The Flame’s Daughter Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 3-4

In the 3-4th episodes of The Flame’s Daughter Chinese Drama, Zhan Feng is going to cancel his engagement with Lie Ruge after Yin Xue arrives flame mountain villa. Yu Zihan warns Zhan Feng that it will affect his position if he breaks the marriage.

The Flame’s Daughter Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 3

The Flame's Daughter

Lie Ruge tells Yu Zihan that it was her first time to see Yin Xue, but he knows everything about flame mountain villa even Zhan Feng and Ying Yi, she wants to take him back to flame mountain villa and thinks she can hold it if Yin Xue is enemy.

Yu Zihan agrees her suggestion and wants to return flame mountain villa next day, but Lie Ruge thinks it’s too fast and reveals she doesn’t know how to treat Zhan Feng. Yu Zihan reveals Zhan Feng is going to cancel the engagement tomorrow. Lie Ruge is sad and thinks Zhan Feng dislikes her.

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Yu Zihan lets Lie Ruge take his seal, then he visits Yin Xue in person and asks his intention, Yin Xue reveals he is his teacher’s older friend and wants to help them. Lie Ruge discovered that Boss Hua and Mr. Qin knew her identify when saying goodbye to them. All of sisters in the flower building see her off and tell her to be careful.

Lie Ruge is curious why the misses in the flower building respect Yin Xue and realizes that he is the big boss. Yu Zihan’s henchman gives Feng Xixi a token and lets her visit Prince Jing Yuan’s house when she needs help. Lei Jinghong offers to unite with Dao Liexiang and wants to know why the second madam of thunder sect and no sword sect want to kill Yin Xue, so that he can protect him. Dao Liexiang accepts his suggestion. They claim to escort Yin Xue to flame mountain villa, Yu Zihan agrees it.

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They are attacked by a group of assassins in the way to flame mountain villa, Dao Liexiang jumps off her horse and asks them who they are. The leader appears and claims he is third student of flame mountain villa Ji Jinglei, he wants them to go back, except Lie Ruge and Yu Zihan. Dao Liexiang and Lei Jinghong ignores his words.

Lie Mingjing recognizes Yin Xue and lets Lie Ruge calls him uncle after they arrives flame mountain villa, and orders his henchman to take Yin Xue to have a rest in pear garden. Lie Mingjing introduces Bi Er to Lie Ruge and claims she is the third master of blue dragon sect.

Lie Mingjing asks his daughter if she finds the way to turn Zhan Feng back in the flower building, Lie Ruge shakes her hand. He claims he can let them get marry with sad emotion, Lie Ruge doesn’t want to force Zhan Feng. Ji Jinglei tells Yin Xue that the pear blossoms in the pear garden are planted by a old friend, but he passed away. He calims Yin Xue is second person who lives in the pear garden.

Lie Ruge calls Zhan Feng’s name when he stands in the waterfall, he hugs her and kisses her tightly, then asks her if it is what she learned from flower building, she gives him a big slap. Ji Jinglei tells Zhan Feng that Lie Ruge took Yin Xue home, Zhan Feng lets him investigate Yin Xue.

Lie Ruge’s maid Die Yi bullies Ying Yi after she was arranged to Zhan Feng’s house, because she thinks Ying Yi breaks her miss’s wedding. Lie Ruge visits pear garden and asks him why he knew her and Zhan Feng. He reveals he went to flame mountain villa for avoiding hunting and suggests Lie Ruge to forget Zhan Feng.

The Flame’s Daughter Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 4

Lie Ruge tells Yin Xue that she had happy time with Zhan Feng but he was changed after taking a miss and wanted to cancel their engagement. Hence she went to flower building to learn how to attract a man, but she didn’t get anything, she has to give Zhan Feng her true heart. She reveals she has to scoop out Zhan Feng from her heart if he broke his faith.

Lei Jinghong asks Yin Xue to help him stay in flame mountain villa and promises the thunder sect won’t bother him from now on, Yin Xue gives him a pill and tells him that he will looks poisoned after taking it, but he will recover after half a month.

Lei Jinghong takes the pill for Dao Liexiang, she vomits since then, Lie Mingjing has to keep them. Dao Liexiang suspects Lei Jinghong’s intention, he has to tell her that he looks for his missed younger sister. His second mother had a baby girl who died soon 19 years ago, then he found out the baby girl wan’t dead and sent to flame mountain villa.

Lie Ruge heard Xun Yi let Ying Yi do field work and stops her, because Zhan Feng is going to hate her most if he knows what they did. She tries give Ying Yi some helps while she is washing clother, but Ying Yi hits her point so that Lie Ruge pushes her down. Zhan Feng yells at Lie Ruge and hits Die Yi’s chest when Die Yi argues for her.

Yu Zihan stops her when Lie Ruge is going to have fight with Zhan Feng, she has to take Die Yi to bamboo house recovering. Lie Mingjing calls Zhan Feng and promises him that he will give him flame token if he marries his daughter, Zhan Feng rejects it and claims he will leave if his teacher forces him. Lie Ruge is sad when hearing Zhan Feng would rather giving up flame token than marring her.

Yu Zihan worries about Zhan Feng cancels the engagement at meeting, so that he claims he wants to marry Lie Ruge. He waits Zhan Feng at the yard and warns him that it will affect his position in flame mountain villa if he cancels his engagement.

Zhan Feng practices his sword skill under waterfall and gets Ying Yi umbrella leaving when Lie Ruge holds umbrella to see him.

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