Royal Nirvana: Episode 26 [Recap]

This is the recap of Royal Nirvana: Episode 26. The officers show up and catch Shao Yun. Wen Xi takes the horse out and sees them. Crown Prince asks Bai Zhou to tell him the reason why the horses appear in the capital when they should be in the battlefield.

Royal Nirvana: Episode 26 Recap

Royal Nirvana: Episode 26

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Royal Nirvana: Episode 26.

The officers show up and catch Shao Yun. Wen Xi takes the horse out and sees them. Crown Prince asks Bai Zhou to tell him the reason why the horses appear in the capital when they should be in the battlefield.

Bai Zhou is also confused, and asks Crown Prince to give him the answer. Crown Prince says that border people refused to give good horses because they couldn’t get good official tea. So it’s lack of horses.

Consort Zhao asks if Zhao Yong needs to die when Si Lin got defeat. Emperor stops her and asks for the evidence.

Crown Prince gives the warrant to Emperor, and thinks east guard has caught those men. Lu Zheng reports to Emperor that the tea and horse minister Lu Ying almost got killed.

Bai Zhou tells Lu Ying not to transfer the duty to someone else. Emperor tells Crown Prince to look into it, and gets Ms. Jiang to send Consort Zhao away.

Consort Zhao slaps the maid, and thinks Emperor wants to deal with them. Ms. Jiang points out that Crown Prince and Emperor aren’t with same mind, and thinks they’re monarch and minister.

Mr. You offers to take the men back, and Wen Xi wonders why Shao Yun became the horse seller after seeing the paper. She rips the paper, and thinks Shao Yun takes another paper.

Bai Zhou tells Emperor that the one selling horse wasn’t Zhao Yong but Shao Yun. Lu Zheng thinks Bai Zhou intends to protect someone. Bai Zhou says that people know that Shao Yun likes to visit gambling house.

Bai Zhou asks who helped Shao Yun sell horse to repay debt. The eunuch gives the contract to Emperor, and Emperor throws the contract to the ground. We see Shao Yun’s name.

Shao Yun tells Wen Xi that the man promised him 400 silver. She asks him if he knows what horse it is.

Emperor tells Crown Prince that his woman tried to destroy criminal evidence, and reveals the mark is on the horse.

Wen Xi yells at Shao Yun that it’s war horse, and he says that the horse didn’t have mark. Wen Xi tells Shao Yun it’s treason. He tells her to get Crown Prince to save him. But she thinks he got her and Crown Prince involved.

Emperor thinks Crown Prince connived his man to intervene army and government, and he asks him to be on knees. Bai Zhou suspects Lu Zheng for killing Lu Ying, and Emperor asks Lu Zheng to avoid the case.

Emperor tells the bodyguard to pull out blade if Crown Prince walks out of east palace. Emperor tells Crown Prince that he is disappointed with him.

Nian Zhi is on knees outside, and Kou Zhu tells her to go back. Nian Zhi rejects it. Wen Xi shows up and tells Nian Zhi that Consort Zhao won’t walk out. Nian Zhi says that she isn’t smart, and she cannot get better way.

Crown Prince intends to go out, and the bodyguards block him and want to pull out the blades. Crown Prince tells them that they’re not dereliction of duty if they don’t block him after pulling out blades. Mr. You stops the bodyguards pulling out their blades.

Crown Prince walks to Nian Zhi, and she cries for bringing trouble to him. She thinks she shouldn’t take the position, and tells him to depose her. He gives a bowl of water to her, and keeps out sunshine for her.

Nian Zhi thinks her brother made sin to Crown Prince, but he thinks Shao Yun’s sin isn’t related to her as she belongs to Xiao family now. She feels regret for not helping him, and he tells her to accompany him.

Crown Prince mentions Emperor didn’t allow Nian Zhi to go to moral palace, and he wants her to see the place which his mom dressed up. He says that he knew his mom is most beautiful woman in the world when he was still a kid. He adds that her demeanor didn’t need the status of empress to support.

Crown Prince says that he saw mom taking off the flower which nobody appreciates with her hand like swan. He says that she was so beautiful but the person she waited for hadn’t come.

“Time becomes hard because of hopeless, and human become weak because of hopeless. Human is like jade, and they need caress. It will turn pale if it keeps being placed.”

Crown Prince says that he decided long time ago that he will watch his future wife when she dresses up, and he will return to stay with her when she is in pain and doesn’t want to wait.

Nian Zhi is in tears and thinks she is the most lucky woman, and she comforts him that she will keep accompanying him. Wen Xi is in tears while bugging the two.

Nian Zhi tells Crown Prince that they will accompany him, and puts his hand on her belly. He learns the reason she didn’t agree to ride with him. But Crown Prince panics and thinks they shouldn’t accept the baby. He walks out but he is startled by Wen Xi.

Emperor passes out after knowing Cheng En died. Chang Ping releases blood for Emperor from his head, and tells the eunuch to invite Crown Prince.

Crown Prince blames Wen Xi for having no rule to squat, and asks her it was what her teacher taught her. He thinks she didn’t leave and brought troubles to him. She regrets for not watching Shao Yun.

Crown Prince asks Wen Xi if she thought of any rhetoric, and thinks he won’t get benefit if he keeps her. She says that she has it.

Palace General shows up with his men, and Crown Prince tells him that he can walk himself, telling him not to startle his wife.

Emperor wakes up and tells Chang Ping to go to moral palace. Crown Prince goes to see Emperor, and Chang Ping tells him that Emperor falls asleep. Crown Prince spots the injury on Emperor’s head, and Chang Ping admits that he stabbed it.

Crown Prince asks to arrest Chang Ping, and the doctor explains that Chang Ping saved Emperor. Crown Prince wonders why Emperor is at moral palace, and Chang Ping thinks Emperor didn’t feel comfortable for staying at security palace.

Consort Zhao wonders why Emperor went to moral palace instead of her place, and she feels sad.

It flashes back. The maid tells Empress to cry out if she is sad. Empress thinks the man won’t make her tear if he loves her, and tearing is useless if he doesn’t love her. The maid wants to get the method, but Empress thinks Emperor won’t come.

Emperor wakes up, and Crown Prince feeds the medicine for Emperor. Emperor tells Crown Prince to get up, but Crown Prince thinks he is with sin. Emperor thinks Crown Prince is stubborn, and tells him that Cheng En died.

Crown Prince wants to wear armor to keep watch for Emperor, but Emperor tells him to stay in the room. Crown Prince tells Emperor that the horses are war horses, and he wants to look into it and comfort the souls of people fell in battle.

But Emperor points out that Crown Prince had disappointed him. He tells him that crown prince is hard to be because he needs to protect the world and himself, so crown prince shouldn’t be cowardice and stupid.

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