Skate Into Love: Episode 7 Recap

This is the recap for Skate Into Love: Episode 7. Tang Xue brings the birthday cake to Yu Yan, and he makes a wish. She asks him to close eyes, and gives him a toy sheep to him as birthday present. Tang Xue wishes Yu Yan to smile more like the toy sheep.

Skate Into Love: Episode 7 Recap

Skate Into Love: Episode 7

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Skate Into Love: Episode 7.

Yu Bing calls Tang Xue and asks her to take the express for him within 15 minutes. Tang Xue swears to make Yu Bing pay it back, and takes the express to run in the heavy rain. She trips on the stairs.

Yu Bing worries about Tang Xue and thinks she has been changed. But Little Yu Bing wants Tang Xue to pay it back for the things she did on him. He says that he felt shame after Tang Xue left the scar on his face.

But Yu Bing thinks he should give a chance to Tang Xue if she has changed. Little Yu Bing remembers Tang Xue took him to skate, and she was happy after knowing that she would become a champion, even if she keeps tripping.

Yu Bing runs out with the umbrella, and he intends to help Tang Xue. But he sees Yu Yan holding the umbrella for Tang Xue, and the two walk away.

Tang Xue rages to kick away the package, and tells Yu Bing that she will repay his money even if she sells her blood. Yu Bing apologizes to Tang Xue, but she thinks he wants to trick her again.

Yu Bing calls Tang Xue, and Meng Huan picks up the phone. Meng Huan tells Yu Bing that Tang Xue is in a high fever, and Tang Xue will get cancelled exam qualification if she’s truant again.

Tang Xue wonders when she can run away from Yu Bing, and Meng Huan reveals Yu Bing took classes for Tang Xue. Tang Xue thinks it’s just peace before storm.

Yu Yan gives the money to Tang Xue, and tells her to return it to Yu Bing. Tang Xue wonders why Yu Yan got the money as he is a poor student. He explains that he ate less was to keep shape, and he didn’t have smartphone was for training.

Yu Yan tells Tang Xue that the money is just some competition prize of him, and he asks her if she wants to owe him or Yu Bing. Tang Xue accepts the money and wants to work to repay the money to Yu Yan. He asks her not to be the assistant of Yu Bing.

The team members wonder how Tang Xue gives money to Yu Bing. Tang Xue gives the money to Yu Bing, and complains that he had tortured her for one night when it was raining. Yu Bing doesn’t want to accept the money, and it makes Tang Xue think that he wants to bully her.

Tang Xue feels happy for running away from Yu Bing, and Meng Huan invites Tang Xue to the party. Tang Xue rejects it as she needs to study, but Meng Huan reveals there will be many foods Tang Xue likes.

Meng Huan gives her dress to Tang Xue, but Tang Xue finds out that the dress is too tight to her.

Zhou Ran shows up to stun Jiang Guo, and she wants to deliver breakfast for Yu Bing. Yu Bing rejects it as Tang Xue has resigned. Zhou Ran praises Jian Guo’s shape after knowing he is the primary roommate of Yu Bing. Jian Guo laughs, but Liu Ying thinks he doesn’t see himself clearly.

The man flirts with Meng Huan. Zhen Yu tells the man to leave as Meng Huan is his girlfriend. Zhou Ran rips Tang Xue’s dress, and makes her embarrassed. Yu Bing walks to Tang Xue and wears his clothes on her. Tang Xue is stunned.

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Zhou Ran thinks Yu Bing is nice to Tang Xue, and she tells Tang Xue that Bian Cheng is going to come. Jian Guo tries to chase Zhou Ran but he bumps Liu Ying and steps on her book. Liu Ying thinks Jian Guo is rude.

Jian Guo wants to treat Zhou Ran, and reveals she has treated them breakfast for one month. Zhou Ran is furious to walk away.

Yu Bing wonders why he protected Tang Xue in public, and thinks he fell for her.

Childhood Time

Yu Bing complains that he doesn’t want to hatch chicken with Tang Xue. The bullies want to rob Yu Bing’s money, and Tang Xue beats them.

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