh at royal family for distress.

Crown Prince tells Emperor that he doesn’t want to move out, and Emperor agrees to it. But Bai Zhou rejects it and thinks Crown Prince will draw criticism. He reveals the Qing Tianjian went to Baoben palace and the minister saw it.

Ms. Jiang thinks the palace needs fire protection in such weather, and she asks Wen Xi to take a look at the east palace for her. Wen Xi leaves, and the servant thinks it’s hard to win Bai Zhou if Crown Prince moves back. Ms. Jiang says that she will be holden by Bai Zhou in his palm all her life.

Wen Xi tells the workers to avoid wind and check fire. So they leave.

Bai Zhou tells Emperor that there were many ministers visiting Crown Prince, and Emperor laughs that Bai Zhou knows what people Crown Prince saw than him. He tells Crown Prince to thank Bai Zhou.

Wen Xi pours the oil in the palace and she sets the fire with the incense ball.

Emperor asks Crown Prince to move to Yanzuo palace after he gets married. The servant reports that Yanzuo palace is burning.

Bai Zhou wants to look into it, but Emperor asks the men to go back. Mr. Huang reminds Emperor what it burns is the money of nation bank. Emperor yells at Mr. Huang and thinks he takes the side of Zhao Yong.

The men receive the order, and they retreat. Wen Xi catches the chance to run out of the burning palace. But it’s raining. The man reports to Emperor that it burns again.

Wen Xi returns, and Ms. Jiang heaven fate stands by Wen Xi’s side.

Emperor asks how it got fire, and the servant brings the box with gold. Bai Zhou asks to look into, and questions Crown Prince why weather minister went to his place. Crown Prince explains that weather minister went to report about the weather.

Emperor thinks the box is the root drawing thunder, but Bai Zhou thinks there was a person setting fire before thunder fire. Emperor asks Bai Zhou if he wants to look into palace owner or thunder deity.

Crown Prince wants to hand over sin paper, but Emperor rejects it and thinks Crown Prince is so childish. Emperor tells Chang Ping to write order letting Crown Prince hold the wedding at Baoben palace. Crown Prince feels regret for not moving back, and asks Bai Zhou to depress the letters. Emperor agrees and asks not to bring trouble before wedding.

Bai Zhou goes out and thinks Crown Prince cannot move out. He asks Ms. Jiang to help him. She accepts it and calls Wen Xi as Ms. Gu.

Palace General reports to Emperor that there is the trace of oil at the palace. Emperor reveals Crown Prince asked weather minister when the thunderstorm will come, and he got the men to place it on the rooftop.

Emperor doesn’t expect that Crown Prince almost dismantled the palace, and he wants to punish him if he won’t get married.

Zhao Yong thinks Emperor wants to deal with Bai Zhou, and tells him to take action first. He worries that Lu Ying finds what he did. But Bai Zhou rejects it and thinks Emperor stands by Crown Prince’s side.

Ms. Jiang tells Wen Xi that Consort Zhao was supposed to be knees to her. Wen Xi says that she knows that Crown Prince is stranger from now on.

Zhao Prince asks what Wen Xi looks at, and she reveals her mom made the osmanthus into dessert. She says that she misses the flavour when families stayed together.

Zhao Prince asks why Wen Xi did so much for his families, and he heard that she has parted with his older brother for many years. Wen Xi reveals she got angry at Wen Pu for no sugar before she left, and he took out the sugar to her when he is wet.

Wen Xi adds that the sugar stained on the clothes and she threw the sugar away because she needed to wash clothes for Wen Pu. She says that the sugar was picked up by Wen Jin and he got decayed tooth for eating sugar.

Zhao Prince is envy of Wen Xi’s brothers, and he says that his brothers won’t give sugar to him. Wen Xi doesn’t know how to answer, and he tells her to smile at him. She smiles and asks if the vague works for him.

Zhao Prince tells Wen Xi that it will be in time if she gives up. But she doesn’t want to give up. He tells her to remember it that Crown Prince isn’t stranger.

Zhao Prince tells Wen Xi to get in the carriage, and the seal drops. He asks her why she has the stuff. She reveals she promised someone to return the stuff to the owner. She says that he went back because she wanted to see Crown Prince.

Shao Yun mentions the person who kicked him into water, and thinks he will be scared if he knows what his brother-in-law is. Nian Zhi tells Shao Yun not to bring trouble to Crown Prince.

Song Zhi reveals Emperor doesn’t like Crown Prince and east palace burnt up. She worries about Nian Zhi.

Wang Weng asks Crown Prince if he wants to take a look at the painting. Crown Prince tells Wang Weng to put it at the place which isn’t close to him because he doesn’t want to see it, and he asks him not to put it far away because he doesn’t want to forget it.

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