SKY Castle Korean Drama Recap: Episode 12

This is the recap of SKY Castle Korean Drama Episode 12, Seo-Jin doesn’t know how to deal with Hye-Na. But the girl is intention to tell Ye-Seo the truth. So Seo-Jin promises Hye-Na to be be their registry, the girl agrees not to tell Ye-Seo about it, but she has an condition.

SKY Castle Korean Drama Recap: Episode 12

SKY Castle

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for SKY Castle Korean Drama Episode 12.

Hye-Na sneaks into Seo-Jin’s dressing room and sees the jewelry. She takes a necklace and thinks her mom never wore a $10 necklace. When she turns around, she sees Seo-Jin.

Seo-Jin asks Hye-Na to get out and throws the necklace to the wall. Hye-Na returns her room and finds the food Seo-Jin left.

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Ye-Bin offers to have Hye-Na eat with them, but Ye-Seo is against it. Joon-Sang thinks the girls should get along, so he agrees. Seo-Jin thinks Hye-Na will demand a room next to the girls if she can eat with them.

But Joon-Sang says Hye-Na would never do that because she is courteous. Seo-Jin yells, “You don’t even know her well. How could you say that?” He thinks the girl is trying her best to survive in the world all alone, and asks his wife to be fond of Hye-Na.

Seo-Jin thinks of why Hye-Na put their family photo face down. She realizes Eun-Hye must’ve wanted to ask Joon-Sang to look after Hye-Na before she died.

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She breaks into the girl’s room, and asks her what she wants when she is sleeping. Hye-Na smiles and reveals she wants to take everything she and Ye-Seo have been enjoying. Seo-Jin yells and asks the girl to get out.

The maid calls Seo-Jin when she is standing out of Hye Na’s room. Seo-Jin asks the maid to change Hye Na’s blanket to a thicker one. She wants to yell, but cannot make voice. She grasps the couch tightly to release her temper.

Seung-Hye asks Soo-Im if she gave up on writing the novel. Jin-Hee claims she had no choice but to step up since Seo-Jin kept pestering her. Soo-Im admits she didn’t think about how Soo-Chang and Young-Jae might feel, and reveals Joo-Young helped her meet Soo-Chang.

But Seung-Hye points out that the coach isn’t an easy person to meet, and Jin-Hee reveals Joo-Young graduated from SUU.

Joo-Young arrives at the house where kay lives. She watches her daughter in the distance and is painful.

Seo-Jin cleans floor, and thinks how to deal with Hye-Na. The maid claims she cleaned spotlessly, and asks Seo-Jin if she didn’t like it.

Seo-Jin denies and returns her room. She tells herself that no one can find out about this until Ye-Seo gets into Seoul National University.

Soo-Im remembers Joo-Young told her that she was Yeon-Du’s private tutor until the accident. Chi-Young startles her from back, so she asks him if he would go to Daejeon to give private tutoring lessons when he is a student at SNU. He says he wouldn’t do that because there’d be a lot of students in Seoul who wish to receive prevate tutoring.

Soo-Im thinks Joo-Young lied to her, so she calls her. But Joo-Young is in anger because of kay. So Soo-Im texts Joo-Young to talk about Young-Jae’s story.

They meet at the cafe. Soo-Im says she won’t give up the novel for Yeon-Du’s sake. But Joo-Young mentions Young-Jae’s father opposes the idea. Soo-Im thinks she would save Yeon-Du if she didn’t care her parents’ objections. But Joo-Young points out Yeon-Du and Young-Jae are different cases, and thinks Young-Jae won’t make a drastic decision like Yeon-Du did.

Soo-Im thinks Joo-Young used a dead girl to get to her, so she cannot let it go. But Chi-Young worries she gets involved. She claims she is a four-dan black belt in taekwondo.

Soo-Im remembers Soo-Chang glanced Joo-Young with anger, and realizes the woman was at the center of all the tragedies. She arrives when Soo-Chang is drinking with his friend.

She asks him what on earth the woman did on Young-Jae. He eyes his friend and reveals his son took his life because of Joo-Young. He thinks the woman urged his son to get revenge.

Ye-Seo yells at Seo-Jin for eating with Hye-Na. Seo-Jin mentions Ye-Seo agreed Hye-Na to move into their house. But Ye-Seo claims she did it because of Joo-Young.

Soo-Im returns and calls Seo-Jin. But Seo-Jin is upset and doesn’t pick up. So Soo-Im has to visit Seo-Jin, and reveals the son of Soo-Chang’s friend took his life because of the coach. But Seo-Jin asks the maid to get Soo-Im out.

Jin-Hee forces Soo-Han to study, but he says that he cannot complete it. She hits her son and asks him to beat Ye-Bin.

Yang-Woo walks in and reminds them that it’s time to go to sleep. She yells at his husband for making her be the bad mom. So Yang-Woo urges Soo-Han to study hard.

Se-Ri brags she is friends with Obama’s daughter, and mentions Min-Hyuk’s words: You must fly with eagles if you want to become one. Min-Hyuk is proud of her daughter, and thinks only losers hide their past. He thinks the kids already knew it when Seung-Hye warns him.

Ki-Joon tells Se-Ri that it’s Ye-Seo’s mom, and thinks the girl is arrogant. When Seung-Hye scolds her son, Min-Hyuk claims he cannot stand Seo-Jin even for a day.

Jin-Hee asks Soo-Han to get up to academy, but he needs some rest and breaks the expensive collection. Jin-Hee yells at his son and thinks he cannot get anything right. She says, “I cannot even stand the sight of you.”

President Choi says that he has scored an eagle seven times, but it was his first time hitting an ace. He wants to play golf with Mr. Kim. But Joon-Sang reveals Mr. Kim is quite uptight, so he suggests President Choi to appear at Mr. Kim’s late teacher’s funeral.

Joon-Sang runs into Chi-Young outside the elevator. They’re hostile to each other. The door opens, and President Choi invites them to get in and praises Joon-Sang. Chi-Young rejects it when President Choi offers to play golf with Mr. Kim. President Choi lectures, “One needs to know how to get along with people in order to succeed in their career.”

Ye-Seo is happy to jump when watching Woo-Joo play. Seo-Jin sees her daughter in the car, and walks to her. But Hye-Na is close to Ye-Seo and thinks she is in unrequited love like her mom. Ye-Seo thinks it isn’t her business and leaves.

Seo-Jin asks Hye-Na to get in her car, and drives her to a remote place. She asks her why she came to their house when she knew her mom was in unrequited love. Hye-Na smiles because Seo-Jin finally found out who she is. She says she came there to give a pleasant surprise.

But Seo-Jin points out Hye-Na is scared because Joon-Sang might abandon her. She thinks her husband will never accept Hye-Na because it’s an unbearable flaw. But Hye-Na is in tears and wants to try it. Seo-Jin slaps Hye-Na and drives away. But she stops and asks what she wants when Hye-Na gets in the car.

Hye-Na says she wants to be their registry and becomes Kang Hye-Na. Seo-Jin tells Hye-Na to wait until Ye-Seo gets into SNU Med School. But Hye-Na has a condition to eat together. Seo-Jin asks Hye-Na if someone suggests her to be the live-in tutor. Hye-Na says she had the idea when Ye-Seo said it.

Jin-Hee breaks into Soo-Han’s room and sees the letter he left.

“I’m sorry for being born. I want to get full marks too. I want toget good grades and make you both happy. I’m sorry I’m so stupid. If it’s to put you at ease, I don’t mind dying. Thanks for raising me so far.”

Jin-Hee tears up when Yang-Woo doesn’t pick up his phone. So she has to look for Soo-Han alone, and yells when Chi-Young almost hits her. He asks her to get in his car when hearing Soo-Han is missing.

She blames herself for comparing her son to Ye-Bin. He reveals Woo-Joo ran away from home once.

Jin-Hee finds Soo-Han when they pass by, and gets off to chase him. But she trips when catching him. Chi-Young catches Soo-Han, but he gets hurt by the car.

Soo-Im treats Chi-Young on his arm and thinks he did a great job. But he worries Jin-Hee might scold Soo-Han harshly.

Soo-Han is in Jin-Hee’s arms and says that he really wants to do it well, but the study is stressful. Jin-Hee is in tears and promises Soo-Han not to compare him to Ye-Bin again. She hugs him tightly and says that he means the world to her.

Seung-Hye goes to clean Se-Ri’s room and is startled by her wig. Min-Hyuk walks in and asks Seung-Hye to pretend not to know it. When Min-Hyuk is playing the wig, Seung-Hye’s sister call her and says Se-Ri lied to them. She hangs up when Min-Hyuk wants to talk with her sister.

Seung-Hye calls back and is told that Se-Ri is sued for pretending to be a Harvard student, so she fled to Korea.

Madam Yoon calls Seo-Jin and asks for a meet when she is staying with Ms. Jung at the cafeteria. Ye-Bin and Hye-Na show up, and Ye-Bin introduces Hye-Na as her tutor.

Ms. Jung is surprised that Seo-Jin hired a mere high school student. When Seo-Jin arrives, Hye-Na calls Madam Yoon as grandmother and leaves.

Ms. Jung thinks she met Seo-Jin before and asks about Joo-Young. Seo-Jin reveals Joo-Young is Ye-Seo’s coach. So Madam Yoon shows a photo to Ye-Seo that Joo-Young was arrested for murdering her husband.

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