Somewhere Only We Know Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episodes 17-18

These are recaps of Somewhere Only We Know Chinese Drama 2019 Episodes 17-18, Cheng He waits for Xue Tong at the dormitory, and apologizes to her. She feels wronged to cry, and he hugs her. They promise not to fight again. Mu Hai’s business runs well, and begins to go out with other female clients. Xiao Tang is in jealousy.

Somewhere Only We Know Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 17

Somewhere Only We Know

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Somewhere Only We Know Chinese Drama 2019 Episodes 17-18.

Bai Lin asks Xue Tong if Qi Qi would leave when Xiao Tang didn’t give her a slap. Xue Tong doesn’t know why Xiao Tang had to do it. Mei Zhi complains to Xiao Tang about her bad love, and asks her to call her father. Xiao Tang is upset. Xue Tong takes the task to have class for Peng You since Qi Qi left. Xue Tong is nervous and worries to shame Qi Qi.

Bai Lin and Zhong Qiang aren’t happy when staying together. She thinks the class is empty and feels uncomfortable. Cheng He accompanies Xue Tong to prepare class, and they have dinner together. He promises her to take her to watch movie. The supervisor of dorm wants to assign a girl to dormitory of 323. Bai Lin doesn’t wish the girl taking Qi Qi’s position, so she pretends to get sick and keeps sneezing. The girl is scared to leave. Bai Lin is pleased and swears to defend friendship.

Xue Tong is busy in taking class for Peng Yu. Mei Zhi keeps calling Xiao Tang, but Xiao Tang ignores her mother. Xue Tong gets the first fee of class, and buys the movie tickets, waiting for Cheng He. He is late and the lab calls him when they’re watching movie. Xue Tong leaves with him when the movie doesn’t end. She understands him and doesn’t want to bring trouble to him.

Xiao Tang gets a call from her father, and knows Mei Zhi kept calling him when she couldn’t contact her daughter. Xiao Tang is the illegitimate daughter, but her father still prepared the fees of going abroad. But Xiao Tang was arrogant and didn’t want to use her father’s money. Xiao Tang appoints Xue Tong to see Qi Qi, and tells Xue Tong that she didn’t want Qi Qi to be a woman like her mother. Being a mistress breaks someone’s family and ruins herself.

Xiao Tang returns home, and Mei Zhi prepared the meal. Xiao Tang sees her mother’s aged looks, and changes her attitude to Mei Zhi. Professor Wu knows that Cheng He went to Professor Han, and threatens Cheng He with the graduation of doctor. But Cheng He doesn’t care. Cheng He’s birthday is coming. Xiao Tang accompanies Xue Tong to pick gift, and they choose a model of maze. Xue Tong intends to cook cake on her own.

Bai Lin decides to move out with Zhong Qiang, and they book a comfortable house. Xue Tong talks with Xiao Tang about Mu Hai. Xiao Tang thinks they’re not suitable even if they have feelings. Xue Tong sets up balloons in Cheng He’s house and takes cake to wait for him. But he doesn’t show up.

Xue Tong texts Cheng He but he doesn’t reply. So she takes cake to the lab, and calls everybody to eat the cake. But Cheng He is busy in the work, and doesn’t mood to celebrate his birthday. He hastily blows the candles and doesn’t cut the cake. He coldly does the research, and the people in the lab look at each other in speechless. Xue Tong is awkward to leave. The next day, Cheng He returns home and blames Xue Tong for deciding for herself to the lab. She feels wronged and doesn’t understand why she always wrongs, and has a fight with him.

Somewhere Only We Know Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 18

Xue Tong complains it to Xiao Tang and Mu Hai. Mu Hai explains that Cheng He doesn’t care anything when he has the thing to do. Cheng He complains it to Cheng Ting as well. Cheng Ting thinks Xue Tong’s point is good, and tells Cheng He that husband and wife don’t have overnight revenge. He thinks the contradiction will upgrade after several days. Cheng He panics to visit Xue Tong.

Cheng He waits for Xue Tong at the dormitory, and apologizes to her. She feels wronged to cry, and he hugs her. They promise not to fight again. Mu Hai’s business runs well, and begins to go out with other female clients. Xiao Tang is in jealousy. People gather at Bai Lin’s place, and Bai Lin wishes Qi Qi to come. Xue Tong offers to take part in the comparison of dormitory culture week, and sends the trophy to Qi Qi.

Jia Hang leaves, and Tao Tao becomes the president of student union. He purposely makes difficulties for Bai Lin, and doesn’t allow 323 dormitory joining the comparison. Xue Tong stops Bai Lin so that she doesn’t make a scene. Tao Tao agrees with it on the end, but it needs to be talked by the student union. Cheng He’s experiment faces the bottleneck and brings the negative emotions home. Fortunately, Xue Tong doesn’t care and tries to make him happy.

Professor Han decides to take back lab at the end of a month. Cheng He not only doesn’t consider the solution, but also yells at the colleagues. Jia Hang knows Bai Lin meeting with difficulties, and helps her to let 323 pass the audit. It makes Bai Lin happy. Xue Tong decides to take part in the campaign with baking, and develops many flavor cakes. Xiao Tang finds out that Mu Hai still meets with Xiao Xue, and she isn’t happy.

Xue Tong is food poisoning by eating cake, and Bai Lin sends Xue Tong to the hospital. Xue Tong doesn’t want to make Cheng He worry about it, so she doesn’t tell him her sickness. Cheng He gets the research qualification of German laboratory. But he is indecision. He doesn’t want to leave Xue Tong, and remembers his father. His father passed away because he got lost in research too deeply. Bai Lin wonders why Xue Tong didn’t fawn to Cheng He when she is sick. Xue Tong says that she doesn’t want to bother him when his experiment isn’t smooth.

Mu Hai asks Xiao Tang out and wants to be in love again. He asks her if she is jealous. Xiao Tang doesn’t get moved, and wants to go abroad. The 323 dormitory doesn’t take part in the selection because of raining, and it makes Bai Lin angry. Bai Lin finds the empty bottles and the materials of going abroad at home. She asks him if he drank and intended to go abroad. He admits that he intends to go abroad but denies that he drank. She blames him for lying to her, and thinks he should tell her.

Cheng He takes Xue Tong to the lab, and tells her the bottleneck he faced and his misfortune childhood. She thinks he is so strange and doesn’t know how to get in his world and face the his madness. So she offers to break up and cries to return to dormitory. Cheng He is upset and go home to drink.

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