The Eternal Love 2 Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 11-12

In the 11-12th episodes of The Eternal Love 2 Chinese Drama Recap, Qu Xiaotan finds out Liu Shang is Mo Liancheng, and he promises to take her return her hometown. But she thinks he loves Qu Taner, not her. Mo Liancheng is sad because Qu Xiaotan doesn’t believe his love.

The Eternal Love 2 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 11

The Eternal Love 2

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Eternal Love 2 Chinese Drama Episodes 11-12.

Eighth Prince steps into bathroom where Liu Shang is undressed, and wears his mask in hurry. Liu Shang claims he needs to wear his clothes, and Eighth Prince agrees it. Liu Shang sighs. Eighth Prince notices it, and wants to check the bathroom. Qu Xiaotan stops him with weak voice, and Liu Shang’s mask drops when they leave.

Qu Xiaotan talks about Eighth Prince’s sexual orientation with Jing Xin, and tells her that she isn’t Qu Taner. Jing Xin knew it already, but she is sad after Qu Xiaotan gave her the answer. Qu Xiaotan explains to Jing Xin the reason why she came to here, and promises to treat her well like her miss. But Jing Xin cannot accepts it since she grew with Qu Xiaotan since childhood. She hopes her miss can come back.

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Fourteenth Prince tells Eighth Prince that someone pretends to be him to have meet with him, and Yu Hao mentions that Qu Xiaotan claimed she got Eighth Prince’s order to leave the house. Eighth Prince thinks the person pretends to be him cares Qu Xiaotan, and decides to arrest him with her.

Fourteenth Prince asks Qu Xiaotan about Jing Xin’s interest, and she teases him that he is too young to get a girlfriend. But he claims that he isn’t a child anymore, and is going to do a big project for Eighth Prince. She wants to ask him what project he talks about, but Eighth Prince takes him away. Mo Liancheng runs into Qu Xiaotan at the corridor, and asks her about Eighth Prince. She is upset because of Jing Xin, so she ignores him to leave.

A line of soldiers break into house, and want to arrest Qu Xiaotan with Consort Du Gu’s order. The butler explains that the prince isn’t in the house, but the soldiers ignore him. Mo Liancheng shows up to stop them, but Yu Hao goes to arrest him. Qu Xiaotan and Jing Xin are stunned while standing there. Mo Liancheng realizes it’s a trap, and flees after defeating Yu Hao. Fourteenth Prince and Eighth Prince show up from another side.

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Eighth Prince takes the soldiers surrounding snow house since only Liu Shang visited his study. But Yu Hao gets nothing from snow house. Liu Shang shows up with a painting, and Eighth Prince asks him where he went. Liu Shang explains that he fixed the painting for Eighth Prince since Butler Zhou asked him to do it. Butler Zhou testifies it then.

Jing Xin and Qu Xiaotan return the room, and Jing Xin asks Qu Xiaotan if she is injured or not. She decides to protect her from now on. Mo Yihuai visits Qu Paner in the jail, and tells her that he only loves Qu Taner. She is sad while staring at his back, and a man in black gives her a letter. Qu Linjiang tells Qu Paner that he planned everything, and asks her t follow his instructions in the letter. Qu Paner tells Consort Du Gu that she will give soul pearl to her if she saves her.

Eighth Prince invites Liu Shang to trip. Liu Shang doesn’t promise until he knows Qu Xiaotan will go as well. Eighth Prince asks Yu Hao to find a place with water, and Qu Xiaotan splashes mud on Liu Shang’s hair. Eighth Prince catches the chance to touch Liu Shang’s face, but Liu Shang avoids it. Eighth Prince pretends that his ring drops into water, and asks Liu Shang to get it for him. Just then the follower reports that the person with Eighth Prince’s face appears, so Eighth Prince leaves.

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Qu Xiaotan sees herself in the water when she wants to get the ring, and falls into the water. Liu Shang goes to help her, but they fall into water together. She finds out his face is changed, and the mask floats on the water.

The Eternal Love 2 Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 12

Qu Xiaotan calls Mo Liancheng when seeing Liu Shang’s face, and she is relieved after he admited it. He hugs angry Qu Xiaotan tightly, and takes her to shore. He tells her that he followed her to jump off the cliff, and arrived at Dong Yue through the crack of space.

Qu Xiaotan asks Mo Liancheng why he concealed it, and why he has same face to Eighth Prince. He tells her that he is Eighth Prince, but she doesn’t believe it. So he tells her the whole story, and promises her that he will take her to return her hometown. Qu Xiaotan thinks Mo Yihuai comes from another space as well, and mentions he has a pocket watch. Mo Liancheng says he dropped the pocket watch by mistake, and warns Qu Xiaotan not to see Mo Yihuai.

Qu Xiaotan sighs that Liu Shang is very handsome when seeing Mo Liancheng taking off his mask at snow house, and thinks Eighth Prince fell for the face. Mo Liancheng is jealous, and forces her to lie in bed. He asks her if she fell for the mask, and she is stunned. Just then Butler Zhou knocks the door, and says that Eighth Prince wants to see Liu Shang. Liu Shang asks Butler Zhou to tell Eighth Prince to wait, because he needs to deal with the mischievous mouse. Qu Xiaotan is embarrassed to urge Liu Shang to see Eighth Prince.

Eighth Prince tells Liu Shang that someone pretended to be him, but Liu Shang thinks the person is Eighth Prince himself. Eighth Prince doesn’t believe it, and swears to arrest the person. Liu Shang returns the ring to Eighth Prince, and tells him to fix the relationship with emperor through queen.

Mo Liancheng sees that Qu Xiaotan doesn’t believe his story, and asks her how could she explain it if he isn’t Eighth Prince. He has been wanting to stop her to go to Dong Yue, but it’s destined. He believes that they’re destined to love each other.

Qu Xiaotan isn’t pleased after hearing Mo Liancheng’s words, and says that he doesn’t want to be related to him. He knows he neglects her feeling, but nobody cares his feelings. He is sad that the woman he loves doesn’t trust him. Qu Xiaotan’s eyes turn to red, and she asks Mo Liancheng if he treats her as Qu Taner just like Mo Yihuai. He feels wronged, and thinks she undervalue his love.

The next day, Qu Xiaotan finds out that she lies in Mo Liancheng’s bed. She calls him as jerk, and wants to leave. But she runs into Eighth Prince then. Liu Shang goes out undressed. Eighth Prince questions Qu Xiaotan why she appears at snow house in the morning, and notices what she wears are yesterday’s clothes. She claims all her clothes are washed, and leaves.

Eighth Prince tells Liu Shang that emperor leaves when he wants to visit him at queen’s house, and knows it was because of Consort Du Gu. Liu Shang comforts Eighth Prince that he doesn’t have to worry about Consort Du Gu, because she doesn’t give birth still. But Eighth Prince needs to see emperor. Liu Shang suggests Eighth Prince to let emperor call him instead.

Eighth Prince is jealous after seeing Qu Xiaotan washing face for Liu Shang, and asks her to return his house. He wants her to accompany him to see emperor, but Liu Shang thinks Eighth Prince shouldn’t see emperor forwardly.

Consort Du Gu saves Qu Paner, and asks her about soul pearl’s whereabouts. Qu Paner tells Consort Du Gu that emperor takes soul pearl, and only Qu family’s blood can unseal it.

Eighth Prince gives a painting to emperor, and emperor asks Mr. Cui to call him after realizing that he snubbed him. Consort Du Gu is furious, and informs emperor that she is sick to stop the meeting. Emperor leaves when Eighth Prince takes Qu Xiaotan to visit him.

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