The Legend of White Snake Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 3

This is recap of The Legend of White Snake Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 3, Gong Fu invites Fa Hai to his house, and Fa Hai tells him the culprit is a three thousand year old centipede spirit. The staff moves, and Fa Hai steps out. He spots Xu Xian and asks him who he stayed with. He wonders why he has spirit power.

The Legend of White Snake Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 3

The Legend of White Snake

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Legend of White Snake Chinese Drama Episode 3.

Xiao Qing looks for Bai Suzhen and smells the odor of the centipede. Fa Hai’s Exorcism Staff also moves. Xue Xian tells Bai Shuzhen to stay there, and he goes to save people. Xiao Qing tells Bai Suzhen to leave with her, but Bai Suzhen wants to help people. Xiao Qing tells Ba Suzhen that they cannot defeat the monster, even if they team up.

But Bai Suzhen says that she cannot turn a blind eye when people are dying, but Xiao Qing tells Bai Suzhen not to care about the life and death of ordinary mortals. But Bai Suzhen thinks she should save them no matter humans or demons. Xiao Qing yells that Bai Suzhen will become a ghost before she becomes an immortal. Xu Xian saves one person, and is surprised that Bai Suzhen came.

She says that she knows some medical skill, and it’s her duty as a doctor. Ms. Yu and her husband look for Chang Sheng. Chang Sheng runs to them and yells that he is there. But he is kidnapped by the black wind, and his pearl drops. The wood falls down, Xu Xian protects Bai Suzhen, but his hand is bleeding. She binds up his wound with her handkerchief. He takes her away when it fires, but remembers there are many people inside the restaurant.

He goes to save them. Bai Suzhen thinks the ordinary mortal’s body is weak, but their wisdom and courage don’t lose to any race. The man asks people to save his mother. Xu Xian wets the cloth and wears it to get into fire, saving people. Bai Suzhen jumps over the wall, and turns the clouds into rain. But Xiao Qing reminds Bai Suzhen that beast cannot use celestial spell, and she will get punished by heaven. But Bai Suzhen thinks lives are important.

In the burning room, Xu Xian tells people to wet the sleeves with the tea and use them to cover their noses. Xiao Qing wans Bai Suzhen that Fa Hai will mistake her as the giant monster if she cast celestial spell. But Bai Suzhen thinks she shouldn’t fear it since the mortals don’t fear death, and tells Xiao Qing to leave. Xiao Qing says that she will hold Fa Hai off if he comes.

Fa Hai spots the monster kidnapped kids, and asks her to release them. But Ms. Wu tells him to retreat. He says that he will get rid of her, so Ms. Wu attacks him. Xu Xian tells people to follow him to the second floor balcony, and helps them to flee. Xiao Qing fights with the rod, and wonders why the rain doesn’t come since she used her demon pill. It’s raining, Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian smirk at sky.

But the rod attcks Xiao Qing. Bai Suzhen goes to protect Xiao Qing with her body, but the puppet is shattered. Jing Song vomits blood and realizes that Bai Suzhen is in danger. Bai Suzhen picks up the broken hairpin, and realizes that Jing Song saved her. She remembers he gave the hairpin to her as the gift of turning into human. Fa Hai saves the kid, but he is tied up by Ms. Wu.

She wants to taste the meat of monk. The rod appears and unties Fa Hai. Bai Suzhen spots people thanking Xu Xian. Xiao Qing tells Bai Suzhen that the rod will come and takes her away. Ms. Wu hurts Fa Hai and takes the kids away. Xu Xian looks for Bai Suzhen and finds her lantern. Jin Ruyi shows up and asks him where he went. He feels sorry for didn’t take of her, and asks her if she is injured.

She says that there was a group of people pushing and shoving, and her new clothes is dirty. He promises to but her new clothes when he receives his pay. She smirks and says that she likes to hear it. She asks him to leave with her, and claims she needs to return home and gets changed. She wants to throw his lantern. But Xu Xian stops her and offers to accompany her home. She smiles and takes him away.

Bai Suzhen takes Xiao Qing to return, and the river monsters ask who hurt Xiao Qing. Xiao Qing brags that she saved all of the people in Linan City. But the river monsters don’t believe it. She adds that she held off Fa Hai’s staff and saves Bai Suzhen. But her back is hurt when she tells how she fought with Fa Hai. Bai Suzhen reminds Xiao Qing that she will injure herself, and thinks she misunderstood her before.

She thinks she owes her one thing, but Xiao Qing claims she is just loyal to friends. The river monster reveals Xiao Qing hid some toys in the west lake, another river monster thinks she lacks of love. Ba Suzhen makes the lanterns hang in the temple. Xu Xian runs into Gong Fu and asks him to help him ask after a girl, but Gong Fu offers to copy the name list of dead. Gong Fu tells Xu Xian that it’s a great blessing when their family is safe.

Xu Xian holds the lantern, and Jiao Rong passes by to read the poem. She asks about it. Xu Xian says white, and takes away the poem. He explains that it was just a random medical prescription. Xiao Qing wakes up and spots Bai Suzhen holding her hand while falling asleep. She stares at her and wishes to be like this forever. She asks her if she will leave her just like her mother.

Xiao Qing tells Mother that she wants to be a human like Mother. Mother thinks Xiao Qing will be prettier than her if Xiao Qing becomes a woman. But Xiao Qing wants to be a man so that she can protect Mother. It is thunder. Mother is scared and seals Xiao Qing.

Bai Suzhen wakes up and asks Xiao Qing what she talked about. Xiao Qing is in tears, and offers to get out of bed. She claims she isn’t as greedy for sleep as she is. Bai Suzhen says that she treated Xiao Qing’s wound and didn’t sleep a wink, and asks her if she feels better. Xiao Qing says that it hurts everywhere, but Bai Suzhen remembers Xiao Qing’s waist didn’t get hurt. But Xiao Qing thinks Bai Suzhen bruised her, and asks her to take responsibility.

Bai Suzhen realizes Xiao Qing learned to be tricky. Xiao Qing thinks Bai Suzhen isn’t dumb. Bai Suzhen says that she needs to grow a bit more mindful when she getting along with the clever and sly green snake. Xiao Qing asks Bai Suzhen to stay at the temple, being her mistress. Bai Suzhen laughs and thinks Xiao Qing is too early to get a wife since she hasn’t properly grown her legs.

Xiao Qing follows Bai Suzhen and claims it takes a bit more effort to become a man. She asks her to wait for her for ten years. But Bai Suzhen says that she doesn’t have time to wait for her because she needs to train herself in the mortal world. Xiao Qing wants to go with Bai Suzhen, but Bai Suzhen thinks it will get gossip. Xiao Qing turns herself into female and offers to be sisters.

She looks at the water and tells Mother that she met someone she wants to protect. Xiao Qing spots people looking for their kids, and guesses they must have been snatched by the evil centipede. She says that she smelled her odor last night, and reveals the little boys have been missing since she came to Linan. Bai Suzhen looks for Chang Sheng with Xiao Qing, and runs into Xu Xian.

Xiao Qing tells Xu Xian it’s discourteous when he tries to talk with Bai Suzhen. She tells him to tell her and she will relay it. He asks Xiao Qing where Bai Suzhen are going. Bai Suzhen says that she worries about Chang Sheng and wants to go to his house. Xu Xian says that he brings some medicine to Ms. Yu, and offers to go with her. Bai Suzhen agrees, but Xiao Qing claims she still hasn’t relayed it.

Jiao Rong tells Gong Fu that Xu Xian kept writing down the word “white”, and guesses he fell for the girl. But he says that Chang Sheng is missing. Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian comfort Ms. Yu, and promise to find Chang Sheng. Ms. Yu gives the pearl to Bai Suzhen and asks her to help them. Xu Xian asks to take a look at the pearl, and finds out the scent is very special. Bai Suzhen guesses the smell comes from the sachet.

Xiao Qing asks Xu Xian why he is interested in sachet as a male, and thinks he has a close girlfriend at home. Xu Xian denies and says that he is alone. Bai Suzhen asks him if he found out anything unusual, he asks them to talk at his house in detail. But Xiao Qing is against it. The lady cries and gives the fan to Gong Fu. He asks them if they saw the culprit’s looks. The lady says that the culprit’s voice was high-pitched, and guesses she is a female.

But the blind man thinks he is a man because his ears are sharp. Fa Hai asks Gong Fu if he is looking for the kidnapped kids, and reveals he fought with the culprit last night. Gong Fu invites Fa Hai to his house, and Fa Hai tells him the culprit is a three thousand year old centipede spirit. The staff moves, and Fa Hai steps out. He spots Xu Xian and asks him who he stayed with. He wonders why he has spirit power.

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