Skate Into Love: Episode 9 Recap

This is the recap for Skate Into Love: Episode 9. Tang Xue thinks Dragon Team could win because Yu Bing was very brave, and many people don’t know the valuable of bravery. She thinks he became the better himself, and he tells her that it contained her contribution. Because the bravery was learned from her.

Skate Into Love: Episode 9 Recap

Skate Into Love: Episode 9

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Skate Into Love: Episode 9.

Yu Bing thinks Tang Xue became better herself, and asks her if she wants to skate. She thinks short track speed skating is far away like star, and she isn’t willingly.

Zhen Yu brings chicken legs to Meng Huan. But she is worrying about the penguins in the South Pole. Meng Huan tells Tang Xue that her dream is to protect those penguins, and asks about her dream. Tang Xue thinks she didn’t own the dream anymore when she gave up short track speed skating.

Xiao Shan calls Tang Xue and asks her if she wants to study short track speed skating. Coach Chu wants to see Tang Xue’s skating level, and she promises to let her join the team if her level reaches the standard. Tang Xue is surprised, and she pinches her face to make sure it’s not a dream.

Tang Xue skates but she trips. Coach Chu thinks Tang Xue has a huge gap with professional athletes, and she cannot reach the athletics level in the short period of time.

Yu Bing comforts Tang Xue that she still has a chance, and takes her to the karaoke room. He is stunned by her singing skill, and praises her. But he wants to go to restroom when she intends to sing another song.

Tang Xue tells Yu Bing that she is very happy today, and Zhou Ran sees the two. Meng Huan is reading the book about sloth in the library, Zhen Yu shows up from the desk and startles Meng Huan.

Meng Huan takes the leaf away from Zhen Yu’s hair, and thinks he is like sloth who likes to grow vegetables from their bodies. Zhen Yu asks Meng Huan to go shopping with him, and she agrees.

Yu Bing comforts Tang Xue that the miracle will happen after she has a sleep. She thinks they return to childhood time, and says that she would become the best friend if they kept studying together.

Tang Xue apologizes for hurting Yu Bing, and thinks he would take the school if his parents didn’t divorce. Yu Bing is surprised and calls Coach Chu.

Zhen Yu asks Meng Huan to see a movie after they went shopping, but she startles him with a earthworm. Zhen Yu thinks the earthworm is too disgusting. Meng Huan tells Zhen Yu that each animal has the right to be loved, and she sees off the earthworm. Zhen Yu thinks Meng Huan is like an angel.

Meng Huan plays the snake, and Zhen Yu thinks she is too weird. She agrees to it and tells him not to contact her as they’re not same type of people. Zhen Yu takes the snake and tells Meng Huan that he wants to be her same kind. She is moved.

Bian Cheng asks Zhou Ran if Tang Xue has a boyfriend, and Zhou Ran mentions he rejected Tang Xue.

It flashes back. Bian Cheng reads the letter of Tang Xue, and she tells him that she wants to be the shining person like him.

Bian Cheng tells Zhou Ran that he rejected Tang Xue because he needed to focus on study. Zhou Ran tells Bian Cheng to take action as Tang Xue is close to Yu Bing.

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Bian Cheng tells Zhou Ran that Tang Xue would go to national team if it wasn’t because of him. He admits that he doesn’t have the guts to apologize. Zhou Ran tells Bian Cheng to pursue Tang Xue, and promises to help him.

Tang Xue is informed that she got passed, but she’s not confident. Meng Huan tells Tang Xue to do what she wants to do, and gives her the gloves.

Coach Chu tells Tang Xue that she will keep her if she can reach the speed of Hong Shuang. The team members talk about the tale that the couple will stay together forever if they kiss on the ice skate. Hong Shuang thinks what they talk about isn’t better than her tarot.

Wei Wei reminds Hong Shuang that her score is the worst in the team. But Hong Shuang thinks she will get the world champion. Wei Wei picks a card, and Hong Shuang tells Wei Wei that there will be a man who will confess his love to her. Coach Chu shows up with Tang Xue, and tells Wei Wei to take Tang Xue to train.

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