SKY Castle Korean Drama Recap: Episode 10

This is the recap of SKY Castle Korean Drama Recap: Episode 10, Seo-Jin gets people against Soo-Im. But Soo-Im reveals she used to sell ox blood. Ye-Seo’s grades drop because of her mom. So Joo-Young offers to allow Hye-Na living with Ye-Seo.

SKY Castle Korean Drama Recap: Episode 10

SKY Castle

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for SKY Castle Korean Drama Episode 10.

Seo-Jin considers to let Hye-Na move into, Ye-Seo is against it and asks Hye-Na not to dream to be her sister’s live-in tutor.

Seo-Jin arrives at the school to pick up Soo-Han. She calls Jin-Hee and asks about Yang-Woo. Jin-Hee reveals her husband is nervous, and he wants to know what Joon-Sang is feeling. Seo-Jin says he took a bath and went to bed early because he has to do a great job with the surgery tomorrow.

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Hye-Na shows up and introduces herself to Seo-Jin. She tells her that she will get Ye-Bin into the advanced class if she lets her to be the in-house tutor. But Seo-Jin rejects her offer and leaves the cash on the table. She calls Joo-Young and tells her about it then. Joo-Young thinks Seo-Jin doesn’t disobey her, and asks Teacher Jo to bring Ye-Seo to the meditation room.

She tells Ye-Seo to constantly doubt herself because it’s the only way to beat Hye-Na.

Yang-Woo lies in bed and asks the doctors if his surgery went well, they give him a positive answer. Joon-Sang steps in and says he cannot believe Yang-Woo snooped around another department when she is a professor of orthopedic surgery. He says he’d break his back in half if he could do things based on his temper.

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Seo-Jin informs Soo-Im there is a residents’meeting at 8pm over the phone. Soo-Im decides to attend the meeting and wants to stop the misery from being repeated.

Seo-Jin asks Min-Hyuk to proceed with the meeting. But Seung-Hye thinks Seo-Jin should do it since she brought it. Seo-Jin glances at Jin-Hee, so Jin-Hee explains she did it. Joon-Sang suggests Min-Hyuk to take the lead. Min-Hyuk agrees it and announces most of residents of SKY Castle disagree Soo-Im to write the novel about Young-Jae and his family.

Soo-Im asks them why they’re against her since she isn’t a famous writer. She thinks they fear her because people will hear they spend millions on education. Seo-Jin thinks Soo-Im should consider the relative deprivation others will feel. But Soo-Im thinks Seo-Jin fully understand what the underprivileged go through, and mentions she sold ox blood ever. Seo-Jin admits she used to sell ox blood, and she is butcher’s daughter Kwak-Mi-Hyang. She blames Soo-Im for turning Myung-Joo into gossip since she moved there due to the woman’s misfortune.

Min-Hyuk gives Soo-Im three days to think of the answer, since everyone are against her. Jin-Hee takes Seo-Jin’s hand when she is going to leave, and blames her for lying to her.

Joon-Sang thinks Seo-Jin should use a loudspeaker in the meeting, when she returns home. But she blames him for leave his cornered wife alone, and thinks he gave people more to talk about. She complains that it wasn’t her fault to be born into that kind of family. She is in tears that he and his mom are ashamed of her father.

He asks her who Soo-Im is. She reveals she was her classmate in high school, and didn’t expect she would expose her. He yells at her that Soo-Im must’ve mocked them knowing she is Mi-Hyang.

She asks him to keep the voice down since Ye-Seo will be home. But she finds out Ye-Seo is staring at them on the stairs.

Seo-Jin follows Ye-Seo to the room. But Ye-Seo locks herself up, and asks her mom if the old couple they met in Australia are fake. Seo-Jin explains she did it for she and Ye-Bin’s sakes. Ye-Seo opens the door and blames her mom for using her as the excuse. When she is going to close the door again, Seo-Jin holds it and reveals she grew up under miserable parents. So she doesn’t want her to experience it again.

Seo-Jin says she was told to got superb genes from her parents, but her mom is the daughter of a poor, ignorant, incompetent, and shameless drunkard. Seo-Jin points out that she raised her to be a proud, confident girl, and asks her to pick up her bag. But Ye-Seo throws her bag on the floor when her mom leaves. Seo-Jin locks herself in the room, and sits on the floor to tear up.

Chi-Young worries that Soo-Im will get hurt if she continues writing the novel. She says Seo-Jin started the war, and is upset that she brought up her past in front of all people.

Min-Hyuk laughs and mentions Joon-Sang looked mortified yesterday. He tells the kids that their mom is the most elegant lady in Sky Castle. But Seung-Hye asks them to focus on the breakfast. He mentions their maternal grandpa is a congressman, and asks them if they’re working on the questions he gave them. They say they did it and leave.

Seung-Hye worries the boys figure it out. But Min-Hyuk mentions Ye-Seo is fixated on being number, and thinks the boys should get good grades like her. Seung-Hye feels bad for Seo-Jin, Min-Hyuk guesses Joon-Sang has been hounding her, and laughs when thinking of ox blood.

Jin-Hee complains to Yang-Woo that Seo-Jin held her head up high even after the truth came out, and Seo-Jin fooled her for 16 years. He guesses she has a high IQ. Jin-Hee cuts the apple with knife, and reveals she is upset. He persuades her that she is his boss’s wife, so it’s what matters. He asks her not to show her that she is upser.

But Jin-Hee claims she cannot hide it, and thinks Seo-Jin cannot give up on the name after receiving the flower from her. Yang-Woo asks his wife to text Seo-Jin to thank, but she gives the phone to her husband.

Teacher Jo says Ye-Seo’s mom is Kwak-Mi-Hyang, so she cannot focus. Joo-Young laughs and asks him to let the girl tell him everything that’s in her heart.

Joo-Young arrives at Yeon-Du cemetery, and asks Soo-Im for a talk. Soo-Im thinks she maybe try to write the novel to get rid of her guilt with Yeon Du, and is very biased. Joo-Young shares that people tends to rationalize things, and asks about Woo-Joo. Soo-Im reveals her son is a gift from the skies.

Joo-Young shares she used to have a kid that felt like a blessing, but lost her due to the accident. Soo-Im takes Joo-Young’s hand to comfort her.

Yang-Woo feels comfortable when the doctor dresses his scar, but finds out the doctor is Joon-Sang. Joon-Sang thinks Yang-Woo doesn’t trust him, and reminds Dong-Hyuk not to use laxative on him because he has a very weak stomach. Dong-Hyuk doesn’t expect Joon-Sang dressed Yang-Woo’s scar himself, and thinks he cares about him a lot. Yang-Woo is touched.

President Choi welcomes Chi-Young in the office, and asks him if he have given it some thought. But Chi-Young rejects his chief politely. President Choi claims he just wants to play golf with him. But Chi-Young says he is bad at playing golf, and reveals he didn’t contact Congressman Kim. President Choi laughs that he only asked because he heard they’re very close. He says, “it’s great to walk the right path, but you know what they say about clear water. There aren’t any big fish if the water is too clear.”

Chi-Young bows, “I have no intentions of becoming a fish that’s suitable for cooking stew.”

Yang-Woo tells that the old tortoise and Chi-Young have started to fall apart, and he wants to become the Minister of Health and Welfare. Joon-Sang wonders why Chi Young knows the leader of the ruling party. Yang-Woo reveals he is close to Congressman Kim because they went on a hunger strike. He suggests Joon-Sang to win President Choi’s favor.

Joon-Sang is against it, but he calls someone to ask who in their castke went to Namseok High since Congressman Kim came from there. He is told Min-Hyuk went there, and asks for a drink.

But Min-Hyuk claims he has plans. So Joon-Sang lies that he wants to discuss the kids education.

During the dinner, Joon-Sang flatters Min-Hyuk that he is different, and mentions Congressman Kim. Min-Hyuk smiles that they grew up in the same neighborhood, and asks Joon-Sang what he wants. Joon-Sang doesn’t reply him, but pours him a drink.

Seo-Jin runs into Soo-Im in the library. She is still in anger and wants to leave. But Soo-Im asks for a talk.

Soo-Im apologizes that she blurted out Seo-Jin’s past. But Seo-Jin is only interested in if she writes the novel about Young-Jae or not. So Soo-Im reveals Joo-Young wanted to help her write the novel. But Joo-Young says she just stops Soo-Im when Seo-Jin calls her.

Ye-Seo cannot make the decision about the question in the exam. She remembers Joo-Young told her to doubt herself. But she got three wrong and yells. Because Hye Na scored full marks. She cries out and gets angry to Seo-Jin.

Min-Hyuk checks the grades, and finds out his kids are still on second rank. He interrogates them, Seo-Joon admits they shared the questions with the students. Min-Hyuk yells at them that the students are their enemies, and asks them if they want to die. Seung-Hye offers to get her husband a glass of water. Min-Hyuk rejects it and tells the boys to win. Seung-Hye catches the chance to ask the kids to leave.

Min-Hyuk complains the questions cost him so much. Seung-Hye thinks he should believe in their kids and be supportive.

She gets the snack and drinks for the boys, and claims she thinks they did great. Because true success is living a life where you’re not lonely. Ki-Joon offers to clink their glasses. Seung-Hye laughs.

Soo-Im praises Hye-Na for getting the top score. Woo-Joo offers to shake hands, Hye-Na accepts it. She thinks Woo-Joo has good personality, and reveals she couldn’t congratulate her when Ye-Seo got the highest score and she only came in second. Woo-Joo worries about Ye-Seo.

Ye-Seo doesn’t want to eat and thinks it’s all her mom’s fault. Ye-Bin says, “How could you bomb your exam just because Mom lied?”

Ye-Seo throws the pillow to her sister, Ye-Bin throws it back. Ye-Seo wants Seo-Jin to take responsibility if she cannot get into SNU Medical School. She thinks she is a loser because she is Seo-Jin’s daughter.

Ye-Seo leaves before staring at Joon-Sang with anger. He mentions to Seo-Jin that she confidently said she is Kwak-Mi-Hyang in front of all those people, and she lectured him for not siding with her. Seo-Jin is in tears.

Ye-Seo smiles when seeing Woo-Joo outside. But she wants to leave when Hye-Na sticks to Woo-Joo. Hye-Na asks Ye-Seo if she is still against her moving in as the live-in tutor, and reveals she is looking for a small room. Woo-Joo offers to ask his mom to get the room for Hye-Na.

Hye-Na rejects it because she doesn’t want to inconvenience Soo-Im. Just then Madam Yoon’s car passes by.

Madam Yoon says she heard about Ye-Seo’s grades dropping, and thinks Seo-Jin’s background is a problem. But Seo-Jin talks back that she lied because she wanted to save Ye-Seo’s life.

Seo-Jin breaks into Joo-Young’s office and blames her that Ye-Seo got fourth. Joo-Young asks Seo-Jin to let Hye-Na move into her house, and thinks she is the best pacemaker to Ye-Seo.

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