Royal Nirvana: Episode 25 [Recap]

This is the recap of 2019 Chinese drama Royal Nirvana: Episode 25. The man takes Shao Yun to buy foreign horses, and Crown Prince rides the horse. Shao Yun thinks the horse is like Crown Prince, and Crown Princess scolds him.

Royal Nirvana: Episode 25 Recap

Royal Nirvana: Episode 25

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Royal Nirvana: Episode 25.

The man takes Shao Yun to buy foreign horses, and Crown Prince rides the horse. Shao Yun thinks the horse is like Crown Prince, and Crown Princess scolds him.

Crown Prince asks Shao Yun where the horse came from. Shao Yun explains that he borrowed from his friend. Crown Prince invites Crown Princess to ride horse together.

But Crown Princess asks Wen Xi to do it for her. Crown Prince and Wen Xi are on the horse, and he asks her what she fears while hugging her belly. But he jumps off the horse.

The horse rushes to the wall, and Wen Xi stops him. Crown Princess thinks Wen Xi rides the horse so well, and Shao Yun thinks Wen Xi is like wind.

Wen Xi tells Crown Prince that she played polo many times, but he tells her that the horse needs to be trained.

Shao Yun gives the money to the man, but the man asks for more money. Shao Yun intends to flee, but those men catch him and want to take him to east palace. Shao Yun stops them.

Crown Princess learns that Shao Yun signed the note. He says that he couldn’t avoid it because they knew his identity. Crown Princess asks Wen Xi to give the money to Shao Yun.

But Wen Xi stops Crown Princess and wonders how they knew Shao Yun’s identity. Shao Yun thinks they just wanted to blackmail him. Crown Princess thinks money is nothing and she doesn’t want to bring trouble to Crown Prince.

Wen Xi wants to tell it to Crown Prince. But Crown Princess doesn’t want Crown Prince not to celebrate the festival well.

Wen Xi gives the money to Shao Yun, and he asks her not to tell it to Crown Prince. She tells him to take back the note. The man bugs them.

The maid tells Wen Xi that Crown Prince summons her, and Wen Xi goes to see Crown Prince. He asks her where she went with Shao Yun, and she says that she cannot speak.

Crown Prince thinks Wen Xi gave the money to Shao Yun, and tells her that there are men reporting to him when she doesn’t report. He asks her why she persuaded Crown Princess, and she says that she knew the rule of selling foreign horse is sin.

Wen Xi says that she worried that it will hurt Crown Prince’s reputation. Crown Prince asks Wen Xi why she didn’t tell him, and she says that Crown Princess is her master, and if she reports it to him, it breaks the rule and betrays master. She asks him if he will trust such a person.

Crown Prince thinks Wen Xi is right, and he says that he doesn’t trust her isn’t because of this thing. He says that he asked Lu Zheng, and Lu Zheng said that he didn’t receive the letter when Lu Ying was in danger.

Crown Prince shows the letter, and says that he found it in Wen Xi’s place. Wen Xi cannot explain, and Crown Prince thinks she wanted to hurt Lu Ying. He doesn’t want to give Crown Princess to her, and asks Wang Weng to hand over Wen Xi to Ms. Jiang.

Wen Xi goes out and runs into Lu Ying. The maid tells Wen Xi to leave tomorrow. But Wen Xi thinks she cannot leave.

Crown Prince asks where the foreign horses come from. Lu Ying says smuggling, and Crown Prince thinks the ministers are the behind of the smugglers.

Zhao Yong shows a suitcase of golds to Mr. Zhou. Mr. Zhou says that he is terrified for Bai Zhou’s visiting. Bai Zhou asks Mr. Zhou if the smuggler hurt the officer, and Mr. Zhou says that he released the warrant. Bai Zhou says that he has found the smuggler.

Crown Prince learns that Zhao Yong earns money from it, and Lu Ying says that Zhao Yong isn’t single.

Bai Zhou tells Mr. Zhou that he will be meritorious statesman if he catches the person. Mr. Zhou says that he won’t disappoint court but he accepts the golds.

Zhao Yong asks Bai Zhou if Shao Yun is worth of so much money. Bai Zhou mentions what he said that he wants to use Shao Yun to shoot oriole.

Crown Prince thinks Bai Zhou’s goal isn’t only Shao Yun, so he wants to draw them out with his body as the bait. But Lu Ying tells Crown Prince not to step in the danger.

Crown Prince tells Lu Ying that he will ask Emperor to release him, and wishes him to coordinate. Wen Xi bugs the two and thinks she cannot leave while touching the window.

Wen Xi shoots the oriole, and the maids don’t find Wen Xi in the room.

Wen Xi wears the belt for Crown Prince. Crown Prince asks Wen Xi how she made Kou Zhu late while holding her hand. She says that she was black of Kou Zhu’s window and drove away some orioles.

Wen Xi explains to Crown Prince that she didn’t hand over the letter because Lu Ying was safe. She tells him that he was the reason, and reveals she loved him so deeply ever.

Wen Xi adds that she doesn’t want to leave. Crown Prince asks what she will give him for keeping her. She thinks she can help him because she knows horses well.

Crown Prince doesn’t know how to reject Wen Xi, and hugs her. The maids go out, and Crown Princess asks who is inside. Kou Zhu shows up and tells Crown Princess that Crown Prince summons her.

Crown Prince intends to kiss Wen Xi, but she stops him with her hand. He tells her not to lie when she doesn’t have the awareness. She asks him if he doesn’t want to take risk, and asks for one day. But he doesn’t think she has the value of one day.

Kou Zhu shows up and tells Wen Xi to leave. But Crown Prince still takes Wen Xi’s neck. Kou Zhu reminds Crown Prince that Crown Princess is waiting for him to go to palace. So he releases his hand.

Emperor plays polo with Crown Prince. Consort Zhao complains that Qi Prince was hurt so that he cannot play. Ms. Jiang thinks it’s good because Consort Zhao wants Emperor to play.

Crown Princess wonders why Wen Xi doesn’t come. Wen Xi follows Shao Yun to the place he got tricked, and the officers are waiting for Shao Yun.

Bai Zhou thinks what Crown Prince rides is a good horse, and he doubts if Crown Prince will win. Lu Zheng thinks Crown Prince doesn’t dare to defeat Emperor.

The officer takes Mr. Zhou arriving at the house, and Mr. Zhou tells them to catch Shao Yun when they have a deal.

Wen Xi wonders why there is only one seller, and she wants to see the horses. She tells Shao Yun not to take action before she goes out. He agrees to it.

Crown Prince wins Emperor. But the ball is out of scope. Emperor thinks Crown Prince learnt the method, and Crown Prince helps Emperor get off the horse.

Crown Princess thought Crown Prince would win Emperor in front of ministers. She thinks Emperor is nice to Crown Prince.

Emperor still wants to give present to Crown Prince even if he fails. Consort Zhao reminds Emperor that Feng En isn’t there. Crown Prince admits that he sent Feng En away and gave the horse to him. Emperor asks Crown Prince why he cheated him since he broke the order.

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