Ten Years Late Chinese Drama: Episode 2 [Recap]

This is the recap of Ten Years Late Chinese Drama: Episode 2. Girlfriend walks Ding Ang and thanks him for buying her bags. But the kid runs to pour Ding Ang’s coffee on her bag. Girlfriend scolds the kid, and the woman offers to compensate. Ding Ang tells the mom and the kids to leave, and Girlfriend asks about her bag. He promises to buy her a new one.

Ten Years Late Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap

Ten Years Late

Girlfriend tells Ding Ang that her bag is dirty, and he gives her his bank card. But he rejects her kiss because there’re many bacteria in human’s saliva. She asks him to but his future mother-in-law the house, but he says that he cannot decide it. She points out that he will inherit the fortune for his mom.

He tells her to get off his car and offers to break up. She says that she has paying out, and he walks into the real estate sales center. Ding Ang is frozen while seeing Xin Yi, who’s holding Zi Fu’s hand. Girlfriend asks for the house, and Ding Ang throws the car key on the table, telling her to disappear.

Xin Yi introduces Zi Fu to Ding Ang, and Zi Fu shares that he saw Ding Ang on the magazine. Ding Ang learns that they’re going to buy house, and Zi Fu shares that he doesn’t want Xin Yi to rent house. Ding Ang asks Xin Yi if they’re going to get married. She admits it and invites him to attend her wedding.

Cheng Zhi sees Ding Ang rejecting a girl in the bar, and thinks he is worth to the title of playboy. Ding An shares that his mom arranged a blind date for him, but he met Xin Yi. Cheng Zhi thinks Ding Ang wants to pursue Xin Yi, and Ding Ang tells Cheng Zhi to pretend to be him.

But Cheng Zhi worries that the girl will fall for him, and thinks there is a risk. He asks for a lens, and Ding Ang promises it. He reminds Cheng Zhi that the man will be broke if he likes photography.

Jin Ran asks Yuan Lai to come to his room, but she tells him to call the reception because she needs to rest. He tells her that she can get the trust if she satisfies the extra need of customer. He points at the painting on the wall, and wants to go there. But he doesn’t know where the place is, and asks her to arrange it.

The secretary brings the lens to Cheng Zhi, and thinks it’s not cheap. Yuan Lai takes Jin Ran to the place of the painting, and he asks her to go to the place of the postcard. She thinks he is very mercurial, but he claims that he just wants to experience the traditional culture.

Jin Ran thinks Yuan Lai likes to communicate with rejecting, but she reminds him that they need to go to gallery. He thinks Feitu isn’t different from other travel companies, and she promises to contact.

Shuang Shuang gets a call from someone, and she is asked to get the interview at the law firm. Cheng Zhi shows up, and Shuang Shuang thinks he is very handsome. She doesn’t understand what he said because he speaks in cantonese, and asks him to speak in Chinese.

Shuang Shuang learns that Cheng Zhi doesn’t want to be in love, and promises to tell her mom that she doesn’t hit him. But she asks to add his wechat, and intends to ask him out. Xi Zi calls Cheng Zhi, and Shuang Shuang suspects Cheng Zhi’s identity.

Cheng Zhi explains that Ding Ang is just his stage name, but Xi Zi mentions Ding Ang. Xi Zi tells Shuang Shuang that Ding Ang wore same pants with Cheng Zhi, and Shuang Shuang blames Cheng Zhi for cheating her. She thinks Cheng Zhi is a gay, and blesses them.

Jin Ran gives the pink flower to Yuan Lai, and tells her that her marriage will arrive. But she tells him to give it to other girls. So he wants to give the black lion to her because she likes to get angry. But she thinks it’s suitable for him because the black lion has a big mouth.

Cheng Zhi asks for another lens, but Ding Ang rejects it. He shares that he intended to get the chance to make Cheng Zhi pick up confidence. But Cheng Zhi failed to deal with the silly girl. Shuang Shuang tells her friend that Cheng Zhi is very handsome, but Cheng Zhi tells Ding Ang that there is a hole in Shuang Shuang’s brain.

Shuang Shuang shares that Cheng Zhi wore purple socks and thinks he has a problem. The friend tells Shuang Shuang that Cheng Zhi belongs to someone else. But Shuang Shuang thinks she should put her vision far away. The friend asks if Shuang Shuang got his wechat. Cheng Zhi shares that he feels disgusting when Shuang Shuang wanted to add his wechat.

Cheng Zhi tells Ding Ang that only Leica lens can comfort him, and Ding Ang promises it. Yuan Lai and Jin Ran wait for the train, and Jin Ran thinks it’s a enjoyment to wait in the snow. But she tells him not to affect the journey for the enjoyment. The two ride the pink train, and Yuan Lai asks Jin Ran what the pink means. But he refuses to share.

They arrive at the hotel, but they’re told that there is only one room. Jin Ran orders the room, and tells Yuan Lai to take the sofa if she doesn’t want the room. Because he needs to rest. Yuan Lai runs into Jin Ran at the hot spring, and she points out that he said that he needs to rest.

Jin Ran asks Yuan Lai if she avoids him or waits for him. He ties the bathrobe for her, and thinks she didn’t do her work well. Because bathrobe is the basic etiquette of Japanese culture. But she points out that he lived in Japan for many years. Jin Ran is hurt for protecting Yuan Lai avoiding the drunk men, and she finds her photo in his phone.

Yuan Lai asks Jin Ran why her photo is on his phone, and he explains that he wants to shoot the snow scene of street. She stares at the button, and remembers the shop owner told her that her boyfriend wants to get her forgiving. Yuan Lai returns the button to Jin Ran.

The guide tells Yuan Lai that there’re five ticket numbers of tourists are missing, and Jin Ran reminds her to take the plane from Osaka. Cheng Zhi picks up Yuan Lai at the airport, and Jin Ran has to leave. Cheng Zhi brings ice cream to Yuan Lai, and asks her about the psychopath customer. He wants to give the customer a lesson, but she reminds him that he is a lawyer.

Yuan Lai and Cheng Zhi return home, and she is surprised that her mom cooked soup for him. She hits him, but Jin Ran sees it and mistakes it as flirting.

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