Royal Nirvana: Episode 24 [Recap]

This is the recap of 2019 Chinese drama Royal Nirvana: Episode 24. Emperor asks the man why Ming An gave the battlefield report so late. The man explains that Ming An didn’t expect that Cheng En and Si Lin got in enemy army so deeply, and they couldn’t break out.

Royal Nirvana: Episode 24 Recap

Royal Nirvana: Episode 24

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Royal Nirvana: Episode 24.

Emperor asks the man why Ming An gave the battlefield report so late. The man explains that Ming An didn’t expect that Cheng En and Si Lin got in enemy army so deeply, and they couldn’t break out.

Feng En walks in the palace and asks what happened. Emperor tells Feng En not to step in. Feng En says that they’re his dad and brother. Emperor asks Chang Ping to give the report to Feng En.

Feng En wants to go to Long State. Emperor rejects it as the morale of the troops will lose if Feng En leaves. But Feng En thinks the morale of the troops is useless if Si Lin and Cheng En die.

Emperor scolds Feng En and blames Crown Prince for not getting changed. Emperor asks Crown Prince to watch Feng En, and tells Crown Prince to take the sin if Feng En flees.

Emperor wonders why they got the result since they used all of the national power. The man says that he heard it was because of battle steed.

The men are selling horses, and the officer goes to catch them. But they ride the horse and trip him.

The men report it to Zhao Yong, and Zhao Yong places the chopsticks on the table and praises them. Zhao Yong thinks it’s ok to kill some officers.

The man mentions what Zhao Yong told them that blocking the money is like killing parents. Zhao Yong says that it’s ok to kill his parents so long as not to block his money.

Bai Zhou shows up and asks Zhao Yong if he asked his men to take the rest horses to sell in the market. Zhao Yong admits it, and Bai Zhou shows the warrant to those men.

The man tells Bai Zhou to deal with the officer Cong Xian for him. But Bai Zhou asks them to get lost. Zhao Yong thinks Bai Zhou startled the kids, and brags that the horses are exchanged back the actual money.

Bai Zhou wonders why heaven gave birth to a fool like Zhao Yong. But Zhao Yong tells Bai Zhou not to bully him. Bai Zhou reveals that Si Lin disappeared, and thinks court will ask for duty.

Zhao Yong reminds Bai Zhou that he got benefits from it, and asks if Bai Zhou’s neck is harder than his neck. Zhao Yong mentions that he said early that Lu Ying is a bane if they keep him.

Crown Prince asks Feng En to sleep over at his place, but Feng En doesn’t want to disturb Crown Prince because he just got married. Feng En yells at Crown Prince if he worries it since Wen Xi is in Long State.

Crown Prince doesn’t want to mention Wen Xi, and Feng En thinks Crown Prince forgot Wen Xi when he has new woman. He thinks he is like Emperor. Crown Prince rages and wants to beat Feng En. But he gives up.

Feng En cuts the wood with his sword, and the servant thinks Feng En won’t leave for Crown Prince. But Chang Ping thinks Feng En should go for Crown Prince.

Feng En claims he is the master of the house and asks Chang Ping to leave. Chang Ping reminds Feng En that human will get pain before he dies. Feng En thinks Chang Ping can flatter Emperor and kill human.

Chang Ping points out that nobody can defeat Si Lin and Cheng En with killing human. Feng En thinks Chang Ping asks for death, and puts the sword on his neck.

Chang Ping thinks Si Lin and Cheng En’s honor were earned from the skeletons. He asks Cheng En what Gu family has without military exploit, and what Crown Prince has without Gu family.

Feng En rages to rip Chang Ping’s clothes with his sword. He remembers he burnt his clothes. Chang Ping thinks the one who gets pain is Feng En, and going to Long State is his only path all his life. He reminds him that the bloodline of Gu family will be broken if he doesn’t go.

Wen Xi teaches Crown Princess the poem. Crown Prince shows up and puts his head on Crown Princess’s knees. She asks him why she is so late, but he tells her not to asks the things outside.

The men go to the jail and cover Lu Ying and Wen Pu’s heads with black bags.

The servant reports to Crown Prince that Feng En went to Chunhua gate. Crown Princess wears the cloak for Crown Prince. Wang Weng shows up and tells something to Crown Prince.

Crown Prince asks Wang Weng to give the letter to Lu Zheng. But Wang Weng doesn’t know where Lu Zheng’s house is. Crown Princess reminds Crown Prince that Wen Xi went to her family in the wedding.

Crown Prince asks Wen Xi if she can ride horse. She denies. He tells Wang Weng to give her the tooth token, and gets a man to go with her. He asks her to hand over the letter to Lu Zheng in person. Wen Xi reads the letter and knows that her dad and brother are in danger.

Wen Xi arrives at Lu Zheng’s house, but the man tells her that Lu Zheng left. She feels anxious and rides to the jail.

The guard blocks Wen Xi, and she shows the tooth token to him. Lu Ying and Wen Pu pass out after the men put the sacks on their bodies.

Shao Yun visits the jail and finds Wen Pu. He tells it to Lu Zheng. Lu Zheng tells those men to leave, and asks people to save Lu Ying and Wen Pu.

Shao Yun tells Lu Ying and Wen Pu that the one who saved them was his brother-in-law. Lu Zheng tells his men to protect the two. Wen Xi sees it and holds the letter.

The man asks the guard if Feng En goes out of the gate. The guard denies. The man reports it to Crown Prince, and he thinks Feng En should leave early.

Feng En takes the horse and shows up. He scolds the animal for his lame. Crown Prince asks Feng En to go back with his. But Feng En points out that he has broken the order since he arrives there.

Crown Prince tells Feng En that he will deal with him with order. Feng En wonders why Crown Prince didn’t take You General and shackles.

Crown Prince beats Feng En and subdues him. Feng En points out that he taught the martial art to Crown Prince. Crown Prince says that he thought Feng En yielded him.

Feng En admits it but points out that Crown Prince is taller than him. Crown Prince helps Feng En get up and wipes off the dusts for him.

Feng En asks Crown Prince if he remembers he taught him shooting and riding. Crown Prince thinks what Feng En taught him has delayed him for many years. He asks him if he forgot the words he said.

It’s flashback. Feng En tells Crown Prince that he will help him be the emperor when he wears the clothes.

Feng En says that he has to break the promise because he lost his scholarly honour, and he cannot be redemption of anything if he doesn’t leave.

Crown Prince asks Feng En if it was painful to burn up a clothes. Feng En feels pain in his palm.

Crown Prince asks how Feng En leaves since the gate is closed. He tells him that he will return the favor to him since he opened the gate for him.

Crown Prince asks the guard to open the gate with his order. Feng En asks why Crown Prince took the seal. Crown Prince says that he didn’t keep anyone when they want to leave.

Crown Prince gives his horse to Feng En. Feng En asks Crown Prince how he will explain it since the horse belongs to Emperor. Crown Prince says that it’s nothing since the person has left.

Crown Prince takes Feng En’s horse to leave. Feng En is on knees to Crown Prince.

Zhao Yong asks Bai Zhou what to do since Lu Zheng transferred Lu Ying. Bai Zhou claims that he didn’t tell Zhao Yong to see horses. Zhao Yong points out that Bai Zhou cannot flee when the defeat message arrives.

Bai Zhou says that Lu Ying is just a cicada, and he intends to shoot the bird with the projectile. He asks Zhao Yong if Feng En left. Zhao Yong tells Bai Zhou to report it to Emperor so that Emperor will forget the horses. But Bai Zhou wants Feng En to flee far away.

Consort Zhao offers to play polo, and Emperor agrees to it. He tells Crown Prince to play it for him, and asks him if he tamed the horse.

Crown Princess asks Shao Yun to look for the foreign horse like Emperor’s horse. He asks what the horse looks like, and she tells him to ask Wang Weng about it. Crown Prince shows up, and Shao Yun leaves. Crown Princess asks Crown Prince if his thing is done. He reveals he got You Ming to do it.

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