Royal Nirvana: Episode 6 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Royal Nirvana: Episode 6. Crown Prince interrogates the cheaters. He knows that Bo Zhou asked those guys to take notes and searched the examination room. Crown Prince cannot sue Bo Zhou because he didn’t leak the questions.

Royal Nirvana: Episode 6 Recap

Royal Nirvana

Crown Prince interrogates the cheaters. He knows that Bo Zhou asked those guys to take notes and searched the examination room. Crown Prince cannot sue Bo Zhou because he didn’t leak the questions.

Du Heng thinks Bo Zhou, Shi Yu and all of cheaters will be punished, if they cannot prove who leaked the question. Crown Prince knows that Bo Zhou will transfer the sin to Shi Yu.

Shi Yu questions Zhao Sou, and he remembers the first name of Zhao Sou’s wife is “Xu”. So the cheater Xu Changping is related to Zhao Sou’s family. Zhao Sou is on knees and admits that Xu Changping is his nephew. So he stole the questions. But Zhao Sou doesn’t know why Feng En and Wen Pu got involved.

Shi Yu mentions that he checked the questions, and there was any trace that it was replaced. Zhao Sou reveals that he copied the questions and sealed with the seal note. He adds that the real questions was burnt up.

Shi Yu doesn’t expect that he made the mistake, and he doesn’t arrest Zhao Sou because he has followed him for many years. So he lets him go.

Zhao Sou visits Bo Zhou. Bo Zhou saw Zhao Sou stealing the questions, and incited him to fake the questions and hide the real questions at home.

Bo Zhou forces Zhao Sou to wrong Shi Yu in front of Emperor.

Chang Ping tells Crown Prince that Zhao Sou stole the questions. Crown Prince realizes that he must take out the original copy from Zhao Sou’s home, otherwise Zhao Sou will wrong Shi Yu.

But when Crown Prince is going to start off, Qi Prince stops him and Emperor arrives soon. Crown Prince cannot go to take the original copy, and he gets scold by Emperor.

Emperor knows the relationship of Zhao Sou and Chang Ping. Zhao Sou lies that Shi Yu asked him to take the questions home for leaking questions for Feng En and Wen Pu, when he was stealing the questions.

Zhao Sou adds that Shi Yu told him to take the duty if it gets discovered. He says that the draft Shi Yu asked him to fake the questions is in his house. Shi Yu cannot explain it, so Emperor summons Feng En. Feng En points out that Bo Zhou wronged, but Emperor punishes Feng En with the court stick.

Crown Prince wants to rush out to help Shi Yu and Feng En when they’re wronged. But Emperor scolds Crown Prince. Qi Prince sees the impatient looks of Crown Prince, and sneers at him.

The draft which was found in Zhao Sou’s house, and it’s given to Emperor. Emperor is shocked and asks his men to stop the court stick. Crown Prince tells Qi Prince that what Emperor sees is the contact letter of Chang Ping and Qi Prince, and asks him what Emperor will do if the question is found in Qi Prince’s house.

Qi Prince is confused and he doesn’t expect Crown Prince got Wen Xi to see Qi Princess with the questions. Qi Princess is stupid, and she accepts original copy as she thinks it’s asked by her husband.

Emperor learns that Qi Prince got Chang Ping to put the questions in Feng En and Wen Pu’s rooms. Chang Ping lifts his head and admits that the letter is what Qi Prince gave him. Qi Prince realizes that Crown Prince set the trap with Zhao Sou and Chang Ping. Because Crown Prince knows that Qi Prince and Bo Zhou would do something evil.

Qi Prince guesses out that the letter was faked by Crown Prince. Zhao Sou tells Emperor that Bo Zhou asked him to wrong Shi Yu. Bo Zhou takes all of the duties for protecting Qi Prince. Emperor rages to arrest Bo Zhou.

Crown Prince mentions to Qi Prince that he warned him not to touch his men, and thinks nothing would happen if Qi Prince didn’t take evil intent.

Crown Prince and Wen Xi visit jail to see Feng En and Wen Pu. Lu Zheng’s son Shao Yun wants to see Wen Xi’s real face under the veil. Crown Prince blocks Shao Yun and tells him that Wen Xi is his woman. Du Heng shows up and takes away Shao Yun.

Wen Xi doesn’t want Crown Prince to see her real face, and she is shy to run away like a deer. He sees her back and has feelings on her.

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