Royal Nirvana: Episode 4 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Royal Nirvana: Episode 4. In the court, Emperor tells Crown Prince to deal with Qi Prince. Crown Prince thinks the ministers are related to the case, but the one with sin is Qi Prince.

Royal Nirvana: Episode 4 Recap

Royal Nirvana

In the court, Emperor tells Crown Prince to deal with Qi Prince. Crown Prince thinks the ministers are related to the case, but the one with sin is Qi Prince.

Crown Prince asks to send Qi Prince to Justice Temple, and Palace General tells the bodyguards to take away Qi Prince. But Crown Prince stops them and thinks Ms. Zhang instigated their brothers.

Bo Zhou agrees to it and offers to tell people about Ms. Zhang’s sin. But Crown Prince tells Qi Prince to talk and do carefully. Qi Prince ignores Crown Prince while he is on knees.

Crown Prince reminds Qi Prince the etiquette of minister. Qi Prince thanks Crown Prince for his teaching.

Emperor praises Crown Prince, but Shi Yu reminds Emperor that Qi Prince doesn’t leave capital. Emperor agrees to send Qi Prince away. Crown Prince asks Emperor to forgive the people of Shangfu Department because they didn’t know Ms. Zhang’s plan. Emperor agrees to it.

Emperor opens the scroll, and Qi Prince says that it’s what Crown Prince faked. So Emperor shows the scroll to Qi Prince. Qi Prince notes that the scroll is blank.

Emperor reminds Qi Prince that Ms. Wu couldn’t speak because of wound, and reveals he left it to Crown Prince. Qi Prince thinks Crown Prince will keep the woman to deal with him. But Emperor scolds Qi Prince that Crown Prince saved him.

Crown Prince visits Ms. Wu, and she climbs to him. He tells her that Ms. Zhang is her mom, and decides not to forgive the despicable woman and make her live painful. Ms. Wu regrets but the mistake she has made.

Feng En wonders how Crown Prince knew Ms. Zhang and Ms. Wu’s relationship. Crown Prince sighs that nobody would protect someone else with her life except mom.

Crown Prince visits Emperor but sees Qi Prince begging Emperor for not letting him leave. Crown Prince leaves and runs into Shi Yu. Shi Yu thinks Crown Prince should tell the truth to Emperor before the crown ceremony. But Dad Emperor is a cold existence to Crown Prince.

Emperor finds the scroll Ms. Wu almost burnt up, and the content was replaced by Crown Prince. It doesn’t wrong Qi Prince, and Emperor is confused.

Crown Prince accepts the crown successfully. The examination begins. Shi Yu and Bo Zhou check the examination room, and they finds out that the linoleum is broken on the rooftop. Shi Yu gets someone else to fix it for prevent examinees from catching cold.

Zhao Prince takes Crown Prince to see Emperor, but Consort Zhao and Qi Prince are eating with Emperor. Zhao Consort wants Qi Prince to stay in the capital, so she pretends to be nice to Crown Prince and recommends Lu Zheng’s elder daughter as crown princess.

But Crown Prince is against Qi Prince staying in the capital with the law of nation. He tells Emperor to make a choice on the candidate of Crown Princess. Zhao Consort and Qi Prince are awkward.

Crown Prince visits Shi Yu with his handwriting, and he promises to throw a birthday party for him after the examination. But Shi Yu says that he wants to eat hometown dishes. Crown Prince finds the letter of resignation on the table, and Shi Yu thinks he should leave when Crown Prince got the crown. Shi Yu says that he summoned Lu Ying, and he will continue helping Crown Prince.

Crown Prince burns up the letter, and he cries to keep Shi Yu. He knows that Emperor won’t let Qi Prince. It’s not only because of favor but Emperor’s balanced art. So it will be with thorns on the road.

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