Should We Kiss First Kdrama Recap: Episode 3-4

In the 3-4th episode of Should We Kiss First Kdrama, Soon Jin knows Mu Han is a rich man and decides to date him. Meanwhile, Mu Han knows Soon Jin is the woman he met at court 4 years ago.

Should We Kiss First Kdrama Recap: Episode 3

Should We Kiss First

Soon Jin thinks Mu Han is a dud and runs into rain when he holds umbrella waiting for her, he looks at her with love and says goodbye. Waitress finds him and gives him the phone Soon Jin left. The taxi drives thinks her clothes aren’t enough when seeing her shaking, Soon Jin denies it and lets him drop off at subway station.

She runs into Mu Han again when she picks umbrella at subway station, and tries to avoid her. Mu Han gets a text message from the loan shark who wants his organ, and thinks he shouldn’t take her phone. He lets her wait for him at the next station with gesture when the train begins to move, but he doesn’t appear when she arrives the next station.

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Mu Han is informed that Byeol is going to die within one month after he arrives hospital, Mi Ra warns In Woo she will kill him if his friend treat Soon Jin badly. In Woo tells her Mu Han is very rich and he falls on her after seeing her photo, Mi Ra thinks Mu Han is the one Soon Jin has waited.

Soon Jin is informed that the leaking is because of her bathroom as 501 checked his bathroom and there is nothing wrong. She claims there is nothing wrong on her side and lets security ask 501 to check his bathroom again. Mu Han refuses to do it when security asks him. Security thinks both care only themselves.

Kyung Soo asks house manage to look for house for his friend and claims she was divorced and has to move out, and tells her to pay then rent himself. House manage is curious why he has to do that and thinks he will be in trouble if his wife finds it.

Soon Jin asks Mu Han why he keeps her phone after she calls her phone, he tells her he wants to see her again and asks her address, she refuses to do and tells him that she is going to tell In Woo what he did on her. Kyung Soo buys fake watcher and replaces his real watcher, he mistakes to wear it on his right and claims his left hand hurts when Ji Min visits him and asks him about it.

Soon Jin tells In Woo that his friend is a complete jerk and tells him what Mu Han did on her, In Woo thinks there is a mistake as his friend is a nice person. In Woo asks Mu Han why he treated Soon Jin like that, he reveals his dog Boyel is going to die. In Woo thinks he shouldn’t live with a dog but a human.

Mi Ra tells Soon Jin that Mu Han is a rich person and persuades her to catch him. Kyung Soo knows 501 still doesn’t fix the leaking issue when bring foods to Soon Jin. He tries to talks about the issue with Mu Han, but Mu Han refuses to listen to what he said and walk his dog at rooftop. Kyung Soo locks up the rooftop door so that Mu Han has to climb down with the belt from fire extinguisher.

Should We Kiss First Kdrama Recap: Episode 4

Soon Jin calls Moon Han and pretends she likes him. She and Ji Min saved a passenger who committed suicide in plane. Kyung Soo sells his watcher. Soon Jin runs into Ji Min’s mother who asks her not to disturb Ji Min and Kyung Soo’s life.

Soon Jin gives the foods which Kyung Soo left to Ji Min and tells her she didn’t eat when Ji Min wants to check the food boxes. Ji Min asks Soon Jin not to bother what her mother said and wants her to get a man when Soon Jin wants to give up her previous life.

Mu Han runs into Soon Jin in the bar, Mi Ra teaches Soon Jin to seduce Mu Han via showing her back. He recalls he saw Soon Jin getting divorced with Kyung Soo because he cheated on her. Mi Ra thinks Mu Han is interested in Soon Jin as he keeps on staring at her back. Mu Han knows Soon Jin is 401 after workers opened her room.

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