See You Again Chinese Drama: Episode 2 [Recap]

This is the recap of See You Again Chinese Drama: Episode 2. Qing Dong tells Chang Jin that he won’t take the duty even if something happens in the future. Chang Jin wants to follow Qing Dong to earn money, but Qing Dong thinks they will earn money together.

See You Again Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap

See You Again

Yi Pei asks Secretary about Chang Jing, and Secretary thinks he is a puppet. Yi Pei asks Secretary about the project of Gelan city, and Secretary complains it was robbed by the jerk. He asks Yi Pei what Chang Jin means since he invited him to watch the exhibition. Yi Pei points out that the foundation of Yi Mao holds the exhibition. Secretary thinks Qing Dong is showing off to Yi Pei.

Shi Jian walks at the campus, and shares, “I and Jia Cheng graduated from same university, and I got in the university when he graduated. We came back during the anniversary, and he said there were many people setting off fireworks at the roof.”

Shi Jian said that she and the classmates played murder Game at the roof, and the loser being punished to lie on the roof. The person slept until dawn because nobody called him. Jia Cheng thought the person is Shi Jian, and she denied.

Shi Jian arrives at the designing institute, and wishes Jiang Cheng to show up in front of her. Jia Cheng drives by with his girlfriend, and Shi Jian walks away.

Shi Jian finds Jia Cheng’s graduation thesis in the library, and she copies it. She wonders which company he went after graduation, and checks the student list of department of architecture.

Nai Qiao gives the light to Shi Jian, and reminds her that the dormitory will be outage at 10 pm. Shi Jian thinks her laptop contains batteries. But Nai Qiao points out that her batteries cannot take too long, and thinks Shi Jian lost her memory.

Shi Jian thinks her habits has been changed, and Nai Qiao shares that she is lack of power since Shi Jian doesn’t take part in the postgraduate entrance exams with her. Shi Jian points out that she can supervise Nai Qiao, and wants to earn some money.

Nai Qiao asks Shi Jian why, and Shi Jian says that she came back from the future. Nai Qiao doesn’t believe it, and the the dormitory is outage.

The next day, Nai Qiao notes that Shi Jian is searching Xiao Jing, and shares that many men pursue her. Shi Jian remembers the man took Jia Cheng away to be taken a group photo and shared that his ex Xiao Jing is there.

Shi Jian tells Nai Qiao that Xiao Jing is the ex of her husband, and Nai Qiao thinks Shi Jian cheated on Chang Jin. Shi Jian thinks she can find Jia Cheng if she finds Xiao Jing, and asks Nai Qiao where Xiao Jing works.

Nai Qiao doesn’t know, and shares Xiao Jing’s father Professor Song has a class. Shi Jian arrives at the school, but she is told that Professor Song left. So she rides the bike to chases his car, and arrives at his house. But Professor Song isn’t in the car.

The next day, Xiao Jing shows up. Shi Jian follows her to the cafe, and the friends think Xiao Jing is pregnancy. It makes Shi Jian nervous. Xiao Jing denies, and the friends think Xiao Jing should remind Jia Cheng to get married. Xiao Jing thinks Jia Cheng will do it in her help next years.

The friends think Jia Cheng doesn’t want to marry Xiao Jing, and Xiao Jing shares that Jia Cheng is clingy. The friends tells Xiao Jing to give Jia Cheng some hints, and Xiao Jing thinks she cannot let Jing Cheng fly since she transformed him into diamond man.

Xiao Jing notes that Shi Jian keeps following her, and asks who she is. Shi Jian introduces herself as Xiao Jing’s junior, and she wants to know where she works. Xiao Jing says that she cannot understand Shi Jian’s following, but promises to ask designing institute if they need intern.

Shi Jian sees Chang Jin waving to her while standing in front of the new car. She remembers Chang Jin said that Qing Dong gave the car to him. Chang Jin wonders why Shi Jian isn’t curious, and is shocked that Shi Jian knew Qing Dong bought him the car.

Chang Jin offers to drive the car to have a meal, but Shi Jian claims she doesn’t have the appetite. He is surprised that she doesn’t let him hold her hand, and he says that he will buy a big house. But she reveals the contracts he signed bring troubles to him.

Chang Jin wonders why Shi Jian poured him the cold water, and thinks everything is in the right path. But she reminds him the right path he mentions is an abyss. She tells him to hand over the contracts and disclose Qing Dong.

Chang Jin tells Shi Jian not to mention it, and she doesn’t wish him to get used by Qing Dong. He yells at her and thinks she is challenging him. Shi Jian realizes that Chang Jin will get in no matter how regret he does ten years later, being eaten by desire.

Shi Jian thinks Chang Jin is the same people to Qing Dong, and he pours water to her. Nai Qiao tells Shi Jian not to have dream, and Shi Jian spoilers for Nai Qiao. But Nai Qiao stops Shi Jian.

Shi Jian notes that the robust pine tree sent a message to Nai Qiao, and remembers he is the man who hurt Nai Qiao. Nai Qiao got married with the man Zi Song, but got abandoned. Shi Jian asks Nai Qiao about Yi Pei, and Shi Jian learns that Yi Pei and Qing Dong fights for the position of president.

Shi Jian arrives at the restaurant Jia Cheng liked to visit, and she picks up the phone when the shop owner is busy. Jia Zheng orders the foods he likes, but Shi Jian doesn’t recognize his voice. She asks shop owner if he knows Jia Cheng, but the shop owner denies.

Mom complains that she was drawn blood and doesn’t know when she will supply back. Shi Jian gives the boiled egg to Mom and wants to cook for her. Mom thinks Shi Jian’s future husband will have a hard time, but Shi Jian shares that Jia Cheng said that she has talent of cooking.

Mom learns that Shi Jian changed boyfriend, and Shi Jian tells Mom that her son-in-law’s first name is Ye. Mom tells Shi Jian to take Jia Cheng home, but Shi Jian says that she needs to find him first. Mom thinks Shi Jian brags, and says that she can support her tuition. But Shi Jian wants to work.

Xiao Jing finds Jia Cheng in the exhibition and wonders why he didn’t wear the suit she bought him. But he says that he likes to wear casually. She complains that he didn’t cooperate with her, and asks whose works he is looking at. He says that it’s a works of overseas student.

Xiao Jing takes Jia Cheng to see Yi Pei, and tells Yi Pei that the works he is looking at is designed by Jia Cheng.

Shi Jian wakes up from the nightmare and wants to fight for a different ending for Chang Jin and Nai Qiao. Mom finds the breakfast Shi Jian left. Shi Jian sneaks into Chang Jin’s house after he left, and finds the data of Gelan city.

Shi Jian wants to give the project report to Yi Pei, but Secretary tells her that Yi Pei doesn’t have time to see her. He asks her to hand over the report to him, and Yi Pei shows up.

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