Ten Years Late Chinese Drama: Episode 3 [Recap]

This is the recap of Ten Years Late Chinese Drama: Episode 3. Xiao Fei tells Yuan Lai that there will be a new COO coming, and there isn’t any information about him. Lisa thinks the COO is ugly. Jin Ran shows up, and Wen Ya welcomes him. Yuan Lai hits Jin Ran, and Wen Ya introduces Jin Ran as the COO.

Ten Years Late Chinese Drama: Episode 3 Recap

Ten Years Late

Xiao Fei thinks Jin Ran is a gentleman, and asks Yuan Lai if she heard Jin Ran since they came from same university. Yuan Lai denies. Yuan Lai reminds them that Jin Ran will throw a meeting for them.

Jin Ran stares at Yuan Lai from the top, and says that he came back. He tells people that he will be advice shareholders to end the company if Feitu doesn’t run well.

Lisa thinks Jin Ran shows his fox tail, and he points out that she hasn’t launch any new line, wishing her to put more energy on her work. Li Da wants to help Lisa, but Jin Ran praises Li Da for launching six new lines.

Jin Ran asks Yuan Lai if she satisfies with her lines, and she says that he didn’t get any complaint. He gives his complaint letter to her and thinks she wanted to make the tourists to sleep at the airport.

Yuan Lai thinks the purchasing department should take the duty of the tickets, but Jin Ran points out that she didn’t supervise well. He tells her to leave the meeting and looks into the case.

Yuan Lai asks when Mr. Bao will return, but the secretary knows nothing. Yuan Lai claims she needs to deal with the case with Mr. Bao. But the secretary thinks Yuan Lai forgets to book the ticket and blame them.

Mr. Bao visits Mr. Ji and blames Jin Ran for letting the board of directors to decide the providers. Mr. Bao thinks they won’t get the rebates. Mr. Ji visits Jin Ran and brings new tea to him. But Jin Ran rejects it.

Yuan Lai visits Mr. Li and wants to sue him. But Mr. Li shares that the idea was offered by Mr. Bao, who got the rebates. Jin Ran sees Yuan Lai being stopped by the rain, and wants to get off his car. But Cheng Zhi picks up Yuan Lai and holds the umbrella for her.

Cheng Zhi prepares milk and cookies for Yuan Lai in the car. But she doesn’t want to eat. He tells her not to work hard, and she realizes that Xiao Fei told it to him.

Jin Ran sees Ding Ang’s man He Fei meeting with the enemy, and shoots them. Ding Ang learns that He Fei wants to leave, and he men ask Ding Ang what he will do.

Jin Ran sees Ding Ang drinking at the bar, and thinks he did that because of He Fei. He tells him that some brothers aren’t worth. But Ding Ang points out that he and He Fei played many games.

Jin Ran tells Ding Ang to visit He Fei, and Ding Ang hugs Jin Ran. Jin Ran brings the web celebrity breads to colleagues, and Xiao Fei thinks Jin Ran is very nice. Yuan Lai thinks Xiao Fei is easy to buy in. But Jin Ran claims that be considerate to employees is an enterprise culture.

The man shows He Fei’s video to Ding Ang, and Ding Ang visits Jin Ran. Ding Ang thinks Jin Ran posts the video, and doesn’t want He Fei to get blamed. Jin Ran points out that He Fei wouldn’t betray Ding Ang if he has the compassion. He tells him to get the team members to be partners, and thinks his name of club is old-fashioned.

Cheng Zhi invites Yuan Lai to watch 3d movie, but she cannot go because of the wedding. Jin Ran tells Yuan Lai not to call when she is on duty. But she talks back that it’s her noon break time, and wants to give him the employee handbook.

Jin Ran asks Yuan Lai if she doesn’t want to invite him, and she gives him the wedding invitation card. Yuan Lai wished to return to the origin because she found out that they changed to the looks they hate. Jin Ran throws the wedding invitation card into the trash can.

Jin Ran stops Yuan Lai and wants to have a talk with her. But she gets in the taxi. Jin Ran visits his friend’s coffee shop and asks for wine. The friend gives the beer to Jin Ran and tells him that it’s last bottle.

Jin Ran complains that Yuan Lai forgot him and got into the new love. The friend tells Jin Ran that love cannot be forced. Jin Ran sees Yuan Lai talking with Cheng Zhi over the phone, and thinks Cheng Zhi cares for her.

Yuan Lai tells Jin Ran that she will report to the company if he continues following her. He asks her if she feels guilty for staying with Cheng Zhi, but she tells him not to intervene her. Jin Ran apologizes to Yuan Lai and thinks he never be sober. He asks her when she will end to torture him, but she thinks he blames her when the person should be blamed is him.

Yuan Lai doesn’t want to mention the past, and thinks their relationship ended in five years ago.

The next day, Xi Zi wonders why Xin Yi doesn’t come. She thinks Yuan Lai and Xin Yi aren’t happy because of Jin Ran. Yuan Lai says that she and Xin Yi are best friend. Xin Yi arrives, and Yuan Lai tells her to get changed. Xin Yi opens the clothes and we see her dress inside.

The man shares that there is a problem in the flowers, and Xin Yi goes to the flower shop. Yuan Lai companies Xin Yi, and the two return with flowers. Xin Yi realizes that Yuan Lai is a professional runner, and remembers Yuan Lai ran to get the bag for her from the taxi.

Xin Yi admits to Yuan Lai that she liked Jin Ran before, but she never thought to rob him from her, and he took it down when she knew that she liked her. Xin Yi thinks she wasn’t right to conceal it, but she never thought to betray their friendship.

Yuan Lai holds Xin Yi’s hand and thinks everything is passed. She reveals she got angry when she knew that Xin Yi likes Jin Ran, and thinks she was childish. Yuan Lai says that she doesn’t want to miss the friendship all her life since she has missed it for five years.

Xin Yi thinks Yuan Lai matches Jin Ran, but Yuan Lai thinks their relationship was passed five years ago. She says that Jin Ran isn’t the used him, and Xin Yi says that she still belongs to Yuan Lai. Yuan Lai tells Xin Yi not to leave her, and Xin Yi promises it.

Jin Ran shows up and mistakes Xi Zi as Yuan Lai because they both wear wedding dress.

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