The Flame’s Daughter Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1-2

This is first episode of The Flame’s Daughter Chinese Drama, Lie Ruge (Dilraba Dilmurat) wants to know how to win Zhan Feng (Vin Zhang)’s heart and joins flower building. He runs into Yin Xue (Vic Chou) who promises to help her get her lover.

The Flame’s Daughter Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1

The Flame's Daughter

Yin Xue takes wounded Lie Ruge to see his teacher and begs him to save his lover. Lie Ruge is the daughter of martial ruler and flame mountain villa’s heir. Yin Xue kneels down in front of the cave Lie Ruge lives. Teacher tells him that Lie Ruge was dead and let him stay away from devil path and return immortal path.

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Yin Xue wants to return his sect, teacher tells him that he will suffer the cold over 100 years and lose all of his martial arts, and cannot control his fate even if he enters immortal path. He doesn’t fear it. Lie Ruge arrives flower building and finds out that the building isn’t a brothel, the girls are talented and works hard.

Boss Hua reveals the flower building isn’t a normal building and only welcomes special guesses, she asks the girls who want to get maid job, what are their intentions. Lie Ruge tells her that she worship Boss Hua, Boss Hua lets her show off her talent. Lie Ruge knows the cup where comes from and the tea’s feature through smell. Boss Hua appreciates her and named her Ge Er.

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There is a girl Xiang Er failed in the interview as she has no money to bury her mother and cries. Lie Ruge begs Boss Hua for Xiang Er, Boss Hua accepts it and lets Xiang Er to be Feng Xixi’s maid. Lie Ruge serves Phoenix. Lie Ruge gives the money to Xiang Er and lets her bury her mother, Xiang Er appreciates her. Feng Xixi doesn’t like Xiang Er so that she exchanges maid with Phoenix. Feng Xixi tells Lie Ruge that she has to help her to get Dao Wuxia’s favor if she wants to stay in there.

In order to get Dao Wuxia’s details, Lie Ruge sends message to her senior Yu Zihan. Yu Zihan replies that Dao Wuxia is polite but he is pride and loves woman, he has 17 wives right now. Yu Zihan is the Prince Jing Yuan who is a good person but is deafness and lost his feet because of power struggle.

Lie Ruge knows Qin Hong is good at playing zither, she wants him to accompany for Feng Xixi. Dao Wuxia takes Dao Wuheng and Dao Liexiang visiting flower building. Lie Ruge tells Qin Hong her intention, he closes his door. Lie Ruge plays trip dream which is lost many years. Lie Ruge promises to give trip dream to Qin Heng if he can accompany for Feng Xixi. Qin Heng accepts it.

Phoenix’s dance is stunned guesses, Lie Ruge trips her with pearl. Dao Wuxia goes to save her, Phoenix leans in his chest. Dao Liexiang blames Phoenix for her intention. Phoenix yells at her, Dao Liexiang wants to give her a lesson. Xuan Huang appears and stops them, Lie Ruge is curious why her senior comes.

Phoenix performs her wipe dance and lets Xiang Er put candle on her head, wiping on the candles, Dao Wuxia stops her and buys Xiang Er. Qin Hong takes his zither leaving. A man is playing zither in the bamboo forest, a group of assassins go down from the sky, the man puts his martial art in the salix leaf and kills those assassins.

The Flame’s Daughter Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

Feng Xixi isn’t happy because she isn’t chose by Dao Wuxia, Lie Ruge enlightens her. Boss Hua congratulates her as the flame house Yu Zihan hired her. Feng Xixi takes him to her room and washes for him, but his henchman tells her that he doesn’t like to be disturbed. Lie Ruge thinks she cannot flee from her senior. She asks about Zhan Feng when Yu Zihan wants to take her home.

Zhan Feng is Lie Mingjing’s son and loves Lie Ruge, but is cold to her after taking a miss Ying Yi from brothel. So that Lie Ruge visits flower building and learns how to win a man’s heart. Lie Ruge asks Yu Zihan for trip dream music, she is shocked that the music comes from emperor. Feng Xixi asks to return her father’s innocent after Lie Ruge left. Her father is Yu Zihan’s henchman but framed by Prince Jing Xian. Yu Zihan orders his henchman to investigate Feng Xixi and her father.

Yin Xue is hunted by the second madam of thunder sect, he tells Boss Hua that he is going to choose a miss to live together until he dies. The younger master of thunder sect wants to see Yin Xue but he doesn’t have her number. He gets Lie Ruge’s music and asks her to get the number.

Lie Ruge calls Yin Xue snow miss, but Feng Xixi tells her that Yin Xue isn’t a female but a male. Dao Liexiang offer 1000,000 gold to buy Yin Xue, the younger master of thunder sect wants to give his house to him. But Yin Xue only wants to stay with Lie Ruge.

Lie Ruge is shocked and wants to ask Yin Xue about it, Boss Hua lets her see Yin Xue at the garden. Yin Xue tells her that only he can help her find Zhan Feng, Lie Ruge thinks she isn’t such stupid. Yin Xue thinks she is stupid as she still loves him after betrayed over 2 years.

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