Skate Into Love: Episode 12 Recap

This is the recap for Skate Into Love: Episode 12. Mr. Wang chooses An Jie to be the captain instead of Yu Bing. Yu Bing asks Mr. Wang about his shortage, and Mr. Wang gives the note to Yu Bing.

Skate Into Love: Episode 12 Recap

Skate Into Love: Episode 12

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Skate Into Love: Episode 12.

Coach Jin asks Coach Xu if he wants some dog foods, and reveals he is going to eat out with Coach Chu. Coach Xu rejects it, and Coach Chu thinks he worries about Yu Bing.

Xiao Shan wants to talk about something with Coach Jin about Yu Yan, and Coach Chu offers to take a rain check. Coach Jin blames Xiao Shan for making him alone all his life.

Xiao Shan tells Coach Jin that Yu Yan keeps sticking Tang Xue, and thinks it will affect his achievement. Coach Jin says that Yu Yan doesn’t relax, and thinks Xiao Shan hurts him.

Coach Xu tells Coach Chu that Yu Bing isn’t chosen to be captain, and thinks he didn’t teach him well. Coach Chu comforts Coach Xu that Yu Bing will take it on the end.

Coach Chu tells Coach Xu that he delayed her and Coach Jin’s meal, and he invites her to eat ribs in his house. She agrees to it.

Yu Yan waits for Tang Xue and invites her to see a movie together. She agrees to it. Hong Shang tells Coach Jin that she saw Coach Chu and Coach Xu talking at the playground, and thinks the two will get together.

Coach Jin scolds Hong Shang, and he doesn’t believe it. Tang Xue sees the couple kissing in the movie, and she is embarrassed to turn her face.

Yu Yan catches many dolls for Tang Xue. Yu Bing calls Tang Xue but he hears her talking with Yu Yan. Meng Huan knows that the dolls were taken by Yu Yan, and tells Tang Xue to be in love with him.

But Tang Xue thinks Yu Yan is just a kid. Liu Ying shows up and fights with Meng Huan for the cat doll. Coach Jin asks Yu Yan if he is in love with Tang Xue, and reminds him that his mom put all of her hope on him. Yu Yan promises not to disappoint them.

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Meng Huan tells Zhen Yu that Yu Yan caught dolls for Tang Xue, but Zhen Yu thinks Tang Xue matches Yu Bing. Meng Huan disagrees and thinks Yu Yan is gentle.

But Zhen Yu thinks Yu Yan doesn’t have self-care ability. Meng Huan thinks it will make Tang Xue to protect Yu Yan, but Zhen Yu thinks Tang Xue needs to be conquered by Yu Bing.

Zhen Yu makes a bet with Meng Huan to see who Tang Xue chooses, and the two sign the contract. Meng Huan texts Yu Yan that Tang Xue doesn’t have dinner, and asks him to care for Tang Xue. Zhen Yu texts Yu Bing that Tang Xue misses him, and tells him to call Tang Xue.

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Yu Yan invites Tang Xue to eat out, and she tells him to get a restaurant with tv. Tang Xue asks the boss to turn the channel to sports since they all like “ashes of love”.

Tang Xue cheers Yu Bing and tells him that he is watching his game. But Yu Bing’s team loses because he didn’t give the ball to his team member. An Jie thinks it’s Yu Bing’s problem because he doesn’t trust team member.

Wei Wei calls Yu Bing to comfort him, and he claims that he won’t get defeated. Da Jiang calls Yu Bing to scold him, but Yu Bing tells Da Jiang that he’s waiting for someone’s call. Tang Xue calls Mom and asks to mail the photo album to her school.

Wei Wei wants to do something for Yu Bing, but Da Jiang tells her to just wait for Yu Bing.

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