Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 63-64

In the 63-64th episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap, Chen Bi tells Fu Heng that Consort Lin is dying, and suggests him to take his love to leave. But he isn’t fooled by her, and emperor finds out she is intention to take revenge for everybody.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 63

Story of Yanxi Palace

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Episodes 63-64.

Yuan Chunwang asks empress for her forgiving, and claims he framed Consort Lin is to help her. But empress tells him that Consort Lin shouldn’t die in her place, and wants to let others kill Consort Lin. Mr. Li takes the zither back from Consort Lin, and emperor asks his follower to burn it since it wasn’t in good keep. Mr. Li thinks Consort Lin doesn’t cherish emperor, and decides not to help her.

Chen Bi is pleased while seeing ill Consort Lin, and suggests her to leave with Fu Heng. She tells her that she was sent to emperor like a gift, and lost her baby. Consort Lin is moved, but she doesn’t make the decision. Chen Bi persuades Fu Heng to take Consort Lin leaving as well, and he is lost when Chen Bi thinks he should live for himself.

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Hai Lancha is frustrated after Ming Yu died, and emperor decides sends him to the battle. This is what Hai Lancha wants, and thanks to emperor. Chen Bi takes Consort Lin’s earrings to visit Fu Heng, and tells him that his love is dying if he doesn’t take her to leave. He is lost when reporting the case to emperor in the court.

Xiao Quanzi pretends to obey Yuan Chunwang’s order to bully Consort Lin, but he places a handkerchief under her pillow. Empress knows Chen Bi wants to utilize her to kill Consort Lin, but empress doesn’t want to dirty her hand. Yuan Chunwang thanks Lan Er for helping him to empress. Lan Er confesses her love, and gives the stuff she embroidered to him.

Chen Bi is intention to trip, and catches emperor’s attention. She tells him that Consort Lin is going to leave palace with Fu Heng. Emperor is furious to break the teacup, and wants to arrest Consort Lin. Chen Bi told Consort Lin that she could hide in the watering cart, and leave the palace. But she wasn’t intention to help her, and told the plan to emperor.

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Emperor asks his followers to watch the palace gate, and Chen Bi asks him to forgive Consort Lin and Fu Heng. He checks the watering cart, and doesn’t find Consort Lin but Xiao Quanzi. Emperor is confused, and Xiao Quanzi tells him that she asked him to hide in the watering cart after knowing someone wanted to frame her. But Chen Bi doesn’t want to give up, and guesses Fu Heng is out of palace. She asks emperor to catch him.

But Fu Heng isn’t tricked, and claims Chen Bi instigated them to leave palace. But Chen Bi denies it, and claims she won’t frame him since he saved her. Fu Heng is confused as well. Just then emperor takes out the paper.

Chen Bi was missing when she was a child, and she got married when her father found her. But her father didn’t want to waste her, and sent her to palace. Chen Bi wanted to commit suicide before being sent to palace, but Fu Heng saved him. She hated him for saving her, and decided to take revenge for him. So she framed Consort Lin.

Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 64

Chen Bi pulls out her hair pin, and wants to kill emperor. But Fu Heng protects emperor. She blames them, and emperor locks her up. Emperor and Consort Lin hug each other after knowing their feelings. She knew he wanted to make her jealous, so he gave jewelry to Chen Bi. She guesses he trembled when checking the watering cart. Consort Lin laughs after knowing emperor wanted to know if she would leave with Fu Heng or not. Emperor is embarrassed after hearing her words, and hugs her tightly.

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Queen calls Consort Lin, and asks her about Chen Bi. Consort Lin admits that she lied to her, and queen wants to punish her. It doesn’t work even if emperor asks queen to forgive her. Just then Ye Tianshi says that Consort Lin is pregnancy, and queen has to give up.

Emperor thrills after knowing Consort Lin is pregnancy, and she wishes it’s a baby boy, so that he doesn’t have to give birth. She reports to emperor that someone maltreated her in the cold palace.

Emperor asks Mr. Li to investigate after knowing Consort Lin was maltreated, and Mr. Li finds out it’s Yuan Chunwang. Mr. Li tells empress that Yuan Chunwang and the doctors should be punished, and Zhen Er asks empress to save Yuan Chunwang. But empress doesn’t want to risk her life, and tells Zhen Er to give up.

Consort Lin visits Chen Bi in the cold palace, and tells her that her families are killed. Chen Bi laughs, and Consort Lin realizes that Chen Bi was intention to kill her families. Chen Bi reveals her father forced her to step into palace for getting promoted.

Chen Bi’s father threatens her to step into palace with her child, and she had to agree it. But the child died after falling into the trap. Chen Bi was intention to die with her child, but Fu Heng saved her. Consort Lin is curious why Chen Bi never mentions her husband, Chen Bi tells Consort Lin that she is just a gift, and never has any husband. Chen Bi realizes Consort Lin walked into cold palace was to make emperor cherish her more.

Consort Lin tells Chen Bi to pretend to be insane, so she has chance to live. Chen Bi dances like a lunatic, and nobody knows if she is lunatic or not. It’s happy ending for her since she took revenge.

Consort Lin decides not to punish Yuan Chunwang, and tells him that she paid off his kindness. Yuan Chunwang falls in love with her deeply, and is furious. He kneels to empress, and wishes she can accept him. Zhen Er keeps persuading empress, and she has to agree Zhen Er. Empress suggests him to kneel at yanxi palace, and gets Consort Lin’s forgiving. So she can help him.

Empress wants to get along with Consort Lin since Yuan Chunwang kneels enough. Consort Lin tells empress that she isn’t ambition, and asks empress not to hurt princes. Empress doesn’t expect that Consort Lin didn’t consider for her children. Consort Lin claims emperor is wise enough to make the decision. Empress is satisfied with Consort Lin’s attitude, and thinks it’s best ending. Yuan Chunwang is hopeless after knowing they get along.

10 years later, the fourth prince is jealous of the fifth prince because the fifth prince is outstanding. Zhen Er finds white hair from empress, and wants to hide it. But empress doesn’t care, and mentions Consort Lin gave her children to queen and Imperial Concubine Qing, and only knows to play. She is envious of Consort Lin, but cannot be lazy since she is empress. The twelfth prince hurts himself during practice. Empress worries about her son, but his talent is no match for the fifth prince.

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