SKY Castle Korean Drama Recap: Episode 9

This is the recap of SKY Castle Korean Drama Episode 9, Hye-Na decides to take revenge for Seo-Jin’s family. So she is nice to Ye-Seo, and shows her teaching skill to Ye-Bin. Seo-Jin suspects Hye-Na’s intention, but Joo-Young suggests her to keep the girl since she is a ticking bomb.

SKY Castle Korean Drama Recap: Episode 9

SKY Castle

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for SKY Castle Korean Drama Episode 9.

Seo-Jin offers to host a party to celebrate for Seo-Jin, and wash away Joon-Sang’s decade-old resentment. He says there isn’t such thing but laughs. He volunteers to get the snack to Ye-Seo, and wants to frame the certificate of appointment and hangs it in Ye-Seo’s room. She thinks she never got to compete with Hye-Na since she withdraws her candidacy. But Joon-Sang thinks Hye-Na ran away because she knew she’d lose, and mentions the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. He lifts his hands and thinks she is the true winner.

Hye-Na calls Joon-Sang, but claims their relationship already ended 18 years ago. He asks her not to call him again. Seo-Jin steps in and gets the snack for him. She drinks wine with him and thanks him for having faith in her. He laughs and thinks she did well.

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Hye-Na grasps the family photo with rage, and is in tears.

Yang-Woo thinks Joon-Sang will take the revenge while doing the surgery. Jin-Hee asks him to keep it in mind that Joon-Sang is the deity of back surgeries, and lets him repeat the words.

When Yang-Woo is sent to operating room, he asks the doctor how many rounds of alcohol did Joon-Sang have last night. The doctor reveals they had third round before going home. Yang-Woo guesses Joon-Sang is drunk. So Jin-Hee asks her husband to repeat the words: Joon-Sang is the deity of back surgeries.

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Joon-Sang blames the doctor for leaving 10cm cut on Yang-Woo, and finds out he cuts off his nerve, so Yang-Woo cannot run. Joon-Sang makes something on his back, and says he backstabs him.

Yang-Woo wakes up from the dream and looks for his legs. He yells at Jin-Hee that he got a weird dream.

Teacher Jo plays the slide show in the office and tells Joo-Young that Soo-Im failed to conplete her teaching practice hours, and she hasn’t written book for 15 years, and she got remarried.

Joo-Young tells it to Seo-Jin and claims she wants to prevent the unfortunate happening of Young-Jae’s family becoming some kind of gossip that people talk about over drinks. Seo-Jin also wants to stop it for Myung-Joo’s sake.

Jin-Hee thinks Soo-Im isn’t obsessed with Woo-Joo’s studies because he is not her actual son, but she acted so refined and laid back. She asks Seo-Jin if she lets Soo-Im write the novel after disbanding the book club. So Seo-Jin gives her the invitation. Jin-Hee thinks it’s time to give the woman a lesson.

Hye-Na follows Ye-Seo to outside, but texts Woo-Joo. So he appears when Hye-Na congratulates Ye-Seo. Ye-Seo mentions Hye-Na’s mom passed away to embarrass her. But Woo-Joo gets Hye-Na a piece of his pork cutlet to encourage her. But she gives the pork cutlet to Ye-Seo.

Ye-Seo tells Seo-Jin what Hye-Na did on her, and reveals she will be volunteering at Onjungwon. Seo-Jin reveals her grandma volunteers there too.

Laura Jung meets with Madam Yoon and Ye-Seo, and asks Ye-Seo what’s it like to study with Joo-Young. Ye-Seo hesitates until Madam Yoon reveals she goes to the same church as her. Ye-Seo says it’s certainly helpful for college admissions. But Teacher Jo is there to pick her up. So she has to leave and reveals she will go back to the nursing home where she usually volenteers. Laura Jung is surprised that the coach arranges all the volunteering activities. She wants to meet Seo-Jin to hire the coach.

Joo-Young reads Soo-Im’s book about the mom doesn’t want to give up the kid. She remembers the doctor told her that her daughter kay got brain stem lesion in the accident, and they were not sure when she would be able to regain her consciousness. She was shocked and said she is not my daughter, and left.

She is in tears and calls Teacher Jo, asking him if he finds out Soo-Im’s teaching practice.

Soo-Im looks at the group photo of she and some kids in the laptop. Chi-Young steps in, so she closes the laptop. He offers to skip the party, and mentions she got upset after the previous party. But she wants to attend it and says he will see her turning kick.

Min-Hyuk waits Seung-Hye in the house, but she thinks Seo-Jin throws the party for a reason. He claims he will throw a welcoming party for their daughter Se-Ri as well.

Jin-Hee mentions Soo-Im is writing a novel about Young-Jae in the party. Joon-Sang thinks Soo-Im is using Young-Jae’s misfortune to earn money. Chi-Young asks Joon-Sang to have a talk for a moment. Soo-Im wants to say something to Seo-Jin as well, so she asks Seung-Hye and Jin-Hee to leave.

Chi-Young calls Joon-Sang as loser outside. Joon-Sang is furious to hit him, but Chi-Young takes him hand. Min-Hyuk shows up and asks them what they do. So Chi-Young pushes Joon-Sang to Min-Hyuk, and Joon-Sang embraces him. Joon-Sang sighs when Min-Hyuk is looking down on him, and yells to kick Chi-Young. But he falls on the ground. Yang-Woo goes to help his chief but hurts his back. Min-Hyuk shakes his head and leaves.

Soo-Im asks Seo-Jin not to stop her from writing Young-Jae’s story. But Seo-Jin claims it isn’t the fight between the two of us, but the whole Sky Castle. Soo-Im thinks Seo-Jin wants to watch after starting a fire. She stands up and claims she will write about it no matter what she do. Seo-Jin stands up, “While disguising your desire for fame and success as your duty as a writer, right?”

She asks her if she understands what it feels like to lose a child, and mentions Soo-Im has never even given birth.

Soo-Im kicks to Seo-Jin, and says, “Mi Hyang, you know that I’ve been going easy on you, right?” Seo-Jin is scared and thinks she is intention to tell everyone that she is Kwak-Mi-Hyang. Soo-Im says she isn’t like her but she will actually kick her.

Soo-Im return home and begins to write after staring at the mother and son statue. Seo-Jin asks Jin-Hee to stop Soo-Im. But Jin-Hee thinks it is just a fiction. Seo-Jin guesses Soo-Im will describe it as a place where doctors’ families live, and people will find out they spend six figures on an admission coach. She thinks they will become everyone’s enemy. Jin-Hee agrees and reveals her friends envy her for living there. She promises to work on collecting signatures.

Chi-Young steps in and asks Soo-Im if she did it because of Yeon-Du. She says that she couldn’t forget her student.

Teacher Jo reveals to Joo-Young that during Soo-Im’s teaching practice, a student in her class was stressed out about her grades, but her homeroom teacher wanted to turn a blind eye.

Soo-Im found Yeon-Du’s wrist was bleeding in the classroom, she asked her if she got hurt. But the girl asked her to pretend see nothing, and leaves. Soo-Im knocked at the door to ask Yeon-Du out, but the teacher stopped Soo-Im and revealed her parents had given up on the girl.

Teacher Jo thinks Soo-Im won’t give up, but Joo-Young wants to stop her. So she calls Soo-Im.

Soo-Im arrives at the cemetery with flowers, Joo-Young just tore up. Joo-Young says she wanted to do everything in her power to help her, when she heard she is writing a book about Young-Jae’s story. She asks her to tell her if there is anything she’d like to know. Soo-Im says she briefly read Young-Jae’s diary, and asks her why she incites him to take revenge on his parents.

Myung-Joo meets Joo-Young in the office, and reveals Young-Jae had received psychological therapy but he is all better. Joo-Young thinks Young-Jae doesn’t have will to study, so she doesn’t want to force him. Myung-Joo insists on forcing him, and asks Joo-Young to use his hatred toward her.

Joo-Young thinks it’s her fault, as she told herself that she’d never let another student end up like Yeon-Du. Soo-Im is shocked that the coach knows the girl as well. Joo-Young reveals she was Yeon-Du’s previate tutor until the accident. But she smiles after Soo-Im left.

When Myung-Joo asked her to accept Young-Jae. Joo-Young says, “Does that mean you’ll bear with it regardless of what the consequences may be?” Myung-Joo promised it.

Soo-Im almost hits someone while driving. She remembers she ran into Yeon-Du on the street. Yeon-Du was intention to text her that she wants to live, but she was hit by the car. Soo-Im walked to Yeon-Du and cried out.

Seo-Jin meets with Seung-Hye and gives the bag to her. Seung-Hye throws the bag on the table, and asks Min-Hyuk if it’s the reason he yielded the presidency to Seo-Jin.

He takes the book from the bag, and claims it costs more than $100,000. She reminds him that he is a father who wanted to educate their kids the right way, and he were never the type who’d use tricks to enhance their grades.

He asks her if she know what the purpose of education is in Korea, and thinks it’s to help students be good at taking tests. He says they will end up studying harder after they got good grades, and thinks their kids will get straight A’s this time no matter what. He locks the book in the safe box then.

Soo-Im prepares the meal for Hye-Na. Hye-Na is moved and says that she knows her mom will feel upset if she sees her having a hard time, so she never skips her meals.

Ye-Bin and Soo-Han fail to the math question. Ye-Bin thinks they will have to study with elementary school kids. Hye-Na offers to solve the question for them, and praises Ye-Bin after she got the answer. She thinks her level will rise in no time if she has the right teacher.

Soo-Han asks Hye-Na to be his tutor. But she can only teach one person. So Ye-Bin leaves to visit her mom.

Hye-Na’s eyes fix when Woo-Joo introduces Ye-Seo house from outside.

Seo-Jin is surprised that Ye-Bin wants to get private lessons from Hye-Na. Jin-Hee asks her who is the girl. Ye-Bin is intention to mention Soo-Han, but reveals Hye-Na can only teach one person.

Seo-Jin offers to find another teacher for Ye-Bin. But the kid enjoy being taught by Hye-Na, and leaves with temper.

Seo-Jin remembers Ye-Seo told her that Hye-Na is changed since her mom passed away. She calls Do-Hoon’s mom and asks her if she told the girl she made her give up the school president. Do-Hoon’s mom reveals Hye-Na got the message when she told her to give up. She adds that the girl even threatened her and took $3,000.

Seo-Jin reports this matter to Joo-Young. Joo-Young asks Teacher Jo to watch Hye-Na. Hye-Na appears at Joon-Sang’s hospital. Teacher Jo sneaks into Hye-Na’s room and finds Joon-Sang and her mom’s family photo. He shows the photo to Joo-Young. She smiles, and asks Seo-Jin to let Hye-Na move into her place and keeps her. Because the girl is a ticking bomb who has nothing to be afraid of.

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