Ten Years Late Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

This is the recap of Ten Years Late Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 1. Shan Mu is going to take his life at the rooftop, and Jin Ran goes to stop him. Jin Ran reminds Shan Mu that he has family, and Shan Mu gives up to jump off the rooftop. Jin Ran asks Secretary to give the money to Shan Mo’s family even if he took off the public funds.

Ten Years Late Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

Ten Years Late

Yuan Lai and Cheng Zhi are taken wedding photos, and she gets a call from Mr. Ji. She asks Cheng Zhi to choose the photo as she needs to leave. Cheng Zhi wants to drive Yuan Lai, but she rejects it and shares that she needs to fight fire.

Yuan Lai takes the suit to see Mr. Ji in the hotel, and notes that his wallet was stolen. She asks him if he needs to call the police, but he rejects. She reminds him the bidding, and he realizes that the flash disk of bidding was in the wallet.

The girl thinks Mr. Ji and Yuan Lai had an affair, and reveals Peter saw Mr. Ji picking up Yuan Lai in the evening. Xiao Fei denies as she sat in the car with Yuan Lai. The girl asks Xiao Fei for the inside story, and Xiao Fei reveals Yuan Lai is busying in the promoting.

Yuan Lai stops Xiao Fei and punishes her for eating instant noodles with her. Xiao Fei claims that she needs to prepare the papers of the meeting, and walks away. Yuan Lai tells Mr. Ji that the she took back the stuff, and reveals she got rid of the clothes for him.

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Ke Ke tells Jin Ran that Mr. Wen visited him many times, and Jin Ran tells Ke Ke to reject it for him. He sees the wedding photo, and remembers he had a kiss with Yuan Lai. She swore to get Jin Ran in the classroom.

Jin Ran tells Ke Ke that he wants to see Mr. Wen, and intends to go to Shanghai. He doesn’t believe Yuan Lai would forget him. Jin Ran visits Mom and tells her to hire two people. But she doesn’t want to spend money. Mom stops him from throwing away the sushi, and he thinks she wants to eat it.

Jin Ran tells Mom that it’s dirty, and shares that he decides to work in Shanghai. She realizes that he wants to visit Yuan Lai, and thinks Yuan Lai won’t wait for him. He promises to pick her, and she wants to return to Shanghai.

Yuan Lai meets with Xi Zi and Shao Nan in the cafe. Yuan Lai is surprised that Xi Zi is going to get married, and Xi Zi wants Yuan Lai to be her bridesmaid. Yuan Lai promises it, and Shao Nan thinks Yuan Lai and Jin Ran would get married first.

Yuan Lai says that Jin Ran is just her ex, and Shao Nan blames Xin Yi for liking Jin Ran. Yuan Lai gets a call from Mr. Ji and leaves because she needs to hand over a proposal.

Xin Yi drinks and vomits in the restroom, but she applies the red lipstick and return to the cell. Xin Yi asks Mr. Zhao to give the order of 10,000,000 yuan if she drinks whole bottle of wine. He promises her not to attend the bidding. She drinks up, and he gives the contract to her for her courage.

Xin Yi gets the trophy of the best seller and decides to treat the colleagues. But she is called back by Ms. Zhang. Xin Yi is driven out by the landlord, and she fights with the man for a light.

Yuan Lai shows up and drives away the man for Xin Yi. Xin Yi shares that she was surrendered by the landlord, and intends to live in the hotel. Yuan Lai asks Xin Yi to live with her, and moves luggage for her.

Yuan Lai takes Xin Yi home and and feels sorry because there are only green pepper and potato. Xin Yi brags that her boyfriend likes to take her to eat yummy foods. She wonders why Jin Ran didn’t care for Yuan Lai. Yuan Lai says that they broke up. Xin Yi feels sorry for forgetting it, and her boyfriend Zi Fu calls her and wants to pick her up.

Cheng Zhi calls Yuan Lai and reminds her the hot air balloon, martian geomorphology and barbecue in turkey. But she has a business. Dad blames Yuan Lai for not packing her stuff, but Cheng Ji claims that he has time. The lady mistakes Cheng Zhi as Ms. Wu’s son-in-law. Ms. Wu explains that Cheng Zhi just came to take Yuan Lai’s stuff to the airport.

Jin Ran sees Cheng Zhi and Yuan Lai at the airport, and he informed that tourists brought trouble in Japan. Jin Ran asks Mr. Wen for Yuan Lai, and Yuan Lai needs to go to Japan. Cheng Zhi doesn’t want to go to turkey because Yuan Lai doesn’t go. She tells him to go because she needs to go to Japan.

Yuan Lai apologizes to the tourist, but the tourist asks for returning her money. Yuan Lai asks the guide about the rooms, but he shares that the hotel is full house. Yuan Lai wants to change a hotel for the tourists, and Jin Ran reminds her that there is another group of the company.

Yuan Lai asks the two group to exchange rooms, and she walks to Jin Ran. She asks him if they met before, and he turns around. Yuan Lai is surprised to see Jin Ran, and wants to treat him the coffee. But he doesn’t want to owe her.

Yuan Lai remembers she held Cheng Zhi’s hand and told Jin Ran that she loves Cheng Zhi. She told him not to disturb them because they had broken up. Yuan Lai gets a call from Mr. Ji, and she is asked to stay in Japan.

Yuan Lai is surprised that Jin Ran is the vip guest, and he asks her to get him some fresh oyster when they’re on the Fupu bridge. She thinks he is kidding when he wants to eat on the bridge. He mentions she said to give customer the best experience and feeling. She offers to visit the fish market, and he only gives her half an hour.

Jin Ran puts the fastener in Yuan Lai’s pocket, and she notes it when she is buying fresh oyster. The store owner thinks her boyfriend wants to ask for her forgiving. Yuan Lai returns and put the fresh oysters on the table. She tells Jin Ran to enjoy it and intends to leave. But he asks her to toast the oysters for him.

Yuan Lai returns with the toasted oysters, but Jin Ran asks for adding some tomato sauce. She is furious to put all kinds of tomato sauce on the table, and he asks her to eat the toasted oysters because her belly isn’t good. But she tells him that she gets wrong person because she is just a guide.

Jin Ran drinks and wonders why Yuan Lai treated him in such way four years ago. Yuan Lai wonders why Jin Ran wanted to appear in her life, and reveals she spent four years to forget him.

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