Skate Into Love: Episode 11 Recap

This is the recap for Skate Into Love: Episode 11. Wei Wei receives the mobile phone shell, and she runs into men locker room to look for Yu Bing. But Da Jiang tells her that Yu Bing has left.

Skate Into Love: Episode 11 Recap

Skate Into Love: Episode 11

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Skate Into Love: Episode 11.

Wei Wei asks Da Jiang to tell Yu Bing that she likes the lightning. Da Jiang wants to explain that he made the shell for her, but she runs away for the speech of Da Jing.

Ying Yan asks Tang Xue to visit his office, and she asks to do it late. He scolds her and thinks nothing is important than school work.

Da Jing is giving the speech, but Tang Xue doesn’t come. Yu Yan goes out with Yu Bing, and thinks Yu Bing intended to sit next to him since he knew he would come to the speech with Tang Xue.

Yu Yan tells Yu Bing that he likes Tang Xue, and Yu Bing tries to drag Yu Yan. But they trip and have a face contact.

Tang Xue laughs and thinks people will forget it. But Yu Bing thinks she has responsibility. Tang Xue blames Yu Bing for making her truant so that she didn’t come in time.

Yu Yan feels sorry for not making Tang Xue listen to the speech, and Tang Xue gets Yu Bing to apologize to Yu Yan.

Da Jing shows up and takes away Tang Xue. Yu Yan asks Yu Bing if he likes Tang Xue. Yu Bing tells Yu Yan that he is a kid in Tang Xue’s mind. Yu Yan claims he will try his best no matter what the result is.

Da Jing challenges Tang Xue in eating corn game, and he loses. He thinks her eating speed is faster than her skating speed, and promises to pick her up with corn when she joins national team.

Mom tells Yu Yan to keep the spirit in the training, but he scolds her that he isn’t a kid anymore.

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Yu Yan thinks Tang Xue is too nervous when she skates, and he tells her to close her eyes to relax her body. Tang Xue opens her eyes and smiles. She says that she felt it. Yu Yan hugs Tang Xue and intends to kiss her.

Yu Bing stops Yu Yan and tells him that Coach Jin is looking for him. Yu Yan leaves. Tang Xue wants to try the relaxing body tip Yu Yan taught her. Yu Bing thinks Tang Xue likes Yu Yan, and tells her not to be in love. Tang Xue promises to see Xu Bing before he leaves for national youth team.

Yu Bing walks to Tang Xue but he trips her. Tang Xue falls on Yu Bing and kisses him. Yu Bing tells Tang Xue that it was his first kiss, and he runs away.

Tang Xue brings breakfast to Yu Bing, and intends to cheer him up. But she keeps staring at his lips.

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