Royal Nirvana: Episode 7 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Royal Nirvana: Episode 7. After examinees leave, Shi Yu finds out that there is a room without examinee and number. He suspects it.

Royal Nirvana: Episode 7 Recap

Royal Nirvana

After examinees leave, Shi Yu finds out that there is a room without examinee and number. He suspects it.

Emperor looks into Shi Yu’s original copy and the faked handwriting. He thinks only Shi Yu can did so in the world, and he finds out the mistake of the rooms.

Crown Prince thrills to see Shi Yu, but his teacher hits Crown Prince with ruler. Shi Yu realizes that Crown Prince visited him was to set a trap for Qi Prince and Bo Zhou.

Shi Yu taught Crown Prince handwriting, but Crown Prince used it to fake his handwriting. He taught him how to be a nice person, but Crown Prince tempted Zhao Sou and Chang Ping with fame and fortune.

Shi Yu doesn’t wish that Crown Prince’s mind is full of plots, and he doesn’t wish him to violate moral and lose the virtue as a monarch.

Shi Yu decides to leave and tells Crown Prince to be a nice person. Crown Prince cries and asks Shi Yu not to leave. He tells him to hit him with the ruler more times. Shi Yu tears up and the ruler drops to the ground.

In the evening, Crown Prince visits Emperor but he runs into Bo Zhou. Crown Prince learns that Bo Zhou doesn’t get arrested, and realizes that something bad happened.

Crown Prince sees Shi Yu’s handwriting and the one he faked, and guesses out that Emperor knew his plan.

Emperor asks his man to hand over the map of the seats, and Crown Prince realizes that Bo Zhou wronged him. Emperor points out that Crown Prince set the trap first and he faked Shi Yu’s handwriting. People will think Crown Prince is a evil person, who wrongs minister.

Emperor reveals Crown Prince will be deposed if Bo Zhou tells the truth at the court. Crown Prince doesn’t know how to do, and Emperor intends to get Shi Yu to take the sin for Crown Prince.

Crown Prince regrets and begs Emperor for keeping Shi Yu’s life. He agrees to get Qi Prince to stay in the capital. Emperor is disappointed with Crown Prince, and he doesn’t expect that he gave up his pride for a minister.

Crown Prince cries that Shi Yu is the only teacher grandpa left to him, and he has accompanied for 15 years. So he has to try his best to protect Shi Yu.

Emperor is acquiescence of Crown Prince’s deal, and lets Shi Yu resign and return to his hometown. Crown Prince visits Shi Yu with the hometown dishes, and he knows that it’s hard for him to see his teacher all his life after the seeing off.

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