Skate Into Love: Episode 10 Recap

This is the recap for Skate Into Love: Episode 10. Coach Jin gives the red dates soup to Coach Chu, and casts his red heart to her when she walks away. Tang Xue is happy to dance with Xiao Shan, and tells him that she joined short track speed skating team.

Skate Into Love: Episode 10 Recap

Skate Into Love: Episode 10

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Skate Into Love: Episode 10.

Yu Bing is ready for dancing with Tang Xue, but she only gives him a high five.

Coach Chu asks Coach Xu why Yu Bing cares for Tang Xue, and thinks the two are in love. Coach Xu thinks it won’t affect training. Coach Chu is furious and claims she won’t save anyone’s face if Tang Xue doesn’t achieve the standard. Coach Xu tells Coach Chu to trust Yu Bing, and thinks she will regret if Tang Xue is with talent.

Coach Xu thinks Yu Bing is like him to contribute silently, but Coach Chu points out that Coach Xu got her to move house alone. Coach Xu rages and complains that he did all the housework, and Coach Chu didn’t cooperate with him when he wanted a baby.

Coach Chu leaves, and Coach Xu drinks up the red dates soup. Wei Wei is against Tang Xue to stay at the team, and thinks she will drag them. Coach Chu tells Wei Wei to help Tang Xue instead of questioning her.

Da Jiang makes a cup of latte for Wei Wei and asks her why she isn’t happy. She complains that Tang Xue joined the short track speed skating team, and thinks the latte is good.

Coach Jin mistakes that Coach Chu drank up his soup, and thinks her eating style is very beautiful.

Tang Xue likes the present Meng Huan gave her, and says that she will wear her gloves to skate. The two run into Bian Cheng. Bian Cheng feels sorry for making Tang Xue get hurt, but Tang Xue thinks she did it because of her bad psychological quality.

Bian Cheng wants to reply Tian Xue’s letter again, but she doesn’t remember what the letter says. He thinks goal isn’t easy to be achieved. Tang Xue walks through Bian Chen, and he glances her back.

Meng Huan asks Tang Xue about Bian Cheng, and Tang Xue admits that she didn’t get him. Meng Huan likes Yu Yan, and Tang Xue wants to get Meng Huan and Yu Yan together. Meng Huan explains that she wishes Tang Xue and Yu Yan to get together.

Wei Wei helps Tang Xue open legs, and Tang Xue cries because of pain. Tang Xue tells Wei Wei that she will surpass everyone. Wei Wei promises to sharpen ice skate blade for Tang Xue if she can stay in the team. Tang Xue takes revenge to open Wei Wei’s legs.

Yu Bing leaves bottle Wei Wei gave him on the table, and goes to see Tang Xue. Tang Xue calls Yu Bing ice hockey god, and asks for the ticket of Da Jing’s speech. She tells him that she wants to see her idol to cheer herself up.

Wei Wei sees the bottle Yu Bing left, and she feels sad. Yu Bing shows up and he wants to ask Wei Wei a favor but he worries that she will reject him. Wei Wei remembers Hong Shuang told her that there will be a man confessing to her.

Yu Bing asks Wei Wei to take care of Tang Xue, and thinks Tang Xue is talented. But Wei Wei rejects it. Da Jiang finds out that Yu Bing’s bottle is with the function of heat preservation. Wei Wei explains that Yu Bing is frail.

Yu Bing flatters Wei Wei that she is the lightning on the ice, but she says that she will strike him first. Yu Bing leaves. Da Jiang tells Wei Wei not to get angry, and thinks she should help Tang Xue as Wei Wei helped Hong Shuang and Xiao Yuan ever.

Wei Wei thinks Tang Xue should prove herself, and she is furious to leave. Da Jiang sighs. Yu Bing asks Xiao Shan for the ticket of Da Jing, but Xiao Shan tells Yu Bing that it was taken away by Yu Yan.

Tang Xue knows that Yu Yan mortgaged his trophies for her, and she returns the money to Yu Yan. She tells him that she joined short track speed skating team, and he gives the tickets to her.

Yu Bing meets to Qiu Qiu and intends to buy her tickets. She tells him that she can give it to him for free, but asks to take group photos.

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Zhen Yu brings the skating poster to Meng Huan, and she wants to ask Tang Xue a favor as it requires to submit the manuscript before tomorrow. Zhen Yu promises to help Meng Huan take whole night to complete it. She decides to take him to the place of her cousin.

Yu Bing waits for Tang Xue, but he sees Yu Yan walking Tang Xue home, and her hand is with ticket.

Zhen Yu brings a basin of herb to Meng Huan, and tells her to do foot bath. She kicks him away and tells him to get out if he doesn’t have any idea.

A moth flies into the room, and Zhen Yu wears the blanket on Meng Huan to protect her. She panics to take the moth, and finds out that the moth was killed by the light. Zhen Yu thinks it means love, but Meng Huan tells him think about other. So he tells her to add butterfly on the skating, and she likes his idea.

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