SKY Castle Korean Drama Recap: Episode 11

This is recap of SKY Castle Korean Drama Episode 11, Hye-Na moves into Seo-Jin’s house on the end. Joon-Sang is against it in the beginning, but he thinks Hye-Na is a decent girl then. Seo-Jin catches Hye-Na when the girl sneaks into her room, and finds out she is Joon-Sang’s daughter.

SKY Castle Korean Drama Recap: Episode 11

SKY Castle

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for SKY Castle Korean Drama Episode 11.

When Hye-Na arrives, Seo-Jin is making the welcome cake with Ye-Bin. Ye-Bin is in Hye-Na’s arm, and walks inside. Seo-Jin smiles, “Hello, Tutor Hye-Na!”

Hye-Na bows. Ye-Bin asks Hye-Na if she can really get into the intensive class. Hye-Na gives her a positive answer and thinks she is smart. Ye-Bin smirks and leans on Hye-Na’s shoulder. She wants to carry the luggage for her, but Seo-Jin wants to talk with Hye-Na. So Ye-Bin has to leave. Hye-Na stares at the family photo on the wall.

Teacher Jo thinks it will ruin the family if Seo-Jin and Ye-Seo finds out Hye-Na is Joon-Sang’s daughter. He points out she is a daring kid who’s unpredictable. But Joo-Young wants to see if the girl is a ticking bomb or a firecracker.

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Seo-Jin thinks Hye-Na can teach Ye-Bin when she comes home. But Hye-Na offers to pick up her student with Seo-Jin because it will give her an extra hour to teacher Ye-Bin some mathematical formulas. Seo-Jin thinks it’s a good idea, and leads her to the room.

Hye-Na reveals she used to live in a place that didn’t get any sunlight. Seo-Jin claims it may be a basement, but she’ll get lots of sunlight. Hye-Na pretends to love the basement, but doesn’t allow the maid to come into her room.

She takes out the family photo, “Mom! I finally managed to come into this house. It’s only the beginning.”

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Joon-Sang blames Seo-Jin for taking in Hye-Na, and mentions Ye-Seo’s grades went down. But Seo-Jin thinks Hye-Na will help Ye-Bin, and asks him not to be cold toward the girl. Joon-Sang claims he won’t make it obvious.

Jin-Hee is careful to wipe the porcelain. Soo-Han rushes into and yells. She scolds him for talking to her when she is touching her babies. But he claims it’s her fault if he doesn’t get accepted to a higher class. He says that he fails his assessment test again, and mentions Hye-Na moved into Ye-Bin’s place. He thinks Hye-Na is a great teacher, and leaves with a temper.

Yang-Woo thinks Jin-Hee is harsh on his precious son, she reveals Soo-Han thought he is going to fail the test again. Yang-Woo laughs and thinks his son is very smart. Jin-Hee wonders why Seo-Jin would hire a high school student as the live-in tutor.

Ye-Seo asks her mom why she baked a cake for Hye-Na, and reveals she agreed because Joo-Young suggested it. Seo-Jin tells her daughter to be friend of Hye-Na. Joon-Sang agrees it and asks Hye-Na to take a seat when she shows up with Ye-Bin. After Hye-Na bows the candle, Joon-Sang says he will trust her with Ye-Bin. He wants to see the results when Ye-Bin praises Hye-Na to be the great teacher.

But Ye-Seo doubts Hye-Na can get her sister into intensive class. Hye-Na thinks Ye-Bin is smart to catch up once she learns all the concepts, and reveals the academy just wants to earn money. Joon-Sang laughs and thinks the girl is very smart. Seo-Jin asks Ye-Seo about the new Korean teacher. Ye-Seo says he is a bit better. Joon-Sang thinks she can get full marks next time because his daughter can do everything. Ye-Seo promises to go to SNU Med School just like her father. So Joon-Sang offers to walk in together arm-in-arm. But Hye-Na isn’t happy.

Woo-Joo reveals he was a bit worried when he suggested to let Hye-Na move into their house. But Chi-Young teases his son to let the girl stay. Woo-Joo claims he is a grown man, so he cannot live with a female friend. Soo-Im goes to take her son’s arm and thinks he is good at reading her mind. Chi-Young claims he is good at reading her mind too when shaking his butt. Soo-Im hits his butt and asks him to do the dishes. He laughs at his son that Soo-Im’s slaps really hurt.

Min-Hyuk calls in and asks Soo-Im for the answer since he gave her three days. But Chi-Young takes the phone and blames Min-Hyuk for defending only one party. He claims he cannot watch his wife become a victim. Woo-Joo and Soo-Im give thumbs-up to Chi-Young when he is sighing.

Seung-Hye gets the tea for Min-Hyuk and thinks Seo-Jin puts him in charge and uses it to her advantage. Min-Hyuk smirks that he won’t let himself be used. He reveals he is using Joon Sang who has great ambitions. But Seung-Hye thinks Joon-Sang has nothing to do with ambition. Min-Hyuk says Joon-Sang will become the second most powerful man in the hospital. She realizes why her husband asked her to appease Joon-Sang’s wife whether she is Han Seo-Jin or Kwak Mi-Hyang. Min-Hyuk admits he did it for their future.

Soo-Im remembers Soo-Chang yelled that Young-Jae wanted revenge against them, but she cried out that she couldn’t give up on her son.

Soo-Im calls Joo-Young and asks for Soo-Chang’s phone number. Joo-Young claims she can help her by locating him, but doesn’t think he will give permission.

Yang-Woo thinks it’s the opportunity to rid the tortoise’s back. Joon-Sang reveals Min-Hyuk and Hyuk-Jae grew up like brothers in the same neighbourhood. So Yang-Woo offers to asks Mr. Im to arrange them playing golf together.

Mr. Im tells President Choi that Joon-Sang has a connection withe the representative of the party. So President Choi wants to have some tea with Joon-Sang.

When Mr. Im calls in, Joon-Sang pretends to talk with Yang-Woo, and doesn’t pick up. So Mr. Im calls the office phone, but Joon-Sang lies that he is with a guest.

Soo-Im drives Joo-Young and thinks she didn’t have to come with her. But Joo-Young thinks it’d be easier to get Soo-Chang’s permission with her tagging along, and asks her to write a great book when Soo-Im wants to repay.

When they arrive, Soo-Chang is chopping the woods. He asks them to get lost, but Joo-Young persuades him that chopping wood won’t help him to be a good father. The old man reveals Soo-Chang is anxious when waiting for his son.

Soo-Im goes inside and reveals her student died because of her. So she doesn’t want to repeat her mistake. But Soo-Chang thinks people will point the finger at Young-Jae if they know the truth. So he wants to protect his son.

She is in tears, but doesn’t want to watch the kid suffer from the wrongful and sad deaths. He stands up and asks her if she believes that she can change the world by writing a book. He asks her to get rid of the false hope then. Soo-Im leaves the house and sighs when she is in the car.

Seo-Jin thinks Ye-Seo keeps making mistakes in Korean, and asks Joo-Young to help her overcome it. But Joo-Young hints that Ye-Seo get stressed at home. Seo-Jin wonders why Joo-Young knows it because Ye-Seo is too proud to tell anyone.

Teacher Jo calls Seo-Jin that Ye-Seo won’t eat dinner. She gets a met for her daughter, and thinks she cannot study on an empty stomach. Ye-Seo complains that she doesn’t want to see Hye-Na, and her mom lied. Seo-Jin understands it and asks her daughter if she told anyone about her.

Ye-Seo reveals Seo-Joon and Ki-Joon knew it even when she didn’t tell them. Seo-Jin comforts her daughter and reminds her the consequence if she fails to get accepted. Ye-Seo stands up and thinks she would get accepted because she has Joo-Young.

Ye-Bin gets the answer right, Hye-Na marks the test paper with a star. Ye-Bin thrills to jump, and tells Joon-Sang that she got into a higher class, when he is watching the family footage. He laughs and offers to give her an award. But she asks him to reward Hye-Na. So he takes out the cashes from his wallet, and wants to give Hye-Na the bonus. But the girl claims she is getting paid to teach.

Joon-Sang thinks Hye-Na is a decent girl, but Seo-Jin thinks she is too mature for a kid. He blames her for seeing people very negatively.

Jin-Hee asks Soo-Han to lift his hands, and scolds him for getting 60. She hits the bed with the stick and questions when he will get accepted to the medical school. She wants to hit Soo-Han since Ye-Bin passed. He claims he wants to learn from Hye-Na, and reveals Ye-Bin said studying is fun.

Jin-Hee slaps her head and thinks Seo-Jin wouldn’t let a high school student stay for no reason. She visits Seo-Jin and asks her to let Hye-Na teach Soo-Han as well.

Seo-Jin remembers Jin-Hee said she cannot trust her, so she rejects it because Ye-Bin and Soo-Han are in different levels. Jin-Hee calls Seo-Jin as Kwak Mi-Hyang, Seo-Jin takes Jin-Hee’s hair and makes her fall on the couch. She threatens to rip her lips off. Jin-Hee takes her shawl and leaves.

She tears up and complains that Seo-Jin grabbed her hair. Yang-Woo wipes her tears and reminds her that Seo-Jin is his superior’s wife. She blames him for defending Seo-Jin. But he threatens to move them out of there.

She’d rather kill herself, and swears to find a tutor better than Hye-Na. So he hugs her and checks her hair. But Soo-Han breaks into and dresses up like a Santa Claus. He offers to decorate the Christmas tree. She throws the pillow to her son, and wants to kill him.

Seung-Hye thinks Min-Hyuk is in a good mood since he is decorating the tree. He agrees because his daughter Se-Ri is returning from Harvard. He offers to throw a lavish party, but Seung-Hye is just intention to prepare a simple Christmas party at home.

Just then Seung-Hye gets a call from Se-Ri. Min-Hyuk takes the phone and tells his daughter that he is dying to see her. Ki-Joon yells and asks for the Harvard jacket. Min-Hyuk asks his son to lower his voice, but wants the jacket too.

The family are waiting for Se-Ri in the airport. Se-Ri wears like a thug, but turns into a student in the restroom. When Se-Ri appears, Min-Hyuk throws the flowers to Seung-Hye, and hugs his daughter turning around. Se-Ri sees her mom and waves.

People gather in Min-Hyuk’s house. Jin-Hee asks about Se-Ri’s friends at Harvard. Se-Ri brags her friends want to be ministers. Ye-Seo asks if Harvard library really opens 24 hours a day. Se-Ri mentions she studied three days and nights at widener library. She wants to work at White House after graduation.

Jin-Hee is in Seung-Hye’s arm and thinks she must be proud of her daughter. Se-Ri leads the kids to take their gifts. But Hye-Na doesn’t want to leave Joon-Sang.

Joon-Sang thinks Min-Hyuk did a wise decision to send Se Ri abroad. Jin-Hee agrees and thinks it’s foolish to be fixated on medical school. But Seo-Jin mocks her that Soo-Han should pass the level-up test first.

Jin-Hee goes to kitchen and asks Seo-Jin for some maple syrup while calling her Mi-Hyang. Seo-Jin tells Jin-Hee that she is below her no matter who she is. Jin-Hee yells, “Why must I be Mi-Hyang’s minion?”

Seo-Jin pours maple syrup on Jin-Hee’s head, and asks Seung-Hye to give her some wet wipes.

Ki-Joon takes the group photo, and says he will send the photo to everyone. Hye-Na thanks Se-Ri for getting the cap for her. Se-Ri mentions Ki Joon kept telling her to get one for her and Woo-Joo.

Ye-Seo thinks Ye-Bin should go to study, but Ye-Bin doesn’t want to study on a day like that. Hye-Na tells Ye-Bin to have fun for 30 minutes, and she goes for their session. Woo-Joo wants to walk Hye-Na, but Ki-Joon asks him to have fun together.

Hye-Na returns Joon-Sang’s house and imagines Joon-Sang gets the foods for her with Ye-Bin.

She bites the apple on the table, and imagines Ye-Bin asks her to take group selfie with Joon-Sang.

She enters Joon-Sang’s room and plays the family footage, and covers the family photo. Seo-Jin hears the voice and asks Hye-Na what she is doing.

Hye-Na claims she came in to check out the books about medical science. But Seo-Jin finds the photo she covered.

Seo-Jin remembers the maid told her that Hye-Na yelled at her when she came in her room.

Seo-Jin finds Eun-Hye’s photo in Hye-Na’s room. She picks the girl’s hair and find out Hye-Na is Joon-Sang’s daughter according to the DNA test.

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